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Wrestling Villain Ivan Koloff Dead at 74

2/18/2017 7:32 AM PST
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0218-Ivan-Koloff-facebookIvan Koloff, aka The Russian Bear who wrestled to fame for years as a supreme villain, has died.

Rick Flair posted the news Saturday morning. The 74-year-old Koloff had been battling liver cancer.

Koloff was a former WWWF World Heavyweight champion who fought the likes of Bruno Sammartino, Superstar Billy Graham and Bob Backlund. He was especially big in the 80's as Ronald Reagan challenged Russia on the world stage.

The news comes just 1 day after WWE Hall of Famer George "The Animal" Steele died from kidney failure.

Koloff's sister had started a Go Fund Me page to help pay for Ivan's medical expenses.


Larry Wilmore Tells Milo Yiannopoulos 'Go F*** Yourself'

2/18/2017 7:57 AM PST

Larry Wilmore stood up to a Breitbart senior editor who savagely trolled Leslie Jones ... telling him he can shove it where the sun don't shine.

The confrontation went down on Bill Maher's 'Real Time' show Friday night after Milo Yiannopoulos shouted Bill needs guests with higher IQs.

Check it out ... Larry jumps at the chance to unleash on Milo ... clearly furious Milo said earlier on the show Leslie is "barely literate."

Big Sean Attacked in Queens

2/18/2017 7:45 AM PST

Big Sean got a slap in the face -- literally -- at a CD signing in Queens, and the guy who did it is probably hurting today.

The incident went down Friday night at a record store.  It's unclear why the man attacked Sean, but it didn't matter to the rapper's bodyguards who took the guy down with dispatch. Cops took over and arrested the dude.

Big Sean confirmed as much when he tweeted about the incident ... saying it happened after signing the guy's CD.

President Trump Mar-a-Lago Protected from Planes, Drones and Rockets

2/18/2017 1:00 AM PST

0217-mar-a-lago-donald-trump-no-drones-fun-art-02President Trump's Winter White House is in an aerial bubble ... with major restrictions on drones and other aircraft flying within miles of Mar-a-Lago.

Drones cannot be flown within a 10 nautical mile radius of the area surrounding the president's estate, during the time he's there. When Trump leaves, people can fly drones only with prior FAA and airport approval.

Palm Beach International Airport is 2.5 miles away from Mar-a-Lago. Commercial and government flights will not be restricted, but private pilots will be put through the ringer. We're told before landing at PBI, private pilots must land at a nearby airport and get hardcore TSA screening, which includes ID verification, vetting of all pilots, crew and passengers, screening of baggage and airplane inspection.

Also, no firearms are allowed onboard.

And there's more. Each private pilot is given a "discreet code" -- a secret password -- that they must continuously squawk back to the PBI tower.

One more thing. While Trump is in town, no one can balloon, hang glide, skydive or tow a banner over the estate. Also, no rockets.

'Flip or Flop' Star Tarek El Moussa Now I Clean and Sell Houses ... Alone

2/18/2017 12:50 AM PST

0217-main-tarek-associates-tmz-05"Flip or Flop" star Tarek El Moussa's the only pretty mug you'll see on the flyer pimping his real estate biz ... Christina's apparently been kicked to the curb.

TMZ got its webbed hands on Tarek's ad that started circulating in the O.C. ... and he's flying solo. Tarek's now with Sotheby's ... and she's clearly not.

It's a big departure from they way they created their brand ... sort of like Sonny and Cher.

Tarek and Christina are putting on happy faces while they film their TV show ..but off-screen it's now The Sonny Show.


Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

2/18/2017 12:40 AM PST


Harrison Ford is under the FAA microscope after landing on a taxiway, and the 'Cash Me Ousside' girl has landed hard in Hollywood. So we gotta ask ... 

Ice Cube Kobe Would Never Get Oakley'd Staples Center Ban Is IMPOSSIBLE

2/18/2017 12:30 AM PST

Good news for Kobe ... he'll NEVER be shunned from Staples Center like Charles Oakley was from Madison Square Garden ... that's according to Ice Cube who says a Mamba ban is simply not possible.

Click here... it's not over yet

Shelly Sterling Tenant Sues You Fractured My Face!!!

2/18/2017 12:20 AM PST


Shelly Sterling's got a bush problem and she may be way beyond a landscaper solution.

Shelly's being sued by one of her tenants, claiming her shoddy yard work caused her severe injuries.

Franchesca Cacciapuoti says she tripped over a rose bush that sprouted onto the walkway and suffered a badly bruised face, as well as a fractured nose and finger.

The 84-year-old retiree says Shelly -- who runs the Sterling Family Trust which manages the building -- failed to properly maintain the walkway.

Cacciapuoti's lawyer, Arthur Liberty, says Shelly's gardeners were sloppy, cutting only a stem here and there rather than cutting them all down to the nub. Arthur says the area where Cacciapuoti tripped is dimly lit.

We've reached out to Shelly, but so far no word back.


TMZ Live Justin Bieber: Chugs Beers, Skips Depo

2/17/2017 10:45 PM PST

  • Beyonce: Pregnant Shopping Spree
  • Rosie O'Donnell vs Steve Bannon
  • Ryan Seacrest: The White Nick Cannon
  • Drake's Wild Day Off
In other news...

Jessica Biel CONFESSES To Eating Her Meals...WHERE?

This Can't Possibly Be Sanitary


What's The Big Frigin' Difference?!

2/17/2017 9:00 PM PST

0213_frigin_launchEmma Roberts looked cute as a button in these two well-coated candids ... put your fashion foot forward as you search for the differences between these almost identical stylish snaps.

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photographs!**

Joe Jonas Surprising Kid Cancer Patients With DNCE-THON

2/17/2017 5:01 PM PST

0217_DNCE_backstage_tmz_wmJoe Jonas and his DNCE mates are about to bust into a dance marathon for kids fighting cancer ... and turn the night into a full concert.

We got a pic of Joe and the band backstage Friday evening at THON ... the annual no sleep, no sit, 46 hour dance marathon on the Penn State campus. The event raises millions for cancer research, and this year organizers planned the DNCE surprise.

We're told Joe and co. plan to coolly walk out while the kids are doing a lip-synch battle to "Cake By The Ocean" -- and then launch into a 45 minute set.

Great gig for DNCE and a great cause.

update_graphic_red_barSurprise went off without a hitch! Check the moves on that Nittany Lion.

Brooklyn Beckham Snowboarding Fail! How I Broke My Collarbone

2/17/2017 4:41 PM PST
Breaking Bones

Brooklyn Beckham's collarbone snapped while he was hotdoggin' it on his snowboard, and lucky for him -- and us -- he was recording the disastrous run. 

David and Victoria's model kid was cruising downhill in Whistler when he wiped out, and once you see the break happen ... it's hard not to grimace.

0217_Brooklyn-Beckham_collerbone_instagramThe 17-year-old posted the X-ray he got at a local hospital. The only thing Brooklyn's gonna be modeling for several weeks is sling.

Gnarly, bro!


MLB Stars Get Iconic 'Walking Dead' Weapon Meet Lucille

2/17/2017 3:31 PM PST

ZOMBIES, BEWARE ... a couple of MLB stars just got some heavy-duty undead killing weaponry in the form of Lucille, the iconic barbed wire covered baseball bat from "The Walking Dead."

BTW -- if you don't watch 'TWD' (which you should), Lucille is wielded by the ultimate scumbag/badass Negan ... and was used in one of the most brutal scenes in television history earlier this season.

That brutality didn't stop J.D. Martinez of the Tigers and Yasiel Puig of the Dodgers from fanning out when replicas of Lucille were delivered to their team's spring training earlier Friday, courtesy of the show's production.

R.I.P. to Glenn and Abraham.


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