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Blake Griffin Crushes Comedy Set ... But, All Eyes on Kendall

12/8/2017 11:38 AM PST
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Blake Griffin lit it up at his comedy show Thursday night in Hollywood ... but rumored GF Kendall Jenner kinda stole the show -- even though she never got onstage.

Blake -- bad knee and all -- toughed it out to raise funny money at "Comedy by Blake" ... bringing in big-name comics like John Mulaney, Norm Macdonald and Whitney Cummings for the charity event at The Avalon. 

Griffin once again proved he's got jokes -- the crowd ate it up. 

Cummings gave the Clippers superstar high praise for his mic work -- "Everyone's like, 'Oh, he's funny for a basketball player. I'm like, 'No, he's like funny for a comedian!'" 

But none of the comics could hold a candle to Kendall ... whose sheer black top SLAYED the red carpet before the show.

Nothing funny about that joint. Just pure hotness. 

FYI, a lot of Blake's NBA bros came through too ... including teammates DeAndre Jordan, Lou Williams, Wesley Johnson and Sam Dekker.

Charles Manson Grandson Files Probate Docs Manson's Body Still On Ice

12/8/2017 10:13 AM PST

Charles Manson's grandson has filed legal docs to handle his notorious grandfather's estate and presumably take possession of his body.

Jason Freeman filed the docs asking the court to appoint the guy he's selected to decide how to deal with any assets Manson left behind and how to dispose of his body.

Freeman claims Manson died without a will, and that sets up a legal fight because Michael Channels claims he has a valid will that Manson wrote and appointed him executor. Channels says he developed a friendship with the murderer over the years.

As for Freeman, his dad was Charles Manson Jr., but he understandably changed his name to Charles White. White killed himself in 1993 with a gunshot to the head. 

In the meantime, Manson's body still lies in the custody of Kern County.

Jerry Sandusky's Son Gets Prison In Child Sex Abuse Case

12/8/2017 11:11 AM PST
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Jerry Sandusky's 42-year-old son is following in his father's shameful footsteps -- he was ALSO just sentenced to serve time in prison after pleading guilty in his child sex abuse case. 

Officials say Jeffrey Sandusky requested nude and sexually explicit photos from underage girls -- 2 sisters. 

Cops say Jeffrey asked one of the underage girls to send a pic of her "taking a piss."

Sandusky eventually pled guilty to 14 criminal counts including solicitation of child porn -- and Friday, he was sentenced to 3 to 6 years in state prison. He was facing up to 8 years. 

He's also required to register as a Tier 3 sex offender -- which is the highest level in Pennsylvania. 

Jeffrey's dad, Jerry Sandusky, is currently serving a 30 to 60 year sentence for sexually assaulting young boys while he was a football coach at Penn State. 

Roy Moore's Alleged Victim Fires Back with Handwriting Expert

12/8/2017 10:44 AM PST
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One of Roy Moore's accusers says she has evidence proving the Republican U.S. Senate candidate knew her before he allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Beverly Young Nelson was flanked by her lawyer, Gloria Allred, at a news conference in Atlanta Friday and distributed a report from an expert which concludes the signature in Nelson's yearbook is that of Moore.

As we reported ... Nelson alleges Moore flirted with her when she was a waitress and signed her yearbook. She then alleges Moore offered her a ride home after one of her shifts but instead drove her to the back of the restaurant and attempted to force her to perform oral sex.

Moore has denied Nelson's allegations and went as far as to say he doesn't know her.

Danielle Bregoli You Won't Cash Me Inside Harvard

12/8/2017 10:26 AM PST

You won't see Danielle Bregoli hitting any Harvard dorm parties with Malia Obama anytime soon because the rumors she's got a scholarship to the Ivy League school are bogus.

We got Danielle in NYC Friday where she laughed at the thought of Harvard being in her future. The rumor started to float after she shared a pic of herself holding a Harvard "Future Freshman" t-shirt with a caption teasing she had a full ride. Sounds unbelievable since she's only 14 ... and there are even more compelling reasons why it's unbelievable. 

A Flo Rida collab sounds more in the cards for the aspiring rapper, but Danielle tells us she's got reasons to shut that down too.

Surfer Bros Fight for H'Wood Hills Ragers ... C'mon, City Council Dudes!

12/8/2017 9:46 AM PST

L.A.'s crackdown on Hollywood Hills house parties isn't sitting well with a couple of surfer bros who crashed a city council meeting, and punked the hell outta the old dudes.

Self-proclaimed "activist and house party enthusiast" Chad Kroeger addressed the city council this week to fight for the rights of his people, and stop the "future atroxity" of outlawed ragers. His impassioned plea was rudely interrupted. Some city council guy wasn't digging his story, apparently.

It's all good, though ... Chad's pal, JT, stepped to the mic and made an even bigger point on behalf of parties, saying they're good for the whole damn country.

If this all sounds like a joke, that's only because it is. "Chad" and "JT" did this earlier this year in San Clemente, CA ... where they fought for a 12-foot Paul Walker statue.

Yes, they're comedians and, if nothing else, they're making boring-ass city council meetings way more entertaining.

Keep fighting the good fight, bros.

Chris Brown My Baby Girl's Monkeyin' Around!

12/8/2017 8:54 AM PST

Chris Brown could've done a puppy or kitten, but instead he went exotic for Royalty's early Christmas gift, and hooked her up with ... a brand new monkey!!!

Chris' daughter got cozy with her gift, cradling what looks like a baby capuchin monkey. Dad joked with Royalty that her new "baby" would get bigger than her -- which seems like maybe a good reason NOT to give her a monkey.

But for now, it is super cute ... especially when it's this tiny and in diapers.

Royalty seems stoked, but a lot of fans let Chris have it on social media -- pointing out the exotic pet is better off in the wild, instead of his home.

Bryan Singer Talks Firing From 'Bohemian Rhapsody' And Fate of Kevin Spacey

12/8/2017 1:00 AM PST

Bryan Singer was shockingly candid and patient with our photog, who asked him a wide range of questions, from sexual assault allegations, to getting fired from "Bohemian Rhapsody" to allegations involving an actor he made famous -- Kevin Spacey.

We got Singer Thursday coming out of Mel's Drive-In in WeHo and started the conversation by asking about getting 86'd from the flick about Freddie Mercury and Queen. He says at first the firing had nothing to do with the various sexual assault allegations. He says he never got a straight answer from the studio, but a few minutes later certainly suggests the firing was connected to the allegations, saying the studio wouldn't offer a public explanation because "the reason would be, in my opinion, inaccurate and embarrassing."

As for Kevin Spacey, he says actor Gabriel Byrne is just dead wrong when he says "The Usual Suspects" was shut down for a time because of Spacey's behavior. But, when our photog asked if he'd work with Spacey again, Singer said it was a "loaded question."

Finally, Singer says a lawsuit against the studio that just fired him is an option he's considering. 

Ric Flair Admits Hardcore Drinking Binge Hours Before Intestines Ruptured

12/8/2017 8:30 AM PST
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Ric Flair is now admitting he had been boozing HARD all day and night in the hours before his medical emergency in August ... and credits his fiancee with saving his life. 

"I had been drinking ... shocker, yeah," Flair said on WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Morton's podcast.

"A friend of mine came in town from Dallas and we had been out all day the day before (the emergency) and again in the morning before I flew back."

Hours later, Flair says ... "I got this really sharp pain in my stomach."

Flair says doctors told him his intestine had "broken open ... and that's the last thing I remember."

Flair had previously said that decades of heavy drinking led to the medical emergency -- but we had no idea he was on a binge earlier that day. 

The pro wrestling legend was put into a medically induced coma while doctors scrambled to save his life. Flair says he doesn't remember a single thing from the 11 days he was on life support ... "I just dreamt."

After he woke up, Flair says he was in such bad shape physically that he couldn't walk or twist the top off a Gatorade bottle ... and went to physical therapy to work on his motor skills. 

Now, Flair is pretty much back to his old self -- and thanks his fiancee, Wendy, for being by his side throughout the entire ordeal. 

In other news...

Azealia Banks & Remy Ma Battle It Out on Instagram

This Feud Is Getting Nasty!


Police Involved Shooting Body Cam Shows 'Execution' of Daniel Shaver ... Ex-Officer Found Not Guilty

12/7/2017 8:53 PM PST
Breaking News

Police body cam footage shows the moment a Mesa, AZ police officer gunned down an unarmed man in a hotel hallway -- a shooting where the jury found the officer not guilty of 2nd degree murder.

The 2016 shooting happened in a hotel where police were responding to a report of someone pointing a gun out a window. Philip Brailsford was one of the responding officers, and in this video you see and hear the cops barking out commands to a man, Daniel Shaver, and woman the moment they walk out of their room.

While attempting to take Shaver into custody ... Brailsford fired his AR-15 five times, shooting and killing the 26-year-old. Brailsford, who is no longer on the force, was on trial for 2nd degree murder and reckless manslaughter -- until the jury returned not guilty verdicts Thursday on both counts.

Mark Geragos represented Shaver's family and described the shooting as "an execution, pure and simple. The justice system miserably failed Daniel and his family."

This footage was critical in the trial, and was released hours after the verdict. In it, you see Shaver on his knees, begging cops not to shoot him. After struggling to follow some of Brailsford's directions ... he starts crawling toward the officers as commanded. 

Brailsford testified he opened fire because it appeared Shaver was reaching for a weapon. 

And this is interesting, though not admitted in the case -- Brailsford's AR-15 rifle had the words "You're fucked" inscribed on the side of it.

The judge did not allow that to be entered as evidence, saying it was too prejudicial.

GQ Men of the Year Party Celebs Galore!!!

12/8/2017 7:56 AM PST

You can expect 2 things from GQ's Men of the Year party -- TONS of celebs, and all of them dressed to the nines.

We got a bunch heading into Thursday night's shindig at L.A.'s Chateau Marmont -- from "This is Us" star Justin Hartley and John Legend to Kate Beckinsale and Machine Gun Kelly.

Pics from inside the bash are crazy too ... Snoop, Kid Ink, Terry Crews, Matthew Broderick, Wiz Khalifa, and Jesse Williams are just some of the others who cleaned up for the party.

Laila Ali Praises Kaepernick 'Wonderful' He Got Muhammad Ali Award

12/8/2017 6:04 AM PST

Laila Ali thinks it's GREAT Colin Kaepernick received the special award named after her father -- but she ain't exactly ready to call him the modern day Muhammad Ali

FYI, the winner of the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award is selected by representatives of Sports Illustrated and the Ali family to "honor a figure who embodies the ideals of sportsmanship, leadership and philanthropy and has used sports as a platform for changing the world."

"Isn't that wonderful?" Laila told TMZ Sports when asked about Colin ... "He has my 100% stamp of approval."

We then said, "People are calling him the modern day Muhammad Ali. Do you agree?"

She kinda gave us a look ... and said, "I think it's good he got the award though."

Some props better than no props -- right? 

'Last Jedi' Director Rian Johnson Carrie Fisher's Dog Honored in Flick He's Fam!!!

12/8/2017 7:17 AM PST

Carrie Fisher's dog was such an adorable companion on the set of 'Last Jedi' it was only a matter of time until the 'Star Wars' flick paid homage to him.

'Last Jedi' director Rian Johnson was at LAX Thursday and he tells our guy exactly why Gary the Dog inspired a character in the highly-anticipated movie. It's easy to see how Gary's likeness charmed his way onto the big screen ... he had us herehere and here.

Rian swears he's told no one about the plot points ... but Ram Bergman confesses he spilled the beans here and there.

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