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1779 days ago
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25 year old Aries looking for a particular person to try an straighten things out so I know what's going on with them and vise versa if so be willing not going to lie would be actually rather shocking if that would happen meaning actually questioned it ask me about something they would like to know...i can be pretty open if you just ask the right question...ill answer what ever you would like to know with out bringing a puzzle along with for that I'm a high school graduate with maybe a year if college with a major in chemistry plan on picking that up again here shortly but with the major if either chemical engineering it mechanical engineering to hopefully intern with a lab some where, exp. Fermi national laboratories to go on for a doctorates optimistically masters would be extremely satisfying as well but mean you invest so much time why quit st the end when it looks to be GREENER GRASS JUST BEYOND THE YANDER...
Guitar, writing half ass songs guess you could say, enjoying new people usually, lately seems like everyone an there brother has something it other against me but no, like socially drinking, bringing happiness to others even if it means through self humiliation...i don't care what people think about me I'll try an be happy however I can even though it seems to be an up hill battle mist the time FML I guess my best attribute is being the worst person to know alive to at least the ones I want to be closest too...but everyone thinks im full of shit who ever you all are...

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