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J Lo & A-Rod What's Not to Laugh About? Loving Life On Double Date

3/28/2017 10:08 AM PDT

0328-alex-rodriguez-jennifer-lopez-tmz-01J Lo and A-Rod are already looking like an old married couple -- an old, stupidly RICH married couple -- that still loves hanging out with each other and their friends.

The couple did a double date Monday night at the Sunset Tower Hotel in L.A. We're told the group of 4 dined for a little over 2 hours, and judging by the expressions on both their faces ... had great conversation with their meals.

It's barely been a month, but they sure look super comfortable. Maybe A-Rod's sis really does know something we don't.

Emmy Rossum Robbed of Jewelry

3/28/2017 9:01 AM PDT

0328-emmy-rossum-getty-02Emmy Rossum's West L.A. home was hit by burglars who targeted 2 safes, and she made it easy for them to pull off the heist ... because she left the combos right there.

Law enforcement sources tell us, Emmy was in NYC last week when the housekeeper showed up on Wednesday and everything was fine. But on Friday, the housekeeper returned to a crime scene.

The housekeeper noticed the power was off and a glass pane on a back door was smashed.  

The next thing the housekeeper saw ... the "Shameless" star's 2 safes were wide open with nothing inside.

Our sources say $150,000 in antique jewelry was missing from the safes ... nothing else was taken.

As for how the burglars were able to open them ... we're told Emmy left written combinations next to the safes.  

Law enforcement believes the thieves cut the power to deactivate the alarm system.

Emmy is the latest victim in a string of celebrity burglaries. Other 2017 victims include Jaime Pressly, Kendall Jenner, Yasiel Puig, Derek Fisher, Alanis Morissette, Cesar Millan and Nick Young.

White House Lawn Closed for Suspicious Package

3/28/2017 9:19 AM PDT
Exclusive Details


update_graphic_red_bar9:32 AM PT -- The area has reportedly been deemed "all clear."update_grey_gray_barNo rest for Secret Service agents, who had to spring into action again outside the White House ... this time for a suspicious package on the North Lawn.

Agents cleared the entire lawn and several streets around it. The Secret Service says it's nabbed a suspect.

Our law enforcement sources say the suspect said something that led agents to call out the bomb squad. It's unclear if the threat was directed at President Trump, the White House or any specific landmark or politician.

We're told the bomb squad has deemed the package safe, but the suspect is still in custody.

In recent weeks, Secret Service has dealt with multiple trespassing incidents ... including 2 from White House fence jumper Marci Anderson Wahl.


Katherine Jackson Won't Appear Against Nephew in Court

3/28/2017 7:06 AM PDT

0328-katherine-jackson-tmz-01Katherine Jackson will be a no-show Tuesday in a case that has become a family war over control of Michael Jackson's estate.

Katherine has filed for a permanent restraining order against her nephew, Trent Jackson, who has been caring for her since Michael died in 2009. The matriarch filed a declaration saying she thinks Trent has stolen from her and committed elder abuse against her, something Trent has strongly denied.

Katherine is in London, where she's been for months. She has not been seen but some of her kids say she's scared to come back to the U.S. because she's afraid of Trent.

Trent says Katherine's being manipulated by Jermaine and some of her other kids, adding the kids made the stories up and Katherine may not have even signed the declaration.

Trent points to a crazy incident in 2012, where Jermaine and some of the other kids took her to Arizona. At the time Paris went nuclear, saying the her grandma had essentially been kidnapped.

The judge has indicated he may boot the case if Katherine doesn't show, so we'll know at 1:30 PM PDT Tuesday.

Stay tuned.

'Shameless' Kid Stars Emma & Ethan All Grow'd Up ... Pulling Awesome Pranks

3/28/2017 9:02 AM PDT

"Shameless" stars Emma Kenney and Ethan Cutkosky have gone from grade schoolers in braces to legit celebs hanging out in Hollywood ... in the blink of an eye.

We got the teens, who play Gallagher kids #4 and #5 on the Showtime hit, kicking it with some friends on Melrose Ave and as they say ... they really do grow up so fast.

And you gotta see what they reveal about how they kill time on the set. Ethan and Emma might be 17-year-olds on the verge of adulthood, but there's still plenty of prank-pulling kid left in 'em.

Two words: Saran. Wrap.


'Gilbert Grape' Star Darlene Cates Dead at 69

3/28/2017 5:58 AM PDT

0328-darlene-cates-momma-gilbert-grape-GETTY-01Darlene Cates, who played the Gilbert's mom in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," has died.

We're told Darlene died Sunday morning in her sleep ... this according to family.

She was discovered by the screenwriter of the movie, Peter Hedges, after seeing her on "Sally Jessy Raphael." The show was titled, "Too Heavy to Leave Their House." Darlene talked about obesity and the pelvic infection that caused her to gain nearly 150 pounds.  

Hedges offered Darlene the role of Leo DiCaprio's morbidly obese mom in 'Gilbert Grape,' which became an instant classic.


Fetty Wap Robbery His Crew Fired First Only Their Shots Landed

3/28/2017 1:00 AM PDT

0327-fetty-wap-TMZ-3Fetty Wap's crew fired off the only bullets that landed in the shootout after he was robbed -- including a possible self-inflicted gunshot wound ... TMZ has learned.

Eyewitnesses at the scene tell us a member of Fetty's crew fired first at Raheem Thomas' crew in retaliation Sunday morning ... and then that same person allegedly accidentally shot himself in the thigh. 

We're told the shooting started after Fuzz and his Muscle Team boys followed Fetty and co. into a Paterson, NJ deli, where things got violent fast. Sources say Fuzz pistol whipped someone in Fetty's camp, and then he and his guys robbed Fetty and his crew on the spot. 

That's when a second gun was taken out and shots were fired back and forth ... 2 of which landed on 2 of Raheem's guys. At some point after the initial bloodbath ... we're told the original shooter tried escaping and the gun fired in his waistband, striking him in the thigh.

That account roughly matches up with what cops have told us. As we reported ... 2 men were found in the immediate area of the shootout and were transported to hospitals. A 3rd guy thought to be involved checked himself into another hospital soon after.

Raheem's already been booked for gun possession and assault after showing off Fetty's stolen chain on social media -- but it's unclear if he actually fired in the gun battle, despite being seen with a firearm. Prosecutors in court Monday said they did not believe Raheem had personally fired. 

We've reached out to Fetty's camp ... so far, no word back. 

'This Is Us' Star Justin Hartley Jack's Death Is Worth The Wait And Don't Rule Out ...

3/28/2017 7:20 AM PDT

"This Is Us" star Justin Hartley says people should keep an open mind about how his TV dad, Jack, eventually dies because everything's in play ... including by car accident.

The season 1 finale left fans with a serious cliffhanger. It also pissed off a lot of 'em when it didn't reveal how Jack, played by Milo Ventimiglia, bites it. It's the burning question and while fans now have to wait several months, Justin seems to know already ... and he's talking up the scene a lot ... in a tight white tee.

So, at least ya got that.

Migos Backpedal on Gay Remarks We Love Makonnen, Frank & All LGBT!

3/28/2017 7:10 AM PDT

Migos insist they meant no ill will toward iLoveMakonnen or any other LGBT artist ... heck, they'll even play a gay show if the price is right.

We got the hip-hop trio at LAX, and they were doing some pretty intense backpedaling on seemingly harsh comments they made about Makonnen coming out of the closet.

They tell us their words were twisted in an article, in which they appeared to say things like "They supported him?" and "This world is not right" and, of course, "That's wack, bro."

Seems like Migos found their come-to-Jesus moment in all the backlash they got. Good to see they've got their priorities in order ... morality, money and otherwise.

John Singleton Did You Know This About Tupac?

3/28/2017 7:29 AM PDT

John Singleton's always dropping knowledge ... his subject this time around -- Tupac.

The famed director was leaving The London NYC on Monday when we asked about Pac's many talents ... and we're not talking just rap skills. Remember, he co-starred in John's "Poetic Justice" back in '93 ... so he would know.

This clip is really interesting, especially considering Tupac's about to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Music only scratches the surface, according to John.

Zayn Malik Cousin Dies from Brain Tumor

3/28/2017 6:46 AM PDT


Zayn Malik's young cousin has died after battling a brain tumor for years.

Arshiya Malik was only 5, but had been diagnosed with the tumor several years ago. Zayn took a touching photo with Arshiya and his then fiancée, Perrie Edward, back in 2014 ... the same year his family said, "Doctors have given up on Arshiya but she is still fighting brave like a soldier."

Zayn was "really close" to Arishiya, according to the Daily Mail. He hasn't commented yet about her passing.

The little girl's mother posted a pic, saying ... "An angel wrote in the book of life my baby's date of birth, then whispered as she closed the book.. 'Too beautiful for earth.'"


Carrie Fisher Gary The Dog Gets A New Forever Home But Not With Billie

3/28/2017 12:50 AM PDT

0327-carrie-fisher-gary-the-dog-tmz-getty-2Carrie Fisher's beloved French bulldog, Gary, was supposed to live with Billie Lourd after Carrie's passing, but it turns out that's NOT the case.

We've learned Carrie's assistant, Corby McCoin, took Gary almost immediately and is now the outright owner.


Days after the actress died in December, Carrie's family said Billie would get the dog for several reasons ... not the least of which was that Gary was best friends with Billie's bulldog, Tina.  

As for why things changed, as everyone knows Gary was Carrie's constant companion, and Corby was a fixture in Carrie's life ... always around the dog. It ultimately made more sense for Gary to live with the person -- not the dog -- with whom he felt a connection.

We're told Corby's not cashing in by taking Gary ...  she just feels taking Gary is the right thing to do.


LaVar Ball Shopping TV Projects Reality Show & Documentary

3/28/2017 12:45 AM PDT


The Big Baller wants to come to a small screen near you. 

TMZ Sports has learned LaVar Ball is actively shopping various TV projects around town -- including a reality show and a documentary. 

Click here... it's not over yet

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