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2143 days ago
About Me
Well I am really really smart. I always think about everything before I do it. I like to act...out and do whatever I can to stay relevant in the public eye. I love to party and go wild, but most often I just stay home and read the bible and try to live by God's word. When I am not reading the bible, I like to get out and support the people who need our help like drug dealers, because if we aren't supporting them and helping them make some money to get off the street, then we are part of the problem and I want to be part of the solution. I also like to go to baseball games and wtahc them put the lines on the filed( something about that makes me so twitchy and wan't to just run right out and on to there). I also love the thrill of the chase and live to go Shopping!! I am a great admirer of my friends and love it when I see them and they show me all the neat thing's they have, that I know I just wan't to have for myself too! I love the Law and am very fixated on it, and one day plan to get my own Law Degree so I can save cash on legal fee's! I like to drive fast and have even been known to be hot after other vehicles for fun. I like to date men for fun and profit(my mom is always hooking me up with crazy guys for dates) I have a fasicination with chemistry and love how you can do all sort of different things with chemicals and how weight often is a factor in their production! I am a free spirit, and my friend Paris will even tell you that, sghe calls me a pet name.. it's so cute!! BFF's Forever! I love to climb! Hills, trees, walls...Nothing hold me back. I am in the process of doing my very own GPS system which will have every Night Club, After Hours Club, Drug Den, Bail Bondsmen and STD clinic already pre-programmed in it. It's sure to be a hit with every starlet between 16 and 27. One day I plan to be a fiction writer, because I am great at telling stories(My mom passed that down to me!) And as someone who lives in a Fantasy World I think I should have no problem writing fiction, because I live it! When I am not working like I am at the moment ( those pesky acting jobs can be hard to find, I just can't seem to find the right role for me) So when I am not working I like to give back and hang with the homelss and encourage them to better themselves. I have shown the Homeless many things that have helped me through rough times, for instance things like: How to keester my statsh, how to get over walls in a pinch. Things to say if they get in a confrontation like: These pants aren't mine, The guy in the orange shirt was driving, No wait! It was the other guy driving!, I would have done it if somneone would have told me, I totally respect the court and take things seriously, I dont drink or do drugs, Why yes, I am STD free! I also plan on enlisting for the Army...I heard they are fighting the drug war, and I wan't to be put on the front line ~ sniff~. Okay guys that all for now, I have sever scripts to read, cause I am in high demand Bye~
Drnking, Snorting, Climbing, Running, Streching, Pill Popping, Exploring, Driving, Bail Jumping, Fantasizing.

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