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2378 days ago



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    Rock of Love

    This family obviously has NO DENTAL PLAN! WTF?? Orthodontics & teeth whitening for all 3 of 'em has…
    Slash  2361 days ago
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    "Idols" Go Diva Once They Get Home

    WOW, I just farted.At least I THINK that was a fart...Hmmm, do farts have lumps??Awe man, why does…
    Slash  2374 days ago
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    Jennifer Aniston: What an Ass!

    That's an AVERAGE ass, at best. In fact, other than her hair, there's not much else that's really…
    Slash  2375 days ago
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    Still SMOKIN'! Yep, I'd let 'er fart on my face...
    Slash  2378 days ago
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    Kate Hudson: Fool's Goldie

    Incredible - both of them. Time for a Slash sandwich!
    Slash  2408 days ago
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    Send in the Clowns ...

    Looks more like Carrot Top's Mom.No, actually, she looks like Carrot Top will look in 20 years!
    Slash  2426 days ago
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    Slash: The Mad Hatter

    Thank you to the fans that support me and the rest can F-off! The great thing about America is that…
    Slash  2428 days ago
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    WTF -- Britney Left??

    Maybe while she was waiting, she farted? When she realized that typically, farts DON'T have lumps,…
    Slash  2429 days ago
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    Mariah Pops Her Top

    SHAAAWING! She's SMOKIN'! She should be damn proud of her hot little (non-photoshopped) bod. Hard…
    Slash  2430 days ago
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    The Amy Winehouse Peep Show

    Does this crazy bitch have any shoes other than those nasty ballet slippers??
    Slash  2430 days ago

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