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S'retsel Dnal

1428 days ago
About Me
PINK LADY POWER!!!! journey to expressive creativity began one summer when he made the conscious decision to sign up for a summer arts' program sponsored by the Detroit Council of Arts; From this simple beginning, S'retsel Dnal's talents grew by serving as a writing assistant, performing a lead role and assisting with script development for the play Jump Start. He also has served as a Visual Art Assistant. Sretsel Dnal's artistic journey has exposed many to his emotional works. Recently, he has completed several performances as a featured poet at DBGPride's In The Life Poetry Series, WJLB's Sister's Movin' Up Conference, 88.1 WCHP Radio in Detroit, The Gender Paradigm, Liquid Silver, Cafe Mahogany of Detroit, Hott Butter N' Soul Cafe in New York and various other venues. His powerful poetry has also been published in Kick! Magazine and Melodic Militia, as well as Oliver Stone's film Zebrahead. S'retsel Dnal has also produced and performed his current work Sex Games at various locations throughout Metropolitan Detroit. His paintings and sculptures have been displayed at the ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES • Guest Speaker, MS 246 Walt Whitman Junior High School, Brooklyn, New York • Guest Reader, Student Motivational Center of the Detroit Board of Education • Guest Speaker, Nicolis Elementary School • Guest Speaker, Remus Robinson Junior High School Lester Michael Rambus BIRTH DATE May 9; 1971 BIRTHPLACE Detroit. Michigan TALENTS • Poetry • Sculpturing • Painting • Choreography • Modeling • Set Design • Acting Alternatives For Girls ,Jan 9, 2007 ( To; Whom it may concern Since October of 2005 Lester Rambus has been volunteering his services as a artist with our self-awareness program. He has been using his gifts and talents as a poet and artist to help homeless young women between the ages of 16-21 find creative outlets to express their positive and negative emotions -As the.creator and facilitator of this program I have found his contribution to very helpful and meaningful to our young women. Sincerely Aldonna Smith (Self-Awareness Facilitator) (313) 361-400 Ext- 29D Helping girls and young women discover positive life choices. 903 W. Grand Boulevard· Detroit, Mi 48208-2365. business (313) 361-4000· fax (313) 361-8938 Base upon this my moral convictions, Life experiences, prophetic beliefs and Religion, I assume the Name S’retsel Yutara Dnal which means Israel to whip, to teach, and to wake up the tribe of the Dan1 Thereby, making my religion “The Religious Order of being Human”. This order is a Universal dogma of religious understanding of Theology that protects me under the International, Nation and Universal Laws of mankind. Book One "The Blood Of The Black Lotus" Forward When S'retsel Dnal asked me to write a forward for his book I was flattered. This year the Detroit poets have shown so much love to me, and to each other, I was eager to read what he'd written. S'retsel has always been one of my favorite poets. His voice resonates and never needs alteration or special treatment. It commands and seduces an audience. He was the poet who read poems by Bruce Lee during an open mic. I thought he was delusional. He showed me the book and proved me a liar. S'retsel Dnal is a poet. This book is written in many voices. His ability to create the most beautiful names for his characters is his gift. The book is written in Detroit brogue. It moves between past present and future, between dreams and wide awake hours but I can't say there is a 'fantasy and reality' here. Because the story lives in all times, for all times. Goddesses, mystics and familiar 'round the way folks all collide in this episodic tale along side drag queens angels and people I know you know. S'retsel Dnal is an artist. His paintings are literal and his photographs are fantastical. He imagines what he wants then he sees it. He knows how to draw his subjects into still life, and in this book he's painted pictures of characters in textures so rich you can feel the fur, smell the incense and see the smoke and mirrors. The book is raw dawg. So if you have preconceived notions or are judgmental then you get what you deserve. If you consider yourself open minded and a lover of art and expression, you'll get out of it what you put into it. S'retsel Dnal is a man. He's seen it all, heard it all, been there got the tee shirt, water bottle, sash, and the number pinned to his back. He loves human beings. He's not for the weak minded. He paints with his left hand, and thinks with his right mind. This book is not for one sitting. Read it from the inside out. Take a page at a time and see where it leads you. S'retsel Dnal is prolific. He's ahead of his time, beyond all bullshit and above all else. S'retsel deserves to be a part of your Detroit Proper library collection. get_christie_love

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