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2104 days ago



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    Katie Teaches Suri About the World

    The bottom line is this....they are a couple who married and had a kid, just like millions of…
    N  2160 days ago
  • No Avatar

    Raquel Welch: Sexygenarian

    She is totally an example of beautiful taste and class. Something few women in Hollywood have any…
    N  2161 days ago
  • No Avatar

    Molly Ringwald -- Jazz Legend?

    I have always thought she was great, and her films in the 80s set the tone for an entire…
    N  2161 days ago
  • No Avatar

    Charley Hill -- W.T.

    Her boy-toy is living the big time life now....I am sure he didn't pay for all that over priced…
    N  2166 days ago
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    From G's to Gents to Jail

    Here is proof that you can take the low life out of the gutter, but you cannot make him a decent…
    N  2168 days ago
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    Mayim Bialik Blossoms Into Motherhood Again

    She has kept a low profile, and went back to college after her days on "Blossom",,,,she has an…
    N  2170 days ago
  • No Avatar

    Mos Def -- Mos Wanted

    This isn't the forum to post political comments, I don't know why someone has to connect Obamas'…
    N  2174 days ago
  • No Avatar

    Fiddy Calls Truce with Bette Midler

    Bette Midler is almost like entertainment royalty. It probably was an honor for him to meet her and…
    N  2176 days ago
  • No Avatar

    Nice Cans

    Did anyone notice her outfit matches the trash can she is dragging? It must be the latest in…
    N  2184 days ago
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    Dog Chapman Sues: Bitch Sold Me Out!

    I like Duane Chapman...but, his wife is annoying. She doesn't do a whole lot of anyting except…
    N  2187 days ago

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