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Saunderstown, Rhode Island
2021 days ago
About Me
I am a 43yr.old female in Rhode Island who is a Partner/Owner/Treasurer & Certified Food Safety Manager. Cancer Survivor, complete hystro. at age 35, after 9yrs. of very invasive procedure's. In October , I will be celebrating 18yrs. of Marriage. Which is huge - due to the fact that I received a phone call from my Primary Doctor telling me that I had Cancer , almost exactly to the day of our 1st. Wedding Anniversary. It was a Friday & my Dr. wanted to wait until monday and have me come in to his office, I told him - there is no way I can go the whole weekend without knowing what it is ? I knew w/him calling me it was not good and it was not. I almost passed out, my husband saw my face and I ran to my office and just broke down, thousand's of thought's going through my mind. I lost (3) different reletive's to Cancer. And then being married only 1yr., was it fair to my husband. He was shocked that I would even think he would go anywhere. In the end it meant no children. In a way it made me a Stronger woman, and living in Rhode Island , 6-street's from the atlantic ocean. I realized how lucky I am , in 5yrs. I will own everything, my Home, SUV & no Credit Card Bill's. I was determined to be very careful with my money , so It will be better when I am older. Suze Orman's show I watch all the time, beside's growing up with a Mom , who drilled in my head that I alway's had to make sure I was safe, even if I was married. She love's my husband but we do have a 14yr.age difference. We share everything. I do not believe in different account's. This past X-Mas 2010, I decided to " Pay it Forward " , after the cancer I ended up with a blood cloting problem and can no longer race with my bike's. I had my favorite and also one I had won , by raising the most for Cancer. My husband's friend was having a bad year and he knew about my condition and asked my husband what I wanted for one of the bike's. My bike's if I sold them are worth between $ 350.00 to 425.00. I said if he is really giving the bike to his grandson he can have it. But do not tell his grandson it was from me , it is from him. I do not want to be mentioned " CALL IT - PAY IT FORWARD " !! He was shocked and my husband said brought to tear's . I donated the other bike to a charity for a gift for a child at christmas. ( my husband told him how I told him how when I was little , and when I came down for Christmas one day , I was shocked and excited. but of course for me , and on the East Coast, We had 8' inch's of snow it was 2-week's before I could ride, sadly it was snowing here on christmas in 2010, so he had to wait like I did) But what a great feeling to make a little guy's day!!
Zumba, walking, reading, craft's for the holiday's. Helping at animal shelter's

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