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Stars and Scars

You Be the Judge

12/13/2014 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The week started out with a bang when Diddy socked Drake and landed him in the ER, and Angelina got ripped apart in a Sony leak. So we gotta ask ...


Casper Smart

Screw J. Lo

I'm Fully Booked

12/13/2014 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casper Smart Movie
Casper Smart doesn't need Jennifer Lopez to make it in Hollywood ... he's been working with big stars like Nicki Minaj and he's not even banging them.

We're told Casper just booked a co-starring role as the bad guy in an upcoming movie, "Wild for the Night" ... a flick about electric dance music. He's also choreographing all the dances.

Casper and J. Lo broke up in April and most people thought his face would end up on a milk carton -- not so by a long shot. Here's how he's been filling his time: 

-- Choreographed Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" music video
-- Appeared on "The Big Bang Theory
-- Choreographed the opening act at the MTV VMA's
-- Starred in a film called "Street
-- Choreographed Jessie J's music video for "Burnin' Up"
-- Bought a new home 

We got Casper out this week at Venice Beach ... he says he has a secret to success post J. Lo.



Celebrity Scramble


12/13/2014 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1208_celeb_scramble_post_launchWe've used this morbidly morphed mug to hide a slender celebrity snapshot ... are you sharp enough to look past the plumped pic to discover the dashing dude underneath?


Riff Raff

I'm Giving Up Cocaine and Molly

... But Not Weed

12/13/2014 12:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1215-riff-raff-01Riff Raff has been touting his cocaine and molly addictions for 4 years ... but now, the rapper tells us he's giving up both FOR GOOD -- even though he'll continue puffing sticky icky.

The "Kokayne" rapper says he decided to get sober a few months ago ... after he got so wasted the night before a celebrity basketball game for charity he couldn't play.

Riff Raff says that's when he realized he had a bad cocaine problem and had to turn his life around.

The 32-year-old says he isn't going into treatment ... he says fitness is the solution: "Whenever I have the urge to do coke or molly, I just pick up weights instead."

He's been sober a few months -- except for weed smoking -- and Raff says he feels great.

Plus, he's gained 40 pounds ... and is looking swole again.


Ex-'Housewife' Carlton Gebbia

The Wicked Witch is Dead

So I'll Return to 'Housewives'

12/13/2014 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Witch
Ex-"Real Housewives" star Carlton Gebbia says she may have been fired, but she won in the end because Bravo secretly came back to her on hands and knees, asking her to return.

Carlton got her walking papers from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" ... because the audience didn't connect to her Wiccan ways ... something the show wanted her to do.

We're told Bravo execs had a meeting with Carlton, asking her to make a few appearances. She made it clear ... she had NO interest in returning.

But fast forward to this week, when Andy Cohen went on his show and publicly apologized to Carlton, saying the show screwed up by portraying her as a wicked witch when she's actually a devoted mom, a fun wife and a savvy businesswoman. 

That did the trick. Carlton tells us she's now open to returning to the show.  

To be continued.


Doc Rivers

It's Time To Clean House ...

And Grab A Cool Million

12/13/2014 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Doc Rivers Home
Clippers' skipper Doc Rivers would prefer a NBA Championship but he'll settle for a boatload of cash ... he just scored an easy million after unloading his L.A. condo a year after buying.

Rivers picked up the swanky Beverly West pad for just over $5.5M last year and 15 months later ... he passed it off for $6.5M.

He could go coast to coast in these sprawling digs -- it's 3,813 sq ft. with access to a salt water pool, and fitness center, and throw in 2 parking spots ... for the 3-point play!

Rivers opted out for an upgrade ... he put the cash toward his new $8.2M perch, up in the bird streets of the Hollywood Hills. 

Coach just keeps on winning.

Guess Who These



12/13/2014 12:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Before these nice little children were naughty famous adults they were just cute kids spreading holiday cheer ... Check out all the old school Instagram pictures and put your celebrity spotting skills to the test!


Angelina Jolie

If Looks Could Kill

... She'd Be In Jail

12/13/2014 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie seems a tiny bit pissed about producer Scott Rudin calling her a "minimally talented spoiled brat" in an email the hackers just leaked. As for the woman who got the email ... 

We're guessing she's still frozen solid after Angie unloaded some icy revenge on her ass.


TMZ Live

President Obama

Alleged Assassination Plot Hatched by Huge Rock Star

12/12/2014 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


  • The Worst Sexual Assault Gaffe EVER!
  • Chris Brown Accused of Mental Torture
  • Angelina Jolie's Super-Awkward Awards Show Run-In
  • Donald Sterling is Bringing Christmas Cheer to Needy Folks

In other news...

Drew Barrymore's Daughter Looks EXACTLY Like Her!

Drew Barrymore was spotted out and about with her two daughters, and DAMN does her oldest look like her little mini me!!!


Terrence Howard's Ex-Wife

I Know You Got Money, Bitch ...

I Saw Your Contract!

12/12/2014 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Terrence Howard just got busted making too much cash ... according to his ex, who says even though he's getting big paychecks for a new TV show -- he still refuses to pay up the $500k he owes.

Michelle Howard says she filed a subpoena to get Terrence's contract for his new series "Empire" -- and found out he's making $125k per filmed episode.  Then she went to and found out he's shot 3 so far ... did the math ... and figured he's got a cool $375,000 to put toward his tab with her.

In the docs, Michelle says Terrence owes the cash to her, her attorneys, and also for late fees since he continues to stiff her. As we previously reported ... Terrence filed docs back in July, claiming he was broke as a joke and couldn't make the payments.

"Empire" debuts next year on FOX -- and obviously, at least one person will be watching. Very closely. With a calculator.


Arrested For Being Just Plane Stupid

12/12/2014 4:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

R&B singer Jeremih was arrested Friday at Newark Airport ... after trying to strong-arm a friend onto a plane.

Port Authority officials tell us Jeremih was travelling with members of his band on US Air. Apparently they were late, because Jeremih barely made it onto the jetway that leads to the plane but several members of his band were left high and dry when the door closed.

Jeremih and a friend somehow pried open the jetway door and at least one of the wayward guys scurried through.

Here's the thing. That's illegal. So Jeremih and his friend were yanked off the plane, arrested and charged with obstruction and disorderly conduct. The guy who tried sneaking onto the plane was charged with defiant trespass.

Not the first time he's caused a Fuddruckus in public.

In other news...

Paula Patton's Girls Came
Out To Play

Paula Patton opted for the plunging V-neck look, but she ended up showing off WAY MORE than she bargained for!


Katy Perry


Right in the Boob

12/12/2014 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

121214_tv_tune_in_katy_perry_launchKaty Perry was assaulted on stage in Australia, and it was sweet -- 'cause someone threw a lollipop. Zingo!!! Actually, this was serious since the sucker smashed one of Katy's awesome boobs.

Time to haul in the suspects! 

Kony 2012 Co-Founder Sued

For 'Threatening' Nude Tirade

12/12/2014 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1212-jason-russell-getty-01Jason Russell -- the co-founder of the Kony 2012 campaign who had that naked meltdown in public -- is being sued by a woman who claims she was emotionally traumatized by seeing his junk. 

In her lawsuit, Sharona Reid says Russell charged at her naked and threatened he wanted to "f**k her face" during his naked romp on the streets of San Diego. Reid claims Jason was on the verge of touching her "in a harmful and/or offensive manner."

After the incident Russell was placed on a psychiatric hold and said he went into treatment for 6 months. His family said he was diagnosed with "brief reactive psychosis" ... brought on by stress and dehydration.

Reid is not suing for a specific amount of money.

An attorney for Russell tells TMZ the lawsuit has "no merit whatsoever." 


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