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Brooke Hogan Not Exactly Denying Hulk WrestleMania Claims

11/30/2016 11:51 AM PST

She got in huge trouble for saying WWE was trying to court Hulk Hogan for WrestleMania ... but Brooke Hogan ain't exactly backing off her claim.

We saw Hulk's daughter at LAX and asked her why she suggested Vince McMahon was reaching out to Hulk if that wasn't the case.  

Watch the clip ... she never says her comments were untrue -- and when asked to clarify she told us:

"How can I put it? What is a way that wont get me in trouble? ... He's capable of anything."

Remember, Hulk adamantly denied it. But after watching this ... it seems there's more going on behind the scenes than Hulk wants you to believe. 

Dave Bautista THE ROCK 4 PREZ 'Better Candidate Than F***ing Trump'

11/22/2016 12:45 AM PST

The Rock already has a major celebrity supporter if he REALLY decides to run for the White House -- his old WWE buddy Dave Bautista ... who says Rock is a "better candidate than f**king Trump!"

The "Guardians of the Galaxy" star was at LAX when we started talking politics -- specifically about The Rock toying with the idea of running for president when he's finished dominating Hollywood.

"I'd vote for him," Bautista said ... "He's a decent person, decent human being, good leader, smart."

Plus, Bautista adds ... "If Trump can win, anybody could definitely win."

Goldberg To Brock Lesnar: I Dare You To Elbow Me Like Orton ... I Ain't No Bitch

11/17/2016 12:45 AM PST

Goldberg is warning Brock Lesnar ... keep your freakin' elbows to yourself -- making it clear if Brock lets his arms go crazy in their upcoming WWE match, retaliation is a-comin'.

Of course, Brock left Randy Orton a bloody mess when they faced off at SummerSlam back in August -- when it appeared Lesnar caught him with a very real elbow to the face. It was brutal.

So, with Goldberg set to do battle with Brock at WWE Survivor Series on Nov. 20th -- we asked if he was concerned about suffering the same fate.

"I don't care what he did to Randy Orton. I've been throwing elbows for the past 12 years at my muay thai gym. I hope he throws elbows at me. I'm completely serious."

Goldberg says he's in killer shape and ready to roll.

Fear the Spear.

Hulk Hogan 'There's No Talk Of WrestleMania Return'

11/10/2016 9:41 AM PST

Hulk Hogan says he's had NO DISCUSSION with WWE about a WrestleMania return ... despite his daughter, Brooke Hogan, telling us he'd been contacted about a comeback.

Brooke told TMZ Sports over the weekend that "people have been calling [Hulk] about WrestleMania" ... sending wrestling fans into a frenzy. 

FYI -- Hulk was fired by the company in 2015.

But not so fast ... 'cause Hulk says it simply ain't true. Appearing on the “Bischoff on Wrestling” podcast, Hulk shot down Brooke's claim.

“Brooke running around on TMZ and the statement she made about me and wrestling and WrestleMania. For the record, like I said, she needs the big boot to the head. I haven’t talked to anybody about Wrestlemania."

There it is ... but maybe, just maybe, could this be Hulk's return secret? We'll see! 

Brooke Hogan Hulk's Negotiating a Return to WrestleMania

11/6/2016 7:33 AM PST

Brooke Hogan dropped some interesting info Saturday night ... her dad may be appearing on WrestleMania.

Brooke was leaving Catch when our photog asked about Hulk's return, after being banished when Gawker released a transcript of the secret video.  

Apparently, Hulk's jawboning with Vince McMahon for an April surprise.


Shannon Briggs Boxing Should Take Cue from WWE ... Big Crazy Promos!

11/6/2016 12:25 AM PDT

Shannon Briggs has a real plan to resurrect boxing ... by using something fake ... saying he thinks he can make the sweet science hot again ... by acting like a WWE wrestler.

TMZ Sports talked with Briggs who's fighting for the WBA heavyweight title by the end of the year against journeyman Lucas Browne.

Of course this fight comes after years of some of the most entertaining smack talk, antics, and borderline harassment we've seen (poor Wladimir Klitschko) ... with Briggs saying it's all part of the plan.

Shannon's point -- embrace the crazy and make the sport fun again. 

Meantime, check out the clips below and relive some of Briggs' greatest hits (sorry again, Wlad).

WWE's Stephanie McMahon I'm Gunning for Ronda Rousey When She Retires from UFC

11/3/2016 12:45 AM PDT

Ronda Rousey's MMA career is almost over, but her PRO WRESTLING career could just be getting started -- because Stephanie McMahon says she's got her sights set on the UFC legend.

Vince's daughter -- who also happens to be a minority owner and a HUGE honcho with the company -- was in NYC when we asked if the WWE had already begun the courting process.

FYI, Rousey is a BIG pro wrestling fan -- and not only made a cameo last year -- but regularly attends pro wrestling events around the country.

And with Stephanie telling us the WWE is setting a goal to have an all-women's main event at WrestleMania one day ... we can't think of a better headliner.

WWE's Paige Proposes to Alberto Del Rio ... In The Ring!!

10/17/2016 6:58 AM PDT

Wrestling fans in Puerto Rico got one helluva show Sunday night ... when suspended WWE superstar Paige climbed in the ring ... and POPPED THE QUESTION to Alberto Del Rio!

ADR was facing off against Carlito at a WWC event -- when his longtime GF got past the ropes and dropped down to one knee.  

FYI, Alberto is still reportedly married ... though he's currently going through divorce proceedings with his estranged wife, Angela, in Mexico. 

As for Paige, she talked about the proposal after the match -- saying the two are a wrestling couple so "the cheesier the better."

Mission accomplished. 

Alberto Del Rio & Paige Our Love Ain't Pro Wrestling ... 'Cause It's 100% Real

10/17/2016 12:25 AM PDT

Alberto Del Rio and Paige say they're sick and tired of people talking smack about their relationship ... assuring the whole love-hating world that their romance ain't for show ... and they got the tats to prove it.

The happy couple were out in NYC when our camera guy asked why everyone is so interested in whether or not they are actually banging ... or just faking for Paige's "Total Divas" reality show.

Check out the clip -- Paige and ADR give all their haters the business ... saying the feels between them are so legit ... they went and got each other's names tatted on their body (always a smart move).

Good luck, guys ...

Green Power Ranger I Still Wanna Kick CM Punk's Ass ... Let's Make It Happen

10/15/2016 12:20 AM PDT

That ass kicking at the hands of Mickey Gall won't save CM Punk from the Green Power Ranger ... 'cause Jason David Frank says he's still itching to put his superpowered boot across Punk's face.

We got the 7th degree black belt (that's right, the Green Ranger could legit kick your ass) -- out in NYC and he told us he's talking to Bellator about a fighting contract ... and Punk is his main target.

You might remember he called Punk out some time ago only to be mocked by the former WWE star ... but that might've changed since CM got served a little humble pie in the Octagon.

Check out the clip -- Frank is serious ... and now that CM Punk's future in the UFC is up in the air ... it might not be the worst idea to step in with JDF ... as long he promises not to morph.

Alberto Del Rio & Paige Knife Attacker Was Drunk Idiot ... Who Dissed My Girl

10/12/2016 12:30 AM PDT

Ex-WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio says he REALLY WAS attacked by a man with a knife last week -- saying things got violent with the "drunk" assailant when he talked smack to his GF, Paige.

There has been lots of speculation about Del Rio's story -- with no witnesses coming forward, suspicious looking stab wounds and no confirmation from police (despite ADR saying he contacted cops).  

But when we saw Del Rio and Paige in NYC, the wrestler shed a little more light on the situation

"It was an incident with a guy who disrespected my girl and I just got involved in a street fight. I got a little bit hurt, but thank God I’m fine right now." 

As for the doubters, Del Rio says the suggestion he would make up the story to cover something else up is "ridiculous."

There's more ... we also spoke with Paige about the fact she violated the WWE's wellness policy twice in 3 months and if she plans to return to the WWE. 

As for Alberto, he's been named president of Combate Americas -- a Hispanic MMA franchise -- and says he vows to be the "Mexican Dana White."

WWE Star Paige Suspended 60 Days ... Second Wellness Policy Violation

10/10/2016 9:09 AM PDT
Breaking News

WWE Diva Paige has been suspended 60 days for violating the company's talent wellness policy, the WWE announced Monday morning. 

This is Paige's second violation in 3 months. She was hit with a suspension in August ... the same day her BF former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio failed a drug test and was suspended.

FYI -- the wellness policy covers everything from substance abuse to annual physicals and cardiovascular health.

Paige hit up Twitter to share her reaction to the news ... and seems to make the argument that the suspension is bogus.

Story developing ...

Seth Rollins 'I Love Kim Kardashian' ... I'd Guard Her Body

10/5/2016 6:03 AM PDT

Don't worry, Kim Kardashian ... Seth Rollins has your back. 

The WWE superstar was at LAX when we brought up the $10 million robbery in Paris -- to which Seth responded, "I love Kim Kardashian!" 

And with guys like Ken Shamrock possibly stepping up to bodyguard for Kim K. in the future, we asked Seth if he'd be interested in the job.

Hint ... he is. 

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