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South Lake Tahoe, Ca
2045 days ago
About Me
I live on the corners of Pathos and Depressed. I have no life except when I steal on of Oprah's AH HA moments. I have been pregnant with Elvis' love child for the last 30 some years. And find that if I think a thought of my own I maybe doing something illegal. My short life has been way too long and I have no real interesting things to say. I just wait till the next poster tells me to get a life and call me a fat ugly pig. I don't belong to any social media network because they scare me. I never know if I am on my facebook or a total stranger who I friended up with. I recovered from being "poked" and learned that it was not a nasty thing to do, which explains why I didn't talk to my father for a week. Which was most likly my ticket to be on Jerry Springer. I hope for things to happen. Like maybe at the wedding of this century, we find out that Kim K's. butt was mistaken for a pinata and was filled with white chocolate. So when I get a life or a hobby, TMZ will be the first to know. Well the guy who called me fat and ugly will most likley be called first.
Finding ways to not having a hobby.

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