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Kylie Jenner Finally Shows Her Face with Sisters But That's ALL Ya Get!!!

1/22/2018 7:18 AM PST

Pregnant Kylie Jenner finally showed her face for the first time in nearly 5 months ... 'cause mama-to-be's still gotta bring home the bacon.

Kylie posed in bed with her sisters -- Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kourtney -- while rocking their Calvin Klein undies, but she was careful to NOT reveal what everyone's waiting to see.

Obviously, the product shot was a scheduled advertisement, but while all the other sisters showed their lower halves ... Kylie hid her baby bump under a blanket, showing only her bra. Even pregnant Khloe only covered her belly with her hand.

Sorry, Calvin ... mom boobs are all you get from KJ. For now.

Philadelphia Eagles Post-Beatdown Get Down ... To Chief Keef & Meek Mill

1/22/2018 7:57 AM PST
Breaking News

Here's video of the Philadelphia Eagles dancing their damn faces off after destroying the Minnesota Vikings ... and we gotta say, the guys look like they could've gone another two quarters.

Moments after the game was over, WR Alshon Jeffery took his celebration to IG live and got live with his teammates ... while Chief Keef and Meek Mill blasted in the background.

Highlights included Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie getting into the act, but the guy who stole the show was CB Jalen Mills, who broke it down with a Macarena-style turn up we've never seen before.

Good luck in the Super Bowl guys ... you're probably going to need it.

Morgan Freeman I Stopped My SAG Speech ... 'Cause of Lily Tomlin

1/22/2018 7:53 AM PST

Morgan Freeman has revealed the person that caused him to stop his acceptance of the SAG Life Achievement Award mid-speech.

Morgan says the person he stopped for was Lily Tomlin, who was nominated for "Grace and Frankie."  

Now here's the thing ... it appeared he was schooling her, possibly for talking during his speech. But Morgan said afterward, "She's a wonder in herself and I've always loved her. I see her, I say hello."

That makes it sound like Lily didn't do anything but sit there in all her glory.

We need more info.

Jared Fogle Shut Down By Judge In Bid for Early Release

1/22/2018 7:03 AM PST

Jared Fogle got no love from the judge who sentenced him to 15 years in prison ... ruling his legal arguments were BS.

Fogle had filed legal docs he prepared himself in the prison library, claiming Judge Tanya Pratt had no jurisdiction to even hear the criminal case because the sex crime charges required proof he traveled from one state to another to engage in sex acts with minors ... and he says everything was done in 1 state.

Judge Pratt begged to differ, repeatedly calling Fogle's argument "frivolous," saying federal law specifically covers his crimes.  

The judge invited him to appeal to a higher court, but made it clear ... that dog don't hunt. 

Joel McHale Aziz Ansari's Date Sounds Consensual to Me

1/22/2018 6:14 AM PST

Joel McHale is a staunch supporter of the #MeToo movement, but has big issues with allegations like the one leveled against Aziz Ansari.

We got Joel Sunday at the Sundance Film Festival when our photog asked about Aziz, who was a no-show Sunday night at the SAG Awards.

He's on the Ashleigh Banfield train ... saying it sounds like a bad date rather than sexual assault.

Joel seems to be saying a good number of the allegations against various Hollywood types are true, but not all, and he warns people not to jump to conclusions.

John Legend Trump and Lots of Republicans A Bunch of Racists

1/22/2018 7:16 AM PST

John Legend didn't hold back Sunday, saying Donald Trump's not the only racist in D.C. ... a bunch of Republicans are in his lily white boat.

John was strolling down a street at the Sundance Film Festival and he's praising Democrats for holding the line in the budget war that caused a government shutdown, saying they need to stand up to the man who referred to countries in Africa as well as Haiti as "shithole" countries.

Legend doesn't paint all Republicans with a racist brush, but he says there's a contingent that is squarely behind Trump's appalling comments.

Abby Lee Miller I'm Feeling Lighter For My Early Prison Release

1/22/2018 7:02 AM PST

What a load off Abby Lee Miller -- she's reportedly getting out of federal prison next month, and she'll be way lighter when she does it.

Abby posted a pic of herself and some friends -- looks like they were visiting her at the federal pen in Victorville, CA -- and her weight loss is obvious in the shot. There are reports she's lost about 100 pounds since entering prison in July.

You'll recall, she'd had gastric bypass surgery in April.

Abby's reportedly getting out on Feb. 20, and will immediately report to halfway house in Los Angeles. She says the dates aren't set yet, but says she's been a model citizen in prison, and she's looking forward to her new life on the outside. Prison officials tell us ... as of now, Abby is still scheduled to be released on June 21.

Steve-O I'm Engaged!!! And Have A Dream Wedding Idea!

1/22/2018 7:09 AM PST

Steve-O just might've pulled of the craziest stunt of his life ... he got engaged to his girlfriend, Lux Wright!!!

Steve-O popped the question Saturday night onstage at the end of a comedy special he was filming in Denver with his "Jackass" buddies and family in the audience, and when we got him Sunday at LAX he gave us a firsthand look at the ring he put on Lux.

If he sounds like a new man rather than the guy known for putting a black widow spider in his mouth for shits and giggles, just wait till you hear his dream wedding plans ...

Good luck, bro! We're rooting for you!

'Stranger Things' Kids Fat Joe, Cardi B Got Us Like ...

1/22/2018 6:50 AM PST

The kids from "Stranger Things" got in each other's face ... for an awesome dance-off!!!

The kiddos were getting down Sunday night at the Sunset Tower Hotel for the Netflix SAG Awards after-party ... and leading the way were Millie Bobby Brown and Gaten Matarazzo as Fat Joe's "Lean Back" blared from the speakers.

Actors Lonnie Chavis ("This is Us") and Marsai Martin ("Black-ish") also joined in on the fun. The kids went wild when Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" came on. Huge little fans for sure.

Khloe Kardashian Don't Forget Me ... 'KOKO Kollection' Makeup Coming

1/22/2018 1:00 AM PST

Khloe Kardashian wants get in on what appears to be the new family business -- aka makeup ... TMZ has learned.

Khloe has applied to trademark a couple different names for a cosmetic line she presumably plans to sell soon -- one is "KOKO Kollection by Khloe Kardashian" and the other is simply "KOKO Kollection."

The specific products she plans to hawk aren't clear just yet, but her application covers a broad range of makeup merch. 

As you'll recall ... Kourtney also recently applied to lock down her own line of cosmetics, which she wants to call "Kourt." Of course, Kim and Kylie are already booming in the biz ... looks like the sisters decided to band together on this endeavor, too.

Like they say -- the family that applies foundation together ... has a makeup empire together.

Tank Nothing Wrong with Offset Using Term 'Queer'

1/22/2018 6:48 AM PST

Tank is solidly behind Migos rapper Offset for using the term "Queer" on a track, saying the word is not always a slur against gay people.

We got Tank Sunday at LAX, and he bristled at the criticism over the track "Boss Life," which features Offset, saying the word is sometimes used in the rap game for people who aren't cool.

Fact is ... if you survey people on the word it's safe to say most would tell you it's a pejorative term against gay people.

That's certainly the way Kanye West felt 13 years ago when he appeared on MTV.

Drake Mega-Expensive Home Renovation ... YOLO!

1/22/2018 12:50 AM PST

Drake is giving his YOLO Estate a face-lift, and the scope of the project is massive. 

The Toronto rapper has been remodeling his Hidden Hills mansion since March 2017, according to building permits obtained by TMZ. As for the work he's putting into the place, here are some highlights:

-- Remodel of the 1,695 sq ft master bedroom, plus adding 98 more ft.

-- Addition to the maid's room and the deck that sits above it

-- New roofs on all structures, new stucco siding

-- 68 new windows(!!)

Some other notables include putting in all new doors, remodeling the kitchen and master bath, and adding a spa. The permits value the total job at $342,752 ... but Drake's likely to pay much more than that when it's all said and done.

Drake bought the home in 2012, and it's been broken into multiple times. Hopefully these doors come with better locks.

SAG Awards 2018 1st Ever Host, Lots O' Color & Franco ... Go Behind the Scenes

1/21/2018 7:04 PM PST

The 24th annual SAG Awards was a mixed bag -- with the Time's Up movement as a backdrop ... there were some things (and people) we didn't expect to see. 

For starters ... Kristen Bell served as the award show's first-ever host -- and she kicked off an all-female ensemble of presenters for the night ... most of whom spoke out in support of Time's Up.

James Franco was also in attendance, despite recently being accused of sexual misconduct. Aziz Ansari, on the other hand, skipped the show amid his own allegations.

Morgan Freeman called out a would-be talker during his Lifetime Achievement award speech ... and women appeared to abandon the wardrobe blackout they adopted at the Globes.

Like we said ... tons of surprises. Go behind the scenes to check out the rest. 

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