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CNN's Don Lemon Loses It On Guest ... How Can You NOT Blame Trump??!!

5/25/2017 7:02 AM PDT

Don Lemon firmly believes President Trump is the reason Greg Gianforte body slammed a reporter -- and he flipped out on the air when someone dared to disagree with him.

Lemon had a panel on his show Wednesday night, and immediately stated HIS take on the Montana politician ... and clearly expected/wanted political commentator Paris Dennard to agree.

When Paris stood his ground ... Lemon went into such an attack mode, it's downright ironic.

At least this was just a verbal body slam.

Justin Bieber No Hablo Español During 'Despacito' Live

5/24/2017 8:47 AM PDT

Justin Bieber's seemingly masterful Spanish singing on the #1 hit "Despacito" did not translate in a live performance ... unless we missed the "blah blah blah" lesson in Español class. 

The Biebs got on the mic Tuesday night at 1 OAK in NYC, where he tried singing along to Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's hot record -- which features Justin singing the hook in Spanish.

It appears Justin forgot the more intricate elements of the chorus, and by intricate we mean everything but "despacito."

The takeaway here -- Spanish is hard when it's not written down for you in a studio. 

Donald and Melania When in Rome Tap Some Ass!!!

5/23/2017 10:02 AM PDT
Breaking News

President Trump flew over 1,400 miles -- from Israel to Rome -- and he's STILL in the no holding hands zone.

The Prez and Melania touched down in Rome Tuesday, and waved hello from the steps of Air Force One. Melania gives Donald a hard pass on holding her hand. Then, from what we can tell, he showed some affection from behind.

Trump's there for his Wednesday visit with Pope Francis.

Here's a plan ... maybe play an early Beatles song on the next flight.

Sinbad 'Pill Cosby' Drink Is the Worst! Drugging Women No Joke

5/23/2017 8:52 AM PDT

Sinbad thinks a D.C. bar serving a cocktail that mocks the Bill Cosby case is the exact opposite of funny ... in fact, it's just wrong.

We got the comedian Monday at LAX and asked him about the bar -- called Diet Starts Monday -- pouring a "Pill Cosby" ... complete with empty pill capsules.

Sinbad doesn't mince words here -- he says it's not a joke, and his stance has nothing to do with defending Cosby's name.

His point is ... bars should leave the edgy comedy to the pros.

'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay Meets Lucas ... The Whaboom Guy

5/22/2017 7:25 PM PDT

Rachel Lindsay got to meet all her guys on the premiere of "The Bachelorette" -- and none stood out more than Lucas for one reason ... Whaboom!

Lucas was the last of Rachel's suitors to be introduced Monday night, and he certainly has a unique personality ... not mention a standout job. According to his "Bachelorette" profile, his occupation is listed as just, well, Whaboom.

The dude's clearly all about it. The phrase is on his shirt, out of his mouth ... and kind of shaken all over the place here. 

The Kardashians Favorito Mexican Spot Esta Cerrado On Heels of Roach Issue

5/17/2017 3:12 PM PDT

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian had their Cinco de Mayo celebration at a Mexican restaurant that had just reopened after handling a roach problem -- and now the joint's closed again for renovations.

A post shared by Jonathan Cheban (@foodgod) on

Casa Vega hosted the sisters, Kris Jenner and their pal Jonathan Cheban on May 5 -- 1 day after it reopened following a health department shutdown. 

County officials temporarily closed the Sherman Oaks spot on May 2 after reportedly getting a tip about las cucarachas. Casa Vega said 2 of 'em were found in a storage room, but they squashed the issue quickly.

Now Casa Vega's closed again, and this time for a full kitchen remodel. The restaurant says it's adding completely new equipment. Employees were outside Wednesday scrubbing down all the gear.

Sorry, Khlo ... no Taco Tuesday next week.

Taylor Hicks Daughtry's No 'Idol' Judge ... They Need a WINNER!!

5/16/2017 1:51 PM PDT

Taylor Hicks is definitely NOT on board with Chris Daughtry being considered for an "American Idol" judge and his reason is simple -- he's a loser.

Ok, slight exaggeration ... Taylor's actual point is Chris didn't WIN 'Idol' ... like he did back in season 5, and he stressed that during an interview on Domenick Nati's iHeartRadio show. Mr. Soul Patrol was pretty blunt about it when asked about who should join Katy Perry.

Remember, Chris finished 4th during the season Taylor won.

So, would Taylor consider the gig ... and is 'Idol' even interested in him? He entertained both questions.

Taylor says the interview was taken out of context and he's since texted Chris to smooth things over ... we're told it's all good. 

Dave Chappelle 'I F***ed Up!' When I Said Give Trump a Chance

5/16/2017 7:19 AM PDT

Dave Chappelle says he's seen enough of President Trump to admit he was wrong for going on 'SNL' and pleading with the country to ease up on the Trump hate right after the election.

Dave did a hysterical mea culpa in NYC Monday night at the Robin Hood Gala, telling the crowd ... "I was the first guy on TV to say 'Give Trump a chance.' I f***ed up. Sorry.”

He's definitely seeing things differently now because he went on to rip the prez on all sorts of issues, including immigration ... and his unpredictability. As Dave put it, "He's actually what you thought a black president would be."

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Argentinian Soccer Star Racist Pose for Chinese Team Shoot ... Outrage Ensues

5/15/2017 1:05 PM PDT
Breaking News

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. 

Here's Argentinian soccer stud Ezequiel Lavezzi striking that stupid pose racist people do when trying to impersonate a Chinese person.

The photo was part of a promotional shoot for Lavezzi's pro team in the Chinese Super League. EL says he was just trying to make "funny faces ... for entertainment purposes."

Once the pic surfaced online, people were pissed -- saying the pic is racially insensitive ... because it is.

Lavezzi says he had "no intention of insulting the Chinese people and did not do it with any bad intentions."

He added, "I deeply apologize if this photo has offended the Chinese public and fans. I will be more careful in the future."

Lavezzi clearly didn't learn from Pau Gasol's mistake -- when Pau and the Spanish basketball team struck the same pose before the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.


Miss USA Boo'd for Healthcare Answer ... Still Takes the Crown

5/15/2017 6:50 AM PDT

The new Miss USA says healthcare for all Americans is a privilege and not a right -- and that belief earned her a ton of boos at the pageant, and on the Internet ... but didn't stop her from winning.

Kara McCullough, Miss District of Columbia, didn't hesitate during the interview segment of the pageant Sunday night. She's a scientist at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and said she's learned you gotta have a job to have healthcare.

There were cheers and jeers ... but mostly just jeers on social media. As one viewer put it ... "Miss DC just lost me with that answer. Girl bye"

The judges clearly disagreed.

Travis Scott Arrested for Inciting Riot in Arkansas

5/14/2017 11:42 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

1:00 PM PT -- Rogers PD issued a statement saying Travis encouraged people to rush the stage at his show, bypassing security protocols in the process. They add ... several people were injured, including a security guard and a cop. A source close to Travis tells TMZ that he saw available space in the general admission toward the front, so he invited seated guests in the back to come forward. We're told he had no intention of putting anyone in danger.Travis Scott's concert in Arkansas came to a rude ending when cops hauled him way for inciting a riot ... TMZ has confirmed.

Travis was performing in Rogers, Arkansas Saturday night, and according to several witnesses the officers met him as soon as he left the stage. Law enforcement sources tell us he was booked for inciting a riot, endangering welfare of a minor and disorderly conduct. He was released without bail around 11:30 PM. He'll also have to return to Arkansas for a court date.

A post shared by Bizzy B (@bizzy_copypaste) on

You'll recall ... he got busted for the same thing a couple years ago at Lollapalooza in Chicago.

More recently, Travis encouraged fans in NYC to jump from balconies. It's kinda his thing ... getting fans super turnt, but cops in Arkansas weren't having it.

It doesn't appear Kylie Jenner was with him last night. Not shockingly, #freetravisscott is already a thing ... even though he's already free.

JetBlue Passengers Booted Over Birthday Cake ... Family Ready to Sue

5/14/2017 7:31 AM PDT

JetBlue gave a family the ole heave ho off a flight after a dispute with flight attendants over birthday cake ... that left 2 little kids in tears.

The Burke family was flying out of JFK Airport to Las Vegas earlier this month when things got heated. According to Cameron Burke -- who shot video of the incident -- he and his family had the cake as carry-on. It was special ordered to celebrate his wife's 40th.

The Burkes say a flight attendant first argued with them over whether to place it in overhead or under the seat ... and then another attendant arrived and said it couldn't be on board at all. Cameron says that 2nd attendant, the "mean" one told him he was being "non-compliant" when he attempted to calm things down.

He admits he asked her, "Have you been drinking?" -- because he felt she was being erratic and irrational about a cake. In the video, you can see the Burke kids getting upset ... especially when police showed up.

Officers escorted the Burkes, who went peacefully, off the plane. A JetBlue spokesman told ABC7 -- which first reported the story -- the Burkes were yelling and cursing at the crew, and disruptive.

Cameron denies that, and says he's already talking to attorneys about filing a lawsuit.

BTW, they re-booked their flight to Vegas ... on United.  They did NOT bring the cake.

Katy Perry Bon Appe ... Yuck!

5/14/2017 8:52 AM PDT

Katy Perry has officially lost her appetite for cherry pie ... she literally can't stomach another bite.

Katy was out pumping up her new single, "Bon Appetite" this weekend at the Wango Tango concert in Carson, CA -- and noshed on a big ole cherry pie. It's been her big promo gag lately for the song. 

Unfortunately, Katy has her limits when it comes to snacking on pie ... and this time she spit it out with a very grossed out look.

Must not have been her recipe, but that face is priceless.

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