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Peter Smith Talking Cures

SOuthend on Sea, Essex England
1857 days ago
About Me
May I take to opportunity of introducing Talking Cures? Talking Cures is a unique - perhaps the most significant of finding in the pursuit of understanding the real cause of illness and by using the persons own immune system, creates the cure or relief desired - and is highly specialised talking therapy as the name implies, it is the therapy and not an adaptation of another, which offers treatment to a person, not a person with symptoms...and is best not considered as conventional counselling. CEO burnout can be considered the same as; Stage Fright or Performance Anxiety is best considered as mind and or body symptoms which make our entertainers into super stars and also takes away their abilities, way before the correct time. Yet is treatable, thereby allowing the person to continue with the same abilities developed over many years, until they decide time to hang up the management position microphone. However, it is based on the findings of many of our forbears who in my opinion did not have the courage to say exactly what they meant. Freud, Darwin, Galen etc. Talking Cures does indeed have the courage to the point if a person undertaking treatment - providing the medical profession have left us time - is able to work with Talking Cures where the maxim is applied, “If we cannot resolve your multiple symptoms, then no one can.” It is a team effort both talking responsibility for success and more importantly lack of success, thereby enabling successful release of long-term symptoms that have denied a person the right to pursue a comfortable of Mind and Body healthy and achieving life. Based on the current collective understanding from all medical researchers, “the cause is not known, there is no known cure, no one therapy will ever be able to cure this and not to search the world for miracle cures that do not exist.” When a person approaches Talking Cures, most times they have experienced many different therapies and are thus considered Medical Mysteries or Failures. Therefore the consideration is when all other treatments have not delivered the desired outcome this is where Talking Cures is at its best. Talking Cures is not from the patient, "tell me your life story." It is about understanding their real requirements and delivering a suitable - just in time - education that WILL allow their immune system to resume working in a natural manner. Moreover, is never about trying to fix the future, with effective therapy, this should and will be automatic, if this is not so, any repair - or so-called “Cure” - will not be secure and will result in more mysterious symptoms. Taking of Family History or applying Therapeutic Assessment -scales for the patient to adhere too is seen as not at all therapeutically helpful as it distracts the clinician’s attention away from the Patient and Patient centred symptoms. Management simply explains to the patient; the Scientific Evidence based utilised by the clinician, is of little or no value. Being the only known treatment regime with the ability to treat as many symptoms a person can present with the same therapist and treatment process, including altering the body chemistry without the requirement of any form of supplement or dietary changes or interfering with other clinicians prescriptions; Talking Cures is therefore never phased by as many symptoms a person can present or the ever-changing face of presenting symptoms and is always ahead of the person before they present the new symptoms. Talking Cures whilst preferred on a face to Face basis can be extremely effective through the various media: Telephone, Skype and to a greater or lesser extent. Email. I look forward to reading your comments. Kindest regards and best wishes Peter Twitter: TalkingCures Skype: Talking.Cures Facebook: Peter Smith Talking Cures.
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