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Kim Kardashian Suspects Heavily Armed

1/13/2017 11:08 AM PST

0113-kim-kardashian-TMZ-01Charges have come in for 6 additional suspects arrested in Kim Kardashian's robbery case ... and one of the alleged robbers got slapped with an extra charge for having major firepower.

The 6 suspects are officially facing charges from the French authorities, including being in an organized gang, kidnapping and criminal association. The suspects' ages range 54-72 except for one ID'd only as Harminy ... who is just 29.

Other charges include acquiring and possessing ammunition, and impersonating and holding false administrative documents.

Finally, 70-year-old suspect known as Christiane G is charged with being head of complicity of robbery with weapon in an organized gang, complicity of abduction and sequestration, and possession of ammunition. He was also charged with possessing an AK-47.

These indictments come on the heels of 4 men being charged on Thursday.

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth You Forgot Purple

1/13/2017 10:50 AM PST

0113-miley-cyrus-liam-hemsworth-flaming-lips-party-photos-launchMiley Cyrus and fiance Liam Hemsworth were like a walking rainbow Thursday night as they headed into the Flaming Lips album release party, and only one color was MIA. 

Red? Check. Pink? Check. But no purple.

BTW ... Liam turns 27 Friday, so those hangover earrings she's wearing were likely just a premonition.

Bella Hadid Surfaces After The Weeknd & Selena Hookup ... Signs of Bad Blood?

1/13/2017 9:56 AM PST

If Bella Hadid's pissed about The Weeknd hooking up with Selena Gomez ... she's doing her best not to show it.

Bella touched down Thursday at LaGuardia -- the first time she's been seen in public since she unfollowed Selena on Instagram. That move made everyone think she's got beef with Selena and/or her ex-bf.

So check out her reaction when a photog fired off a few questions about the pics TMZ first posted of The Weeknd and Selena.

As every model knows ... never let 'em see you sweat.


'Quantico' Star Priyanka Chopra Rushed to ER After Set Accident

1/13/2017 9:53 AM PST

0113-priyanka-chopra-quantico-tmz-02"Quantico" star Priyanka Chopra will be out of commission for a while after a scary fall on the set of her hit show that landed her in the hospital ... TMZ has learned.

Sources on the set tell us Priyanka was rushed to the ER late Thursday night after she slipped and fell so hard on her head during a stunt, she suffered a concussion. We're told Priyanka was examined, treated and discharged a few hours later.

The ridiculously gorgeous actress -- who is resting at home -- was noticeably absent during a Friday event to promote the show.

A rep for Priyanka tells TMZ, "Yes, we can confirm there was a minor accident ... and [she] will return to work after the weekend."


Uma Thurman Custody Battle Doc Says Exes Can't Be Near Each Other

1/13/2017 9:19 AM PST
Breaking News


Uma Thurman's relationship with her ex-fiance is so toxic they shouldn't be in the same room together with their daughter ... according to a court-ordered psychologist.

Uma and Arpad Busson were in court Friday for their custody war over 4-year-old Luna, and Dr. Sara Weiss testified about the exes, saying Luna genuinely enjoys her time with Arpad ... but definitely shouldn't go longer than 7 days away from Uma.

She said Luna shows signs of separation anxiety -- and Uma even had to come pick her up once, due to a particularly bad meltdown while she was with Arpad.

But the doc added family bonding shouldn't be part of the girl's routine. As she put it, "I don't think these two people should be in the same room with Luna."

We broke the story ... Arpad filed legal docs asking a judge to prohibit Uma from taking their daughter to Europe while she shoots a movie. He wants Luna to stay put in NYC.

Uma Thurman Plop Goes the Pap!

1/13/2017 10:42 AM PST

Uma Thurman's custody hearing with her ex-fiance got off to a rocky start ... for the paparazzo trying to shoot her as she walked into court.

The video's pretty hilarious for everyone but the guy who went down ... hard. To her credit, Uma didn't laugh (out loud) and even took some time to help him up.

Friday the 13th is a real thing. At least for this poor guy.

Kim & Kanye 'Old School' Pics Shot At Kanye's Post-Hospital Hideout

1/13/2017 8:56 AM PST
Exclusive Details

0113-kim-kardashian-kanye-west-rick-rubin-house-launchKim Kardashian and Kanye West weren't just trying to look "middle class" in a photo set Kim recently released -- the shots are real and capture a challenging time for the family. 

Sources close to the couple confirm the pics were taken at music producer Rick Rubin's Malibu home. We're told Rick offered the pad up to Kanye post-hospitalization as a place to escape and get his mind right.

Our sources say he stayed at the sparsely furnished home on and off for a few weeks after he was discharged. Kim and the kids would stay there regularly as well.

Kim took a lot of heat on social media for the pics. Some people thought they were just trying to look "poor" -- but we're told the pics were simply captured during a crucial moment in their lives. 

Donald Trump Inauguration No 'My Way' with Paul Anka ... But It's Not Political

1/13/2017 8:37 AM PST

Donald Trump was going to get his way -- legendary "My Way" singer and songwriter Paul Anka performing on inauguration night, but Paul tells us he has to back out.

Paul says the Prez-elect is an old friend who also happens to love "My Way" and invited him to sing it at the Inaugural Ball. The way Paul described it to us ... it could have been THE moment of the night. He was even customizing the song for Trump.

It wasn't meant to be though. Paul explained why he won't be in D.C. next week. Although many artists are boycotting, he says he would have done it purely out of respect for the office.

Regrets? Sounds like Paul has at least one now.

Gwen Stefani Sued She Jacked My Fyah ... Says Hair Colorist

1/13/2017 8:16 AM PST

0113-gwen-stefani-pharrell-tmzGwen Stefani stole one of her hit songs from an L.A. rocker turned hairstylist ... according to the hair guy who's now suing.

The song's called "Spark the Fire" -- written by Gwen and her pal, Pharrell Williams, and released in 2014 -- but Richard Morrill says Gwen got the idea for it back in 1998 ... while he was coloring her hair. 

Besides his hair gig ... Morrill was also a singer/songwriter with a group called L.A.P.D. and they recorded a track called, "Who's Got My Lighter?" In the suit, he says he played it for Gwen when she came in to get her 'do done ... and she dug it.

So much so ... he says 18 years later she jacked his "Who's got my lightah? Who got the fire?" lyrics and switched 'em slightly, but close enough to feel cheated. He says Gwen's even admitted Pharrell wrote most of the song, and her only contribution was the "spark the fire" lines. 

Morrill's suing both hit makers for a cut of the $25 mil he says she's made off the track.

Y'know Pharrell's gotta be saying -- Not this crap again.

In other news...

AW :( Justin Bieber Reacts To Selena Gomez & The Weeknd Kissing

Is it too late now to say sorry?!


Justin Bieber I'm Sick but I'll Sing ... Not That You Asked

1/13/2017 6:51 AM PST

Justin Bieber had every excuse to spit mucus, but instead went with lyrics.

The Biebs hit up Doheny Room Thursday night in WeHo and gave the crowd a surprise performance ... despite having bronchitis.

He's a pro.


MLB's Matt Garza Blasts Jessica Chastain Over Birth Control 'It's Called Abstinence'

1/13/2017 6:30 AM PST
Breaking News

0113-matt-garza-jessica-chastain-GETTY-TMZ-01Jessica Chastain should quit her bitchin' about birth control costs and start preachin' about abstinence ... so says Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Matt Garza

Garza -- who has 6 kids -- went after the "Zero Dark Thirty" star after she tweeted about a Senate vote this week that struck down an amendment requiring insurance companies to pay for contraceptives. 

Chastain wrote, "#BirthControl is no longer covered by health insurance. Congrats USA, you're doing your part to keep women out of the work force. #smfh."

Garza no likey ... and responded, "It's called abstinence, a word that has been forgotten amongst this generation... it's the best contraceptive... #juatsayin."

So far, Chastain has yet to reply. 

In other news...

R. Kelly Gets ROASTED After Posting Super Bizarre Photo

What the heck was he thinking?! Twitter had a field day with this...


Kim Kardashian Here's How I Makeup in Dubai

1/13/2017 6:33 AM PST

0113-kim-kardashian-master-class-SNAPCHAT-02There wasn't an empty seat in the house as Kim Kardashian took the stage for pal and makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic's Master Class tutorial in Dubai.

The townsfolk came a callin' Thursday as Kim became a human canvas for her makeup guy who gave the crowd a tutorial. Everyone left pretty happy -- we're told Adore Cosmetics hooked up attendees with thousands of dollars worth of swag.

It's interesting ... Kim's wearing less makeup these days. Nonetheless, what goes on Kim's face is news in Dubai.

Mike Tyson Chris Brown Ain't Like Me ... No 1st Round K.O.

1/13/2017 6:08 AM PST

Soulja Boy is no Glass Joe -- Chris Brown won't be knocking his ass out in the 1st round ... so says Brown's coach Mike Tyson

Tyson gave his fight prediction for the big celebrity clash between Chris and Soulja -- and he gave Soulja A LOT lot more credit than most people are giving him.  

Tyson thinks there will be some real "scrappin" when the two throw down -- and predicts a great fight.

He's no Don King ... but credit to Tyson for hypin' the fight. 

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