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Marcus Giavanni

Denver, Colorado
1445 days ago
About Me
I was adopted by white Irish parents, one a Roman Catholic and the other South Baptist who adopted 7 children. People would call my mom a whore!!! Due to the different ethnicity of my brother and sisters and the ignorance of adoption back in the day. I can love anyone!!! I was raised in what I believed to be the most prejudice state in the union...with a local government corrupt as hell..Karma!!! I got kicked out of school in my 3 month into my Senior year of a school with 4,000 students. For beating a bully that was 6' and weighted 200lbs...I was 130lbs wet!! I'm a bad boy with a good heart!!! Until you try to bend me over or lie to me. Then all bets are off!!! I have done drugs, I have had unprotected sex. I love shotsb@*ch, I'm a full time single father of three young children, who are exceptional students and are the most popular, and are respected by their teachers!!! Jesus, please watch over mini me!!! I have many friends that are of all walks of life. I can talk politics with Senators and Congress members and yet be respected with the 1%'ers.. I wave walked through the most dangerous neighborhoods in many states only to be given respect by people who even scare some police officers neighborhoods!!! I have been stabled, shot at and 3 guns pulled on me and it's never been by a minority!!! I went from protecting my family to protecting me. Have you ever seen my rock pictures??? I'm an activist for Fathers Rights!!! Oh...that's right WHAT RIGHTS!!! Where is the media for this out of control social issue; being ignored by all...and pass through the courts with a wink and and node by the judge, to the mother and her attorney...all in the name of "whats best of the children". I have a company called For Sale By Owner Company...Google It!!! Now...I'm protecting individuals that are thinking outside the box of protecting their assets, like: Boats, Homes, Land, Rvs and even businesses. Though we just opened a few months I'm Sure you will here about this company in time. I probably won't own it then but did all the work to build it!! I believe that I have no right to tell anyone but my children, (even that is short lived), how to live their life's. I believe marriage is between me and my wife (I'm single ladies), I don't know if I will ever do that again...unless of course that right girl comes along and sweeps me off my feet!!! And please just don't be perfect I have had to many perfect girls in my life. My daughter is my perfect girl now she will be 10 and I teach her how to be a lady and when the time comes I will teach her the power of the vagina!!! She will learn to keep her mind open and her legs closed!!! I tell my children everything...about me and what is happening in our family good or bad!!! Though the courts would have us shelter our children from seeing the reality of family and what it takes to stick things out. I have learned few important thing. 1, Love: has no boundaries and is not prejudice 2, Family Life: It's not Disneyland 24 / 7 and I will not raise my children other wise 3, I always love they neighbor and accept them for who they are and their life styles for that is the true way of the lord 4, For those of you who think otherwise I pray for you in private 5, Those who cast stones like they are play souls in a glass house and someone is staring at YOU!!! G
Music, Cars, Motorcycles, Football, MMA, Gp7a, helping children in performing arts with tools and supplies, I'm a bad boy who with a good heart!!! Until you try to bend me over or lie to me. Then all bets are off!!!

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