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Adam Rivera

1066 days ago
About Me
Adam Rivera was born on the island of Puerto Rico the early 1970's. Shortly after, Adam and his family moved to Chicago. He grew up in the area of Little Italy on the Westside of the city. In the mid eighties Adam was introduced to a new music called House Music. Being exposed to this incredible sound of music, Adam gained inspiration to produce and coordinate private events that circulated around this fresh new genre of music. Adam’s events ranged from small House Parties, nightclub events, to major concert productions where people by the thousands would attend. In the beginning of 1989 Adam worked part time at the Wozniaks Casino a banquet hall a few blocks from his home. Here Adam helped set up for private events that were booked there weekly. Later that year, Adam’s was informed that Ron Howard would be filming a movie titled “Backdraft”. The owner of the property asked Adam if he would be interested in helping out the movie crew during the week of filming. Adam agreed to do so, and assisted Location manager Michael Malone, and Academy award winning Set decorator Garrett Lewis. Later that year, Adam began coordinating small dance parties, and became very financially successful in doing so. “Being surrounded by high-profiled actors and celebrities like Kurt Russell, Scott Glenn, Billy Baldwin, J.T. Walsh, Jennifer Jason Leigh, gave me such an inspiration to get involved at a much larger scale in the future”. - Adam Rivera Being involved with such a major Hollywood project, Adam became more aware of what went on behind the scenes of films. The neighborhood in which Adam lived was no stranger to movies and television shows being filmed, and this occurred quite often. These types of experiences made his passion for film and television much greater. In the year of 1992 Adam started working for a very quaint luxurious hotel in the Gold Coast area of downtown Chicago. Here is where Adam became very familiar with some of Hollywood’s brand names such as Bill Murray, Shirley Hemphill, Michael Ansara, and many more. In the summer of 1992 Adam received an invitation to a private Underground House Music warehouse party. When he attended the event, Adam’s mind began to go into overdrive with ideas of coordinating his own private events. His promotional skills were like no other promoter in the city, giving his events more of a dynamic exposure and reputation. This gave Adam the popularity and reputation of producing some of the most legendary of loft parties Chicago had seen yet. Adam has been mentioned in all types of mediums, from radio, and newspapers, to nationwide television (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, & CLTV) just to name a few. Adam then took his creative talents to the next level, and began composing his own fresh style of dance music. Adam now currently has over 62 music compositions under his belt. Several of these compositions will be released within a few months. There are a few record labels globally that are interested in releasing his music. Having the opportunity of working with many major names and acts in the industry from singers, record producers, and actors/models; Adam's resources are unlimited. In the last 17 months starting from January of 2010, Adam has worked on over nine (9) television and movie sets, which some have been recently released and some that will be released within the next 4 months. Adam also will be taking the role of Executive producer/Director for three (3) upcoming music videos that will take place in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago and parts of New York. Truly a lifestyle he has always dreamed of. Adam recently created an online booking agency, and has a very specific array of talented entertainers that he currently holds the responsibility of managing, booking, & producing. Adam also will launch Ionz.FM, a twentyfour hour dance music station, and will also be premiering his very own Television Production in the fall of 2011. "Being versatile is what I enjoy the most" Adam mentions. From creating new music, new concepts for his artists', new avenues to venture, coordinating exciting innovative, and high-profiled events; Adam has no intentions of stopping just yet….stay tuned. Ionz Media Grp. “Surrounding the World One Beat at a Time” …………….Literally

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