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1412 days ago
About Me
Am I on TMZ or a dating website? Umm, well, I'm not a celebrity stalker, and I don't even really comment on stuff a whole lot, unless that stuff is about something I have a strong opinion about. Hence, the story that brought me to sign up and comment today, was something about LL and rehab. Okay, I will be bluntly honest: I am a former addict (prescription pain meds, Vicodin, etc) And, as entertaining as LL is to me, I've had it up to here with her courtroom shenanigans and the handling of her case. I happen to be pms'ing today, my emotions are slightly high, and I couldn't help but express my opinion even though no one really gives a crap anyways. Truth be told, I'm starting to discover that sometimes it's fun to comment, and I really enjoy arguing with the "Internet idiots" (as I like to call them) that offer crazy, insane, ignorant comments, in my free time.
Crystal Meth, Cocaine, Inspirational Programs, Practicing Healthy Eating habits, Shrooms, Working Out, Tanning, Fashion, Long Walks, Excessive Alcoholic Beverages, NasCar, Computers, Traveling, Marijuana, Volunteering, Donating Plasma and saving lives (for a nominal fee) Gee Wiz I have so many!

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