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Guess Model Sues I Paid for Bev Hills Luxury Got Roach Motel Hell Instead!

2/19/2017 12:30 AM PST

0217_model_roaches_compositeA smoke show Guess model says she couldn't drop a deuce without cockroaches dropping on her head -- a nightmare scenario, especially in a high-priced Bev Hills crib.

Romanian hottie Nicoleta Vaculov says she'd dropped a total of $9k to move into the place last summer, but immediately discovered it was literally crawling with roaches. She says it was so bad they were all over her bed and the clothes in her closet.

In the perfect horror movie scene -- she had to cover the vent in her bathroom because las cucarachas were falling on her while she sat on the throne. Go ahead ... picture that.

Nicoleta bolted after a few months and now she's suing her landlord. She blames an overflowing dumpster near her apartment, and says the infestation stressed her out so much she couldn't model. 

And THAT would be a crime ...


Plies Driver's License Yanked ... No Blow, No Go!

2/19/2017 12:20 AM PST

0217-plies-tmz-01Plies is already feeling the consequences from his DUI arrest, even before he gets to court -- he's lost his driver's license because he refused to take a breathalyzer test.

The rapper's license will be suspended for 1 year ... regardless of what happens in his DUI case. Cops say he declined all testing -- breath, urine and blood -- the night he was busted last month in the Tampa area. That decision triggers automatic suspension under Florida law.

We broke the story ... Plies was busted driving the wrong way down a one-way street. According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, he was also driving without a shoe at the time.

Hope he found it -- dude's gonna be hoofin' it for a while.


Denise Richards Good Genes Or Good Docs?

2/19/2017 7:54 AM PST

0213_genes_denise_richards_launchThere's no denying that Denise Richards is drop dead gorgeous. 

Here’s a 27-year-old version of the hot young actress at a anniversary party in Los Angeles back in 1998 (left) and 19 years later ... the smoke show and mother of two -- who recently celebrated her 46th birthday -- at a movie premiere in Hollywood last month (right).

Wild thing.

The question is...

Patti Stanger Widow Sues Over Lame Dates

2/19/2017 12:10 AM PST

0217-patti-stanger-tmz'Millionaire Matchmaker' Patti Stanger ripped off a widow who was looking for love by hooking her up with a worthless dating service ... according to a new suit.

Heidi Williams claims she wanted to hire Patti to get back into the dating game -- her husband died a few years ago -- but Stanger said she was too old for her clientele.

According to the suit ... Patti referred Heidi to a friend's dating service -- Pretty People International. Heidi claims she dropped $15,000 for a PPI membership ... and Patti got a referral fee.

Heidi's lawyer says the service left her high and dry -- she only got one real date and one phone date. 

Heidi wants a full refund times 3 -- $45,000.

We reached out to Patti's peeps and PPI ... so far, no word back.

For any curious single fellas out there ... here's a shot of Heidi.


Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

2/19/2017 12:00 AM PST

0206_scramble_launchWe’re confident you won’t need any help looking beyond this full face and figuring out the A-list actress hiding in the super scrambled snap!

Roe v. Wade Plaintiff 'Jane Roe' Dead at 69

2/18/2017 12:04 PM PST
Breaking News

0218-Gloria-Allred-Norma-McCorvey-gettyNorma McCorvey -- aka Jane Roe in the landmark Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade that established abortion as a constitutional right --  has died.

Norma was just 22 when championed the fight for a woman's right to an abortion ... and she became the center of one of the most contentious legal battles in American history that came to a head in 1973 when the Supreme Court legalized abortion.

Norma actually shifted her position on abortion from pro-choice to pro-life in the years that followed the decision.

Her case is still the center of controversy on the Court and in the nation. The justices are still divided ever so closely on Roe v. Wade.

Norma died from heart failure. She was 69.

Robin Thicke Pained Face Tells Custody War Story

2/18/2017 11:02 AM PST

Robin Thicke isn't trying to fake the pain of his all-out custody war with Paula Patton.

Robin -- who has a show scheduled tonight in San Antonio -- was leaving LAX Saturday morning and his face told a story as powerful as his voice. The war over 6-year-old son Julian is taking its toll.

Robin does share ... there's a form of therapy that helps.

TMZ broke the story ... Paula was supposed to hand off Julian to a court-appointed monitor Thursday but things went south.

Ezekiel Elliott Talks to Columbus Cops About Nightclub Incident

2/18/2017 8:39 AM PST

Ezekiel Elliott interrupted his Friday night by having a talk with cops in Columbus about an incident that went down in a nightclub, but he was not detained.

Ezekiel's rep tells us he spoke with cops about something that happened inside a club he had just left. The rep did not describe the incident but says it did not involve Ezekiel.

An eyewitness had told TMZ the Cowboys star had been detained but we're told that was not the case ... the rep says Ezekiel voluntarily gave cops some information and then left. 

We called cops, but they haven't gotten back to us.

Conor McGregor I Actually LOVE Khloe K's Ass ... But Floyd's Still a Bitch

2/18/2017 7:20 AM PST

Conor McGregor wants to set 2 things straight -- he LOVES Khloe Kardashian's "big fat ass" ... and thinks Floyd Mayweather RAN SCARED during a recent trip to Las Vegas. 

We got the UFC superstar leaving Mastros Steakhouse in Bev Hills last night where he told us the comments he made about Khloe's badonk in a recent GQ interview were meant to be complimentary.

He claims the mag "wrote it like it was a bad thing!"

Then we switched right to Mayweather -- "Floyd's a bitch and he's petrified."

Conor insinuates that he tried to meet with Floyd this week in Vegas -- but "[Floyd] didn't show his face."

"I touched down in Las Vegas and he retired twice."

Good news ... Floyd, you know where Conor is this weekend. If you want him, find him.

In other news...

Jessica Biel CONFESSES To Eating Her Meals...WHERE?

This Can't Possibly Be Sanitary


Sexy Pregnant Selfies Guess Who!

2/18/2017 4:15 PM PST


There must be something in the water because Hollywood’s hottest stars like Beyonce, Amal Clooney and Hannah Jeter are poppin’ up pregnant.

Check out the glowing gallery of hot mamas and see if you can guess the belly-baring babes with the sexy curves!

Aaron Carter Attacked Onstage After Alleged Racial Comment

2/18/2017 7:23 AM PST

Aaron Carter was attacked by a fellow musician Friday night who apparently felt the singer had made a racial slur against him, and the fight ended with a trip by Aaron to the ER.

Carter was performing at the Loony Bin in Bradley, Illinois.  The opening act, ILL State, had just wrapped and a member of the band was goofing, grabbing people's cellphones and shooting video as Aaron tried to perform.  

An eyewitness tells TMZ Aaron had security remove the guy, and as he was getting dragged out you hear Aaron say, "Bye Felipe," a take on "Bye Felicia."  We're told the guy, who was Hispanic, was taken out of the bar but came back in and allegedly attacked Aaron, damaging his computer and a speaker in the process.

A fight erupted, a bloody Aaron went to the hospital, and cops are investigating.

They don't call it the Loony Bin for nothing.

Wrestling Villain Ivan Koloff Dead at 74

2/18/2017 7:32 AM PST
Breaking News

0218-Ivan-Koloff-facebookIvan Koloff, aka The Russian Bear who wrestled to fame for years as a supreme villain, has died.

Rick Flair posted the news Saturday morning. The 74-year-old Koloff had been battling liver cancer.

Koloff was a former WWWF World Heavyweight champion who fought the likes of Bruno Sammartino, Superstar Billy Graham and Bob Backlund. He was especially big in the 80's as Ronald Reagan challenged Russia on the world stage.

The news comes just 1 day after WWE Hall of Famer George "The Animal" Steele died from kidney failure.

Koloff's sister had started a Go Fund Me page to help pay for Ivan's medical expenses.


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