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Monroe, NY
1804 days ago
About Me
Herbert Penner (Actor) is a future star, he looks like Alec Baldwin or one of the Baldwin Brothers, except he is a much better Actor. He has performed for local audiences at the 45th Street Theater in Manhattan, NY and East Carolina University Theater. East Carolina University is where Sandra Bullock trained, and instructors in the theater department say Herbert’s performance rates with hers. You can reference John Shearin; Professor, Director, and Head of the Theater Department, about this. Herbert is very professional and creative, and you can reference Michael Horn the Producer at the 45th Street Theater, about this. And Michael Horn has seen Herbert perform and you can reference him that Herbert Penner is a better Actor than Alec Baldwin. When Herbert performed at the 45th Street Theater he got a standing ovation after his performance in the small theater, and nobody ever gets standing ovations in a small theater; well now its people hardly ever get standing ovations in a small theater since Herbert got a standing ovation for his performance in Something Outrageous in a small theater. Do you know what it’s like when an audience in a small theater get up out of their seat and start applauding for extended periods of time and rooring? A star was born that night. Herbert can be funny too as he acted live in a comedy with no script on Along with acting Herbert has worked in business sales, at the company Herbert worked for he was the number 1 ranked sales representative in the company out of 1,000’s, year after year. Reference of this is available upon request. If doing a commercial Herbert can sell and act simultaneously. Herbert left business sales to pursue his career in acting because acting is what he is passionate about. Getting into character is no problem for Herbert. Under his Meisner training he draws experiences from his life that relate to the character and parts or traits of himself that the character possesses. Herbert can play any character, and do it well. For example if Herbert were playing a high end character, he is capable of making the high end character seem kind of fruity or gay; being that most high end people act kind of fruity or gay. It would be like a satire. Another example would be if he were playing a villainous monster, he can make the villainous monster likable or not likable. In Something Outrageous, Herbert played Arnold who was a womanizing Russian. Attitude was key when playing the character. Herbert played the character flamboyant, dominant, with a little ego. Again Herbert can play any character. Herbert uses the Meisner Technique to acting, and he pioneered an advanced new acting technique. The new advanced acting technique that Herbert pioneered entails bringing your spirit into the character. When you put your spirit into the character you are playing, the character really comes to life, the work is incredible, and the audience forms an emotional attachment. This advanced technique entails deep self-analysis, internalization, part meditation, and deep prayer. Maybe one day Herbert will give classes on this technique. Herbert can use advanced pioneered acting techniques at your request for more creative options. He is nicknamed in the industry as the Sundance kid. As a hobby Herbert enjoys modern dancing, sometimes in clubs. He can work the dance floor and be the man of the hour. This is a short biography of Herbert Penner, there is more to the man, the myth, the legend.
Modern dancing; sometimes in clubs.

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