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780 days ago
About Me
Reality TV Junkie... Amish Mafia Tremont towing DuckD Catfish All of the Gold Mining shows Double Divas My new favorite show is Porter Ridge (you have got to see this one) It makes honey Boo Boo's family look like the rich relatives from the suburbs..... Who would have ever thought Tickle would have his own Moonshine show.( Tickle is going to need a presidential pardon)You should watch the progression of Tickles adventures Levis Amish Power struggle and the Porter Ridge boys.I cant wait for Porter Ridge comes to Vegas. TCM Now they all are going to have more money than me. I am going to quote Julia Roberts from the movie The Mexican. Something about Forest Gumping your way through Life Jerry.
Boating on lake mead TMZ Looking for Stars in Vegas. Making fun of CB JB. Going to Lake Minetonka Downtown Minneapolis The Dirty Army

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