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en Todo Momento!!

2353 days ago
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don't mess with the granny. fkyu harvey, fkyu tmz and fkyu celebrities! all ya'll can sick my ass! hate all ya'll muthas! n anyways, why some people need to utilize anonymity to express such tame and such trivial opinions???! dude, you are giving the necessity of anonymity a REAAAAAL BADDDDD NAME!!! lame tame and lukewarm opinions = stfu already. my accounts have been cancelled and deleted THRICE. for a good reason. this whole celebrity scene is flat out INCESTUOUS!! WHO HASN'T HAD SEX WITH WHOM IN THESE SMALL CIRCLES??! nasty. that's why the are so selective. because they need to keep the secrets in smallest circles. freaks. and if you are going to have an impostor account, at least put up an image! xDD -------------------- in Hollywood, the 'shamed man' walks away with an arm full of hot chicks and a (at least one..) lamborghini. the btiches get to scrape their lives, ruined and wasted by these men, off the pissed on and shat on pavement. that is what Hollywood calls 'celebrity justice'. truly amazing. dju'all come here for the fun, not for the hard labor, huh? all i got to say is you better DEAL with this --it. yeah. deal with it.
yaayyy!! 1000 DAY ANNIVERSARY ON TMZ!! EN TODO MOMENTO, CURING YOUR INFECTIOUS VAGINITIS ONE COMMENT AT A TIME!! XDD THANK YOU, TMZ! I ♥ U! cane bashin, chit talkin, wonch! en todo Mohammed!! two faced pieces of chit tmz is powerrrrtrippen hArrrddd lol. go suq yer mommas diqe!! xD angry lil tightend anus xDD oh. tmz want to expose my 'identity'? get me in 'danger' by 'exposing me'? lol. go the fuq ahead, spell my name out all over your site. see if i care. u can kiss my asz, tmz. i made u, btich. and why exactly did my account get suspended, tmz? just because? .. funny... even tho. a chianti does not really go well with dark meat.. just sayin... x)

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