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Model Sarah Stage

See, My BIG Baby Had ...

Plenty of Womb

4/16/2015 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0417-main-sarah-stage-baby-sunofhollywood-instagram-01People don't want to believe model Sarah Stage gave birth to an 8 lb. baby -- especially since her belly only looked like it had a quarter pounder with cheese in it -- but here's photo proof of the big guy.

Sarah's son, James, is looking totally comfy and snug after his arrival on Tuesday. As we first told you ... James weighed in at 8 lbs. 7 oz, and 22 inches ... all above average measurements for newborns.

Sarah stirred controversy, disbelief, and probably some hatred -- when she posted selfies looking super skinny for any woman ... much less one who was 8-9 months pregnant.

We get the feeling she didn't mind the heat -- at least based on that lingerie pic she posted ... just HOURS before she officially attained MILF status. 



Gwyneth Paltrow

The Chicken Made Me Do It!!

Fails at Being Poor

4/16/2015 1:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Gwyneth Paltrow lasted 4 days as a poor person, caving to cravings that included chicken and black licorice.

The Goopster attempted to live on $29 a week, like someone on food stamps. Her food selections were not exactly the staple of the needy -- cilantro, avocados, scallions, kale and limes.

But it all went to hell when she just had to have chicken, fresh vegetables and more. She posted on Goop, "in fully transparency ... half a bag of black licorice."

Gwyneth gave herself a C minus.

On Wednesday, her rep said ..."She already finished the challenge last week." The rep never mentioned she fell 3 days short.

But Gwyneth herself admits she's really bad at poor.



'Love & Hip Hop' Star Jhonni Blaze

Co-Star Throws Shade ...

Helps Spread Stripper Fight Vid

4/16/2015 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What do you think "Love & Hip Hop: New York" star Jhonni Blaze is more pissed about -- the fact a video of her catching an ass whupping is going viral ... or the fact one of her co-stars helped spread it?

The video is from Jhonni's stripper days back in Houston ... a few years ago, and shows her in an epic fight with another stripper. All you need to know is Jhonni (who used to bang Drake) is the one on the ground ... so the clip is far from flattering to her.

As for why the video just surfaced ... Jhonni recently talked smack about being a badass on the 'LHHNY' reunion show -- so a fan of Moniece Slaughter (Jhonni's nemesis) dug up the clip to shame JB. Moniece was delighted and even reposted the clip ... though she eventually deleted it.

In the end, it doesn't really matter why -- it's a great video. Watch and enjoy.


Investigating Reporter

Who Berated Tow Truck Employee [UPDATE]

4/16/2015 12:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

update_graphic_red_bar2:10 PM PT -- ESPN just suspended McHenry for one week.

1:30 PM PT -- McHenry issued an apology on Twitter, saying, "In an intense and stressful moment, I allowed my emotions to get the best of me and said some insulting and regrettable things. As frustrated as I was, I should always choose to be respectful and take the high road. I am so sorry for my actions and will learn from this mistake."

update_grey_gray_barESPN tells TMZ Sports ... the network has launched an investigation into reporter Britt McHenry -- after footage surfaced showing her recently BERATING a towing company employee.  

The footage is shocking -- appearing to show McHenry GOING OFF on a worker while trying to get her car out of an impound lot in Virginia ... ripping the worker's appearance, education and financial status.

Oh, and she dropped the epic, "I’m in the news sweetheart, I will f***ing sue this place."

ESPN tells us, "We are aware of the recent exchange between Britt McHenry and a towing company employee. We are now reviewing the matter with her."

Kim Richards

Arrested In Bev Hills

Allegedly Drunk, Kicked Police Officer

4/16/2015 11:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0416-kim-richards-tmz-01Kim Richards was arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel early Thursday morning -- after allegedly going on a drunken rampage and kicking a police officer ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us ... Richards had been hanging out at the famous Polo Lounge inside the hotel and was asked to leave because she was too hammered and being "unruly." 

We're told Richards went to a bathroom and refused to come out. Cops were called to the scene and we're told they had to "drag her out" of the bathroom.

Richards -- who has struggled with substance abuse in the past -- was reportedly belligerent, slurring her speech and reeked of booze. 

We're told Kim was taken to a nearby jail -- where she allegedly kicked a police officer. 

She's been charged with trespass, resisting arrest, battery on a police officer and drunk in public. 

Cops issued a citation to Richards -- and she was later released.

Richards' sobriety was called into question on the recent "Real Housewives" reunion special -- when Lisa Rinna suggested that Kim was on something during a car ride earlier in the season.

Kim had admitted that she had taken a pain pill -- but was adamant she had not fallen off the wagon. 

Tyrese Gibson

Hands Off Cookie, Terrence...

I'm Coming to 'Empire' (Maybe)

4/16/2015 11:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tyrese Gibson thinks Terrence Howard has been a good opening act, but it's time for the headliner -- Tyrese himself -- to join "Empire" and reunite with Taraji P. Henson.

Tyrese told our photog what he thought of Henson -- aka Cookie Lyon -- saying it would "break the Internet" if he joined the ever-growing list of guest stars for Season 2. Sounds like he's more than interested.

Gibson and Henson definitely have a hot history -- they met on the set of "Baby Boy" back in 2001 and then sparks flew off set. Check out Tyrese's take on a possible reunion ... think black 'Notebook.'

Watch your back, Lucious.

In other news...

You'd Never Guess Sheryl Crow's
Age In This Mini Skirt

Sheryl Crow looks as though she hasn't aged a day since releasing her first album back in 1993.


Britney Spears

Drops F-Bomb

on Rude Fan

4/16/2015 6:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

update_graphic_red_bar10:45 AM PT -- It now sounds like the guy who said "fat bitch" is so far back there's no way Britney could have heard him. So the question ... what happened that pissed her off so much? Several sources who work on the show tell TMZ, they believe Britney was reacting to a comment someone made in the audience, but they don't know what was said.

Check out the video closely. It looks like the music may have started late ... so that's a possible trigger as well. But no one is saying definitively.update_grey_gray_bar

Britney Spears stood up for herself Wednesday night during her show, when someone in the audience apparently called her a "fat bitch."

A guy standing next to the mic says "fat bitch", and you can clearly hear Britney say ... "f***ing asshole."

It's interesting on several levels. Critics of her show say she walks through her performance like a robot, but this clip clearly shows Britney's antennas are up.

Plus, her mic was on ... during a song!!!     

And she doesn't take crap from random people.  Are you listening Sam Lutfi?


Sen. Pat Roberts

'Frozen' and Humiliated

Disney Ringtone Interrupts Sen. Hrg.

4/16/2015 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

This is the ONLY way to make a Senate Finance Committee hearing interesting -- and even hysterical -- just have the "Frozen" soundtrack suddenly blare from the phone of 78-year-old Senator Pat Roberts.

Yeah, that just happened.

Roberts was in the middle of one of those normally boring and stiff Senate hearings when his phone started ringing ... and "Let It Go" echoed through the chamber.

Watch ... Roberts fumbled for his phone, but the damage was done.

We called the Kansas Senator's office ... and his communications director said the ringtone is for his grandkids. He's got 5 of 'em. She quickly pointed out he also has Johnny Cash's "I Walk the Line" as a ringtone.

Okay, Senator. As you said ... just let it go.


Suge Knight

Now I Can Make Bail!!!

4/16/2015 9:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


update_graphic_red_bar11:30 AM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Suge was rushed to the hospital following the hearing for an unspecified emergency. It's the second time in less than a month he was hospitalized after a hearing.
update_grey_gray_bar Suge Knight just got a big break ... the judge in his murder case drastically reduced his bail, and it looks like bail is now doable. 

The judge second-guessed his decision to set bail at $25 million, and lowered it this morning to $10 mil.

Suge's lawyer, Matthew Fletcher, tells us, he now thinks Suge can make bail ... as early as today.

And good news for Suge on another front. The judge dropped 1 of the hit-and-run counts in the fatal Tam's parking lot collision.

The bad news for Suge ... the judge didn't drop the murder or attempted murder counts. 


In other news...

Kylie Jenner Kicked Off Coachella Part 2 With A Boob Window Bikini

Kylie Jenner turned heads when she showed up to Coachella this past weekend rocking a boob-window bikini!


Cody Simpson

Let Me Be Blunt

I Smoke Weed

4/16/2015 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cody Simpson Smokes Weed

Cody Simpson just proved he is like most 18-year-olds ... the dude likes to light up.

The singer uploaded a photo Wednesday showcasing a stash of joints, enhancing it with a palm tree.

Simpson almost immediately deleted the pic but then left a big clue. He started posting pics from inside a music studio, so something tells us he was trying to get in his creative zone.

Simpson has a squeaky clean image and the photo set off a red alert to his teen fans. One tweeted "DON'T SMOKE WEED!!!!!". 

Here's the reality. In 2015 if all you do is smoke weed you're still kinda squeaky clean, right?




Bravo Star Geneva Thomas

Gets Off Light

In Bottle Attack Case

4/16/2015 9:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Blood, Sweat and Heels" star Geneva Thomas should be thankful she's kept a clean record until now ... because it saved her ass big time in her bottle-cracking assault case.

Thomas pled guilty Thursday morning to third degree assault -- a reduced charge -- and got 10 days community service. We're told she was eligible for the plea deal because she has no criminal record. 

As TMZ first reported, Thomas was arrested in October for attacking co-star Melyssa Ford ... cracking her in the head with a vodka bottle.  

Thomas also has to stay out of trouble for a year, and stay away from Ford .. unless they're shooting the show. That clause seems risky, since that's when they'd be most likely to fight. The bottle incident happened while they were taping.

Side note: The guilty plea might make it difficult for Geneva to win the defamation suit she filed against Melyssa for calling her a violent criminal.

Chrissy Teigen

Calls Out Racist Hater ...

You Don't Know Stereotypes!

4/16/2015 8:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0416-chrissy-teigen-tmz-02Chrissy Teigen got into it with a racist heckler on the street -- and then gave the guy a verbal smackdown ... with the best comeback.

Chrissy says she was walking in West Hollywood this morning when she dropped her sunglasses -- and some guy shouted out a racist slur for Asians, saying ... "f**king ch**ks always dropping s**t."

She says she acknowledged the comment and the jackass responded with more racism ... or attempted racism, anyway.

Gotta love Chrissy's response though. She tweeted, "like that's not even a stereotype. get your shit together. What a bad racist."

Chrissy 1, Racism 0

Lady Antebellum

Tour Bus Bursts Into Flames

4/16/2015 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

update_graphic_red_barGarland PD tells TMZ the fire was caused when the right front tire on the bus blew out.update_grey_gray_barLady Antebellum singer Hillary Scott had to flee from her tour bus when the whole thing went up in flames Thursday morning in Texas.

The group was heading to Dallas for the Country Music Awards when the fire broke out. Hillary says it started when one of the bus' back tires lit up.


Hillary says she was on board with her husband, tour manager and driver -- but they all managed to get off safely. Firefighters are still on scene clearing up debris from the interstate.

Still unclear why the tire caught on fire -- and authorities haven't confirmed that's what really caused the blaze. 


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