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Jahlil Okafor 'I'm Not Proud Of My Decisions'

11/29/2015 1:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1128-jahlil-okafor-getty-01NBA star Jahlil Okafor says he vows to get his life together and NOT be a distraction to his team ... after being involved in several concerning off-the-court incidents ... including a street fight in Boston.

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Sinead O'Connor Angry Suicide Note... My Family Betrayed Me

11/29/2015 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1128-sinead-oconnor-gettyupdate_graphic_red_bar10:55 AM PT -- Law enforcement sources confirm Sinead has been found "safe and sound" somewhere in Dublin, and she's getting medical attention.update_grey_gray_barSinead O'Connor has taken an overdose of pills in response to a "horrific set of betrayals" ... at least according to an emotional message she posted blasting her family and blaming them for her suicide.

The note, posted Sunday morning, alleges "appalling cruelty" on the part of her husband, her children and even her son's girlfriend -- and she says it all started when she had a hysterectomy in August. Sinead claims they've been keeping her babies from her, and she just couldn't take it anymore.

The 48-year-old singer wrote, "I have taken an overdose. There is no other way to get respect. I am not at home. I'm at a hotel, somewhere in Ireland, under another name."

She adds she's been, "Howling crying for weeks. And been told by them all to go f*** myself. I'm invisible. I don't matter a shred to anyone."

1128-subasset-sinead-oconnorSinead has four children, ranging in age from 9 to 28. She's currently married to Barry Herridge -- the therapist she married in Las Vegas after meeting on the Internet.

It's unclear if family or friends have begun searching for Sinead. We've reached out to her reps, but no word back yet.



Kendall Jenner Take that Lady Godiva!!!

11/29/2015 6:39 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1128-kendall-jenner-instagramKendall Jenner just attempted to up the Kardashian's game by posting a nude shot -- but turns out she's guilty of social media horseplay.

Kendall put up the equestrian themed pic with no caption, and more importantly ... no credit ... because that ain't her on the horse! Of course.

It's a French model named Elisa Meliani (@elisajazz on iG) ... who originally posted herself and her fav steed last year. Elisa isn't pissed about Kendall jacking her photo though.

1128-subasset-kendall-jenner-instagram-02We can hear TheFatJewish now -- Why does she get a pass?



Ryan Seacrest NOT Off the Market GF Not Owner of Huge Diamond

11/29/2015 12:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

1128-ryan-seacrest-renee-hall-akmgsi-02It looked like Ryan Seacrest was OUT of the dating pool, but the hot chick traveling with him -- with the big ole rock -- is NOT Seacrest's one-time girlfriend. 

Ryan hopped a flight in London today with a woman who looks a lot like model Renée Hall -- so much so, the photo agencies identified her as Renée. But TMZ has learned the lucky lady sporting the massive diamond ring is Sarah Mutch. She's reportedly engaged to mega celeb realtor Kurt Rappaport.

Seacrest's reps tell us Ryan was traveling with Kurt and Sarah in Europe.

It's unclear if Renee and Ryan are still a thing -- they haven't been seen together for some time.

1128-subasset-ryan-seacrest-renee-hall-akmgsi-02So, false alarm -- Ryan NOT engaged, and ... congrats to Sarah and Kurt?

Still, this is as good a reason as any to revisit Renée's hotness.  


Pregnant Anne Hathaway This is How It's Done!!!

11/29/2015 7:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Anne Hathaway looked great as she showed off her subtly pregnant self during a walk in L.A.

Anne and hubby Adam Shulman strolled along Saturday after breakfast.  It will be their first child ... they married in 2012. 



Mary-Kate Olsen Marries Boyfriend ... And She's Smokin'!!!

11/29/2015 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1128-mary-kate-olsen-getty-01Mary-Kate Olsen has tied the knot with her boyfriend, and the reception was held in a cloud.

The 29-year-old married 46-year-old Oliver Sarkozy during a small NYC ceremony.  According to Page Six, the 50 guests were treated to bowls of cigarettes and everyone lit up the entire night.

Fun Fact:  Olivier is the half-bro of former French Prez Nicholas Sarkozy.

In other news...

SCANDAL! Princess Diana's Niece Causing MAJOR Stir

Uh Oh! The niece of Princess Diana has been riling up the internet with some very atypical royal behavior


Bindi Irwin 'DWTS' Lowdown I'm Getting Paid ... And I Didn't Fart!!!

11/29/2015 6:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bindi Irwin has no worry she'll get the money she's owed for winning "Dancing with the Stars" ... despite the fact a judge still hasn't approved her contract.

The 17-year-old was leaving LAX when we asked her about the contract, and sure she'll get the money -- more than $300k, but there's a hitch ... she answers to 2 tax men, not just one.  But anything left won't go in her pocket ... she's got a cause.

And Bindi clears the air over the mysterious fart noise during the competition. 


Kylie Jenner Even Her Dog is Skinny

11/29/2015 7:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1128-kylie-dog-snapchatKylie Jenner's dog needs a few more cans of Alpo ... because it's rib cage is almost popping out of its skin.

Kylie posted a video of her dogs, and the Italian Greyhound caught our eye.  It doesn't seem that the breed is known for this.  Hopefully there's nothing wrong with the pooch.


Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid In Case there Was Any Doubt ...

11/29/2015 6:47 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid got all handsy with each other Saturday night, proving their relationship with clear and convincing evidence.

Zayn and Gigi left their favorite night spot -- The Nice Guy in WeHo at around 2:30 AM -- holding hands.

It's sort of a right of passage ... first going through back doors, then walking in separately, but eventually interlocking fingers. 

In other news...

OMG! Kendall Just Pranked The Entire Internet

Never trust your eyes! Kendall Jenner pulled a FAST ONE on everyone!


Future's Tour Rider Keep My Powder White ... On My Doughnuts

11/29/2015 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1125_future_candy_request_tmz_compositeFuture's needs are VERY specific when he's on the road ... in fact -- he's so specific -- even his doughnuts need to look a certain way. 

TMZ obtained Future's rider from a show back in December and it's pretty wild. For starters, the rapper makes $150k for a 45 minute show. However, show promoters better have 4 bottles of Ace of Spades, Ciroc and Moet, among other drinks on hand to keep him happy.  

And get this -- when it comes to food -- Future's a poor man's Gordon Ramsay, demanding items like chicken fingers, cheddar popcorn and broccoli to keep him full. The best part, Future loves his doughnuts ... requesting "fresh white powdered" ones be at the ready, with plenty of junk food.

But the dude likes to relax too ... asking for scented candles in his dressing room. His scent of choice?Lemon grass.

Weird ... our money was on jolly rancher.  


Khloe Kardashian Staph Free ... Visits Lamar

11/29/2015 7:09 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Khloe Kardashian has bounced back from her very serious staph infection ... because she went back to the hospital where she presumably contracted it and visited husband Lamar Odom.

Khloe was in serious shape over the last few weeks ... in quarantine for awhile and unable to visit Lamar, who is in bad shape. He's still unable to walk and his cognitive functions are severely impaired.

In other news...

Kim Zolciak SLAMMED For 'Sexualizing' Daughter

'Housewives' & 'DWTS' Kim Zolciak just CAN'T catch a break. Her fans are up in arms over this pic!


Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell Familiar Ring ... of Marriage!!!

11/29/2015 6:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell -- the coolest and arguably most awesome couple in Hollywood -- might have tied the knot?  

Goldie and Kurt were cruising through Brentwood Saturday and she was wearing what looks like a wedding band.   On the other hand, Kurt's ring finger is bare.

They've been together for more than 30 years ... making their relationship one of the most enduring around.

Whether they did it or not is almost beside the point.

Gavin Rossdale Hey, It's Tara Reid!!!

11/29/2015 7:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gavin Rossdale hit the club scene Saturday night, and spent a little time with "Sharknado" survivor Tara Reid.

Gavin and Tara were both leaving Hyde at around 2:30 AM when they chatted it up.  It doesn't look like he was with her.  It seems he left with another woman.

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