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1193 days ago
About Me
I was in the Medical Field for over 20yrs. I worked in many fields, starting with Physical Therapy Aide to Medical Ins. and being a Cal. Sate Certified E.M.T. and worked in the ER. I actaully had gone to a doctor for something, was given a medication, and was 100% Disabled in less that a 24 hour period. The medical issues have caused my "Hobbies" to come to a quick hault and never to be done again. Being disabled sucks BUT, it also was a blessing. I was able to be a mom 24/7! As a result, I raised my oldest, alone, and he is currently a level 3, 3rd degree black belt in TKD. prior to graduating HIgh School he completed 142 Vol. Hours in the E.R. and obtained his Certifications as an Emergency First Responder and also as a Medical Assistant. He went from there and has now been in the military for 2 years as a Naval Corpsman, Highest Decorated in all military branches, he's married and still my best friend. I am also a mom of a 13yr old son who also has a medical disabilty, CVS (Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome) and has been on Hospital HomeSchooling for 2 yrs. My life is spent do the best I can with what I am able to do, be the constant is my kids lives, and I work very hard on being a good person. Thats not always easy but I feel that we never learn respect, to the level I feel personally, until you watch your child join the military. I look at everything in my life and around me with a new found respect and sometimes even a heavy heart. To see what goes on in this world, how people treat each other, respond to each other, and judge each other, and to know my son is willing to die so that people can still be free and free to disrespect and hate, thats hard. Seeing what I did on here is the reason I wanted to register.
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