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Simon Cowell

You Be the Judge

8/4/2013 12:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell i
s in plenty of hot water ... which is what happens when you bang your friends wife and knock her up.  Now Andrew Silverman is fighting Lauren for custody of their kid in a bitter divorce.  So we gotta ask ...

Simon Cowell's Baby Mama

I Didn't Cheat

My Hubby Knew Everything

8/3/2013 6:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE:  We got an email from Lauren's lawyer, saying "Many of the statements [in our story] are simply inaccurate," though he does not specify which.  He adds the parties are trying to settle the case confidentially, on a "private basis." 
Lauren Silverman
 -- the woman who is pregnant with Simon Cowell's baby -- is telling close friends she is outraged at her estranged husband's "shock" that Simon was banging her ... because she says he knew what was going on the whole time and he was doing the same thing. 

Sources close to Lauren tell TMZ ... Lauren is bitching that she hooked up with Simon partly because her estranged husband Andrew Silverman was cavorting around the world and partying with girls on various continents. 

What's more ... Lauren is telling her friends her relationship with Simon evolved right in front of Andrew and he never said he had a problem with it -- it was a tacit mutual understanding. 

Lauren is saying she would speak to Simon several times a day on the telephone and Andrew knew they were talking. 

Lauren says she visited Simon in England several times and Andrew had no problem with the trips -- and it was obvious what was going on. 

Lauren is beyond pissed that Andrew is now feigning shock, because she says he knew everything from the get go. 

As for their divorce, Lauren is telling friends, there are no real money issues. The real sticking point is their 7-year-old son. Andrew wants full custody but Lauren is saying no way in hell will he get that. 

In fact ... Lauren says she wants primary custody and will fight tooth and nail to get it. Although she admits that she sometimes travels, she says he is away much more than her and she is the better parent.

Simon Cowell's Ex-Fiancee


... No Really

8/3/2013 9:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell
's ex-fiancée is doing something rarely seen in Hollywood -- treating his baby news like a bonafide adult because she's actually HAPPY for him ... sources tell TMZ.

After news broke Cowell knocked up Lauren Silverman ... it was reported that his ex-fiancée of two years Mezhgan Hussainy was devastated, thinking it should have been her.

Sources close to Mezhgan tell us, that couldn't be further from the truth. She and Simon have remained close since their split -- they're good friends and talk almost every day.

In fact, Simon told Mezhgan about the baby weeks ago -- and she immediately called Lauren, who she's also friends with, to offer her congrats and support ... knowing how stressful the media attention can be.

Bottom line: she's thrilled for the couple. As long as Simon's happy, she's happy.

Gotta say ... it's kind of refreshing.

Simon Cowell

He'll Pay Dearly

For Love Child

8/3/2013 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The friend Simon Cowell betrayed wants out of his marriage STAT ... because he thinks his wife is a starf**ker who doesn't need any money from him because she'll get a ton of cash from Simon ... sources close to the couple tell TMZ.

Our sources say Andrew Silverman is gunning for primary custody of their 7-year-old son because Lauren is deficient as a parent ... often disappearing for long periods of time to hang with celebs.  We're told Andrew found out of her affair with Simon this Spring, and was shocked when he saw a pic on TMZ Friday ... showing Simon and Lauren kissing in August, 2012, on a boat HE chartered.

We're told there is a prenup and the money issues in the divorce are "minor."  The real issue is custody.  As one source said, aside from the fact that Andrew doesn't think Lauren is a very good parent, there's an element of revenge for being utterly humiliated.

We're told all 3 people in the relationship want the divorce to happen ASAP.  Simon feels it's a disaster for his TV show and public image.  As for Lauren and Andrew, they both agree on one thing ... Simon pays well.  They both expect Simon will do what he's done with his other girlfriends -- open up the vault.

Randy On Simon

From One Dog to Another

8/3/2013 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Jackson
predictably sidestepped our question about his good bud "American Idol" cohort Simon Cowell.

Randy had just landed at LAX and he pretended like he was coming from Mars when we asked about the happy-ish news that Simon was about to become a daddy after secretly banging his friend's wife.

His reaction ... well, he made it his own.

Simon Cowell

I'm Crazy About Lauren

And the Baby!

8/2/2013 4:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell
is solely focused on Lauren Silverman and their unborn baby -- despite allegations of betrayal from her estranged husband ... sources close to the couple tell TMZ.

We're told Simon is saying privately that his baby will "want for nothing."  He will gladly provide for the child, and not just financially.  Simon is saying he will be a committed, fully-involved parent and says he wants a big role in raising the child.

As for Lauren ... people who know Simon say he's never been happier than when he's with her.

Simon is telling friends he knows the situation is "complicated," but he's very confident it will all pass and his relationship with Lauren will endure this situation

Andrew Silverman


Over Kissing Photo

8/2/2013 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Andrew Silverman was "shocked" when he went to TMZ this morning and saw a pic of his estranged wife kissing Simon Cowell ... sources close to the former couple tell TMZ.

Our sources say Andrew had no idea Simon and Lauren Silverman had been getting it on for that long.  The pic was taken on a boat where Andrew was present.

We're told Andrew feels humiliated that Lauren and his former good friend Simon had been sneaking around behind his back for so long.

Simon has stayed mum on the relationship.

Andrew to Simon

You Were Bangin' My Wife

BEFORE We Split!

8/2/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell's FORMER good buddy claims Mr. 'X Factor' was sticking it to his wife before they parted ways ... and THAT'S why he's accusing Cowell of adultery ... TMZ has learned.

We know real estate mogul Andrew Silverman isn't buying what Simon is selling -- that he didn't lay a finger or any other part on Lauren Silverman until after the split. 

There's some proof to back Andrew -- photos (above) of Lauren and Simon kissing during a yacht vacation a year ago. By the way, Andrew was also on that trip.

Andrew, we're told, just wants out of the marriage and away from Lauren and Simon, and he's willing to settle custody and financial issues quickly.  For now, he's asking for full custody of their 7-year-old son, but it appears from what we know that's a negotiable point.

A source close to Lauren tells TMZ ... Lauren and her husband were over before she and Simon entered into any kind of relationship.

Adultery aside ... we checked with a bunch of English folk who tell us the "Bro Code" extends to the U.K., and Simon squarely violated it.

Simon Cowell

Sex Criminal!!!

... Allegedly

8/1/2013 3:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell may have committed a crime in addition to a bro sin by allegedly banging his good friend's wife ... because that, our friends, is considered CRIMINAL ADULTERY!

Who knew ... but we did some digging and found a New York law making homewrecking a criminal misdemeanor, punishable by up to 3 months in jail.

As we reported ... real estate mogul Andrew Silverman filed divorce docs in NYC, alleging his wife Lauren and Simon committed adultery during his marriage and made a love child.  She's 10 weeks pregnant.

Do they make smedium orange jumpsuits?

Simon Cowell

First Pictures of Baby

Hidden Inside Friend's Wife

8/1/2013 9:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here it is ... THE FIRST PHOTO OF SIMON COWELL'S ALLEGED BABY -- unfortunately, you can't really see the thing because it's buried inside the womb of his friend's wife.

Simon's alleged baby mama Lauren Silverman -- the 36-year-old wife of his real estate pal Andrew Silverman -- stepped out in the Hamptons on Thursday, carrying Simon's little bundle of rapidly multiplying cells in her uterus (allegedly).

As we reported, Andrew just filed divorce docs claiming Lauren committed adultery when she conceived Simon's baby.

Adultery ... the real "ex" factor.


Simon Cowell

Accused of Adultery

In Friend's Divorce

8/1/2013 7:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Simon Cowell is a homewrecker -- at least according to his good friend who filed divorce papers accusing Simon of banging and then knocking up his wife DURING their marriage, TMZ has learned.

Andrew Silverman has filed divorce docs in New York and TMZ has learned he's alleging ADULTERY in seeking to end his marriage to Lauren Silverman ... who is believed to be pregnant with Simon's child.

It's pretty shocking ... in New York claiming adultery is like a legal nuclear weapon ... if proven, the cheating party (and Simon) can be forced to take a DNA test -- something that's hard to get in New York when a couple is married and the wife gets pregnant.

In the docs, Silverman, the plaintiff, lists Lauren as a defendant and Cowell as a co-respondent.

Andrew doesn't pull any punches in the divorce papers, saying, "The nature of this action is: to dissolve the marriage between the parties based upon (1) the commission of acts of adultery by the defendant and (2) defendant's cruel and inhuman treatment of the plaintiff."

Andrew is also seeking sole custody of the couple's 7-year-old son ... and wants the judge to approve the couple's pre-nup they signed back in 2003.

Simon Cowell & Friend's Wife

He Factor

And Knocked Her Up

7/31/2013 11:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Judge this: Simon Cowell impregnated his good friend's wife ... and she's already nearly 3 months along ... this according to reports.

Us Weekly broke the story, reporting Cowell is expecting a child with New York socialite Lauren Silverman, the estranged wife of Cowell's close friend Andrew Silverman, a real estate mogul.

36-year-old Lauren and her husband have been in the middle of a divorce for a while ... but still haven't severed the cord. 

Lauren is reportedly 10 weeks pregnant. FYI, Simon is 53 and this would be his first child.

Lauren's got talent too ... she's pretty damn hot. And it's safe to say Simon has a type. Just check out his recent exes, Mezhgan Hussainy and Terri Seymour.



High School Choir Claims


7/21/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


"X-Factor" producers concocted an elaborate scheme in order to GUARANTEE the failure of one H.S. Show Choir ... all for the sake of shaming them on national television, so say the alleged victims. 

Members of Hollywood High School choir -- H20 -- filmed a segment for the upcoming season of "X-Factor"

But things didn't go as planned.  The leader of H20 tells TMZ ... producers had a sick plan to humiliate and embarrass their crew when they appeared on stage.

They rehearsed an awesome song "Some Nights" by FUN, but at the last minute producers told them the song wasn't on the approved list.  Ditto the other song they rehearsed -- "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele.

They ended up singing "Shake It Out" by Florence and the Machine ... and it was a disaster.  For starters, Simon cut the choir off before they could get through the song ... because they were wearing normal street clothes instead of their uniforms.  But here's the thing -- they say producers insisted that the group NOT wear the uniforms.

But wait -- there's more.  The group claims they had to wait 14 hours before taking the stage, they weren't able to rehearse, and they only gave the 14 choir members 6 mics.

The group tells us ... they're demanding an apology because they feel they were purposefully humiliated. 

A rep for "X-Factor" tells TMZ ... "The group had the chance of performing 2 songs for judges. The judges didn't think they were good enough to move forward in this competition."

Then adds, "Certain songs cannot be cleared for use in the show and contestants are informed of this in advance and are asked to choose alternative songs if this is the case. None of the judges even commented on what the group was wearing."

Now here's what the group sounds like .... singing "Some NIghts" at TedX in Hollywood.

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