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Brett Deveau

1190 days ago
About Me
Because of cancer my athletic build came back I had to diet. I am on disability its enough money for me especially if I win against federal student loans. Look I have 24 to 28 scheduled doctors appointments in my life if they dont find anything. I dont know to many jobs that offer that much sick time. I was told it was a lazy cancer, but I just want to spend the rest of my days happy.
I enjoy walking, watching football playing video games, I like crime dramas and comedies in about any form. I like cards, real cards or fictional cards like magic. I like gambling, role playing and logic reasoning puzzles so I enjoy court. I am currently wanting to tell the federal government about where to go about my student loans this is based on Judge Rooney court ruling on Sept 4, 2009, I have cancer and just want to be happy the rest of my days

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