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Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa

Sure We’ll Be Your DJ ...

If the Price is Right

5/19/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne
and Wiz Khalifa  are going into a new business -- DJing -- and they're charging a lot for rank amateurs.

We're told Wayne and Khalifa have been inspired by Snoop's foray into spinning, and they've now set their price ... Wayne will play your songs for $60k and Khalifa is asking a more reasonable $25k.

Of course, they're also demanding the usual perks, including 1st class air travel and VIP treatment.

They've both already booked gigs and are on the hunt for more. Wiz even has a new name -- his DJ name is DJ Daddy Cat. 

Their first appearance is the OC hot spot Heat.


Guess Who This

Smiling Little Sweety


5/19/2015 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0514_guess_cute_girl_lauchBefore this grinning little girl was known for being a pretty little actress in Hollywood she was just another cute little kid saying cheese for her school photos in Ontario. Can you guess who she is?!


TMZ Live

Robin Thicke:

My Puppy's a Stoner!

5/18/2015 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

  • Kanye West's Disastrous Billboard Performance
  • Drake & Diddy Settle Their Beef
  • Jay Z is Lashing Out at Critics
  • Mama June's Wild Strip Club Adventure

‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’

Emergency Ratchet Meeting ...

Cast Told No More Fights

5/18/2015 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


"Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" has more punches than Mayweather-Pacquiao, but the show’s producers are dead serious about putting an end to all the fighting ... even if it pisses off fans. Collective WTF, right?

Production sources tell us the ATL ladies and gents were forced to sign docs agreeing to put their manicured claws (and fists) away ... after major advertisers started complaining. Show execs flew to Atlanta 2 weeks ago to lay down the law.

We're told all cast members who brawl during taping will be cut from the episode without pay and suspended. They could also face possible termination.

It's a risky move, since 'LHHA' has become VH1's most popular show, by far -- and let's face it, fights are part of its winning formula. 

But the threat of hardcore punishment seems to be working. We hear the cast has resorted to screaming matches because nobody wants to lose their money -- the definition of a true thug.

Robin Thicke

Pot Treats for Puppy ...

No Bueno! [TMZ TV]

5/18/2015 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robin Thicke and GF April Love Geary’s dog needed to visit the vet after the little guy somehow got into someone's marijuana stash. Hmm, wonder how that happened?

In any event, Bincy's totally mellow now and doing fine ... if he could just kick those munchies!tmz-on-tv-3

WWE Legend Scott Hall


... Allegedly Hammered, Again

5/18/2015 2:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall was physically escorted out of a wrestling event in NJ this weekend ... after promoters say the recovering substance abuser was way too hammered to do his job. 

Hall has battled drug and alcohol issues for years ... but had teamed up with some other wrestling legends in recent years in a public effort to clean himself up. 

Which is why the people at the Skate and Surf Music Festival in Asbury Park, NJ were so disappointed Saturday when Hall appeared to be wasted ... hours before he was supposed to host a meet and greet with fans. 

According to our sources, Hall was given multiple chances to sober up ... but never did. Organizers told Hall to leave ... but he refused, demanding to be paid. 

Eventually, security stepped in and escorted Hall off the property.  

The event promoter, Ricky Otazu, tells TMZ Sports, "The event was too well run for us to make a fool of ourselves by allowing him to appear. We will no longer be associated with him until he gets his life in order."

Hall was arrested in 2012 for allegedly choking his girlfriend during a drunken rage and was sentenced to 10 days behind bars for a 2010 DUI arrest

We made several efforts to reach Hall for comment -- and even called his close friends and family members -- but so far, no word from the wrestling star.   


In other news...

Her Famous Ex-Boyfriend Hit Rock Bottom

You probably forgot about the seven-year relationship Sarah Jessica Parker had with this A-list celebrity until drugs and alcohol came between them.


Big Ang

Please, Take My Husband …

I’ll Take Your Divorcee

5/18/2015 11:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0518-tmz-big-ang-geroge-hamilton-fruit-TMZ-01Big Ang isn't going to let throat cancer surgery get in the way of her yucking it up with George Hamilton for the new season of "Wife Swap." 

We got a pic of the "Mob Wives" star enjoying a polo match with her fellow swapee over the weekend. Weird thing is George is being shipped off by his ex-wife Alana Stewart ... to whom he hasn't been married for nearly 40 years. But reality TV beggars can’t be choosers.

While Big Ang's husband hit up the Big Apple with Alana, George and Ang enjoyed champagne and strawberries in the L.A. area.

As for the polo match ... we're sure Ang tried her best to humor George and learn the sport -- or at least to give a crap for one afternoon. 



Jennifer Lopez

Smartphone Disses Mariah's BMA Performance

5/18/2015 8:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez threw a ton of shade at Mariah Carey ... by burying her head in her smartphone while MC was hitting high notes onstage at the Billboard Music Awards -- and the video is epic.

You've gotta see it -- while Mariah was singing "Infinity" ... J. Lo was casually scrolling through her phone, barely even glancing at the stage.

Even as Taylor Swift and the rest of the audience burst into applause for Mimi ... J.Lo chatted up Casper Smart from their front row seats. Jennifer's no fool though -- when the house lights went up at the end of Mimi's act, then and only then did she give her a hand. 

It's hysterical -- you get the feeling Mariah could have been on fire and J.Lo wouldn't give a crap.



Robin Thicke

Party's Over...

I’m Chillin' Out in Malibu

5/18/2015 1:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0518-robin-thicke-house-MLS-01The evolution of Robin Thicke continues … TMZ has learned the singer just dropped $2.4 million on a quiet equestrian compound in Malibu. 

The 4-bedroom mid-century home is a real change of pace -- boasting ocean views, 60 fruit trees, and a 4-stall horse corral ... it's a long ways from the party pad where he and Paula Patton used to live.

The new place doesn't even have a pool. On the other hand, it was recently retrofitted for earthquake safety ... so, his insurance premiums will be lower. Soooo sexy.

If you recall, Thicke sold his West Hollywood crib for nearly $5 million -- an astounding $1.9 mil more than his asking price. Looks like Robin's finally mellowing out. 

His puppy must be sharing all that weed.

In other news...

Ludacris' Pregnant Wife Exposes Baby Bump In Sheer Top

Ludacris' new wife is totally embracing that beautiful baby bump!


Warren Sapp

Guilty In Hooker Case

... Cuts Amazing Plea Deal

5/18/2015 11:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0518-warren-sapp-mug-shotWarren Sapp has pled GUILTY in his Arizona prostitution case -- but he (probably) won't spend another day behind bars thanks to an INCREDIBLE deal he made with prosecutors ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

We broke the story ... Sapp was arrested in Phoenix on February 2nd after admitting he paid 2 women $300 each to perform sex acts on him in his hotel room. Sapp was charged with solicitation and assault for allegedly roughing up the women after a fight over money.  

Now, we've learned Sapp agreed to plead GUILTY to one count of solicitation and one count of assault and in exchange he must complete 2 counseling programs -- the first is a "Prostitution Solicitation Diversion Program" ... the 2nd is essentially an anger management course.  

If Sapp FAILED to complete the prostitution program in 160 days -- he faced up to 30 days in jail. 

The good news for Warren ... he already completed the program and the hooker charge will most likely be dropped. 

As for the assault conviction, Warren is still working on completing that counseling program ... if he doesn't, he faces 30 days in jail and 2 years probation. But that's probably just a matter of time at this point. 

Sapp has also been ordered to pay restitution to the two prostitutes ... $150 to Quying Boyd and $1,171.24 to Britney Osbourne. 

All things considered, it's a GREAT deal for Sapp. 


Billboard Music Awards

'He's Kanye!

What Are We Supposed to Do?'

5/18/2015 6:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kanye West totally blindsided Billboard Music Awards producers when he performed the n-word laced version of his hit, "All Day" ... and forced the censors to stand on the audio dump button. 

Production sources at the award show tell TMZ ... Kanye never did a dress rehearsal of the song, so they just expected him to be on his best behavior, and perform a clean version. One source said, "He knew it was national TV." 

We're guessing that's exactly the point, and Kanye knew exactly what he was doing.

Think about it ... his closing act is the one everyone's talking about -- even though they couldn't hear or see most of it.

The production source told us ... "He's Kanye. What are we supposed to do?"

By the way, Kanye not doing a dress rehearsal isn't THAT odd. Mariah Carey also skipped hers ... and several sources told us that's just what happens for top of the A-list acts. 

In other news...

Kim Kardashian's Daughter North West Looks Adorable As Minnie Mouse

North West dolled up as Minnie Mouse?!

Cutest. Thing. Ever.


Bruce Jenner

I'm Going to Be Full Woman

Surgery Scheduled

5/18/2015 6:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Jenner says he will fully become a woman, and strongly intimates he will have sexual reassignment surgery this spring.

Bruce was not 100% clear, but strongly suggested he's going under the knife.  

You've gotta listen to the whole thing ... he flip flops a bit, first telling Kim he's going all the way with the transition, and then talking about surgically tweaking his facial features. 

But in context, it sounds like the conversations -- shot months ago for "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" -- are about sexual reassignment surgery, but on the other hand it could be Bruce and the girls are simply talking past each other.

You also see in the clip how Khloe is having trouble handling it. Kim, on the other hand, is strong and even confronts Bruce about full disclosure.


'Mad Men' Creator

Ducks Big Draper Coke Question

After the Finale

5/18/2015 9:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Mad Men" fans woke up Monday feeling like 'Sopranos' fans did 8 years ago -- an ambiguous final scene made it SEEM like Don Draper created the iconic Coke commercial ... and the show's creator is keeping the mystery going. 

We got Matt Weiner and Christopher Stanley (who played Betty's second husband) outside the show's wrap party -- and put the big Draper question to them.

If you missed it ... the final shots of the series showed Don finally reaching a point of clarity in his life -- cut to black (a la 'Sopranos') ... and then the legendary "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke" commercial rolls. 

So, did DD clean up his act, and make the epic ad -- or was it just symbolic of the kind of manufactured feelings Draper was famous for creating throughout the series? 

Stanley tries to give us an opinion, before Weiner crushed his groove. Check it out.

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