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freeport, tx
2176 days ago
About Me
I have been thru quite a bit already in life and i have seen things that not alot of people have seen and i have a very caring heart but am so damaged because of the care i have given and now i am just trying to keep myself out of trouble and as happy as possible at this point in my life. I have been told i give great advice so why not offer it on some subjects i feel strongly about. I realize that it may seem lame that i have strong feelings about gossip columns but its not the gossip i feel strongly about it is the people it involves. Some people are just a little misunderstood and it is hard to live misunderstood in private so i can only imagine how it must be in public. I am 33. I live about an hour south of Houston, tx and i have been told i am extremely sexy and i can see that in me but i am also very overbearing with my opinions and a control freak. So, as you see in my bio with good there will always be some bad no matter who you are speaking of. It is just a matter of choosing to accept all that makes us who we are.
Anything that keeps my mind busy, I tend to think too much.

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