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Britney Spears Signature for Sale ... From Her 1st Grade Yearbook!!!

10/12/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Britney Spears is about to drive her die-hard fans 'Crazy' with a super rare piece of memorabilia from when she was just 7 years old ... but already handing out autographs.

The folks over at Heritage Auctions are auctioning off a 1989 yearbook from Parklane Academy in McComb, Mississippi which features Brit's Jane Hancock. Important to note, she was only a first grader ... so don't expect some fancy cursive signature.

It's straight up block letters, but still ... it's Britney, bitch.

The yearbook is more than 60 pages and includes two pictures of the pop star-to-be.

The autograph, such as it is, is believed to be the earliest ever from Brit. Of course, just 4 years later she started her climb to stardom on the 'Mickey Mouse Club.' 

Britney fans can flock to Heritage Auction's site and make their bids beginning Oct. 18. The site expects to snag upwards of $10k for the yearbook.

David Arquette Top Rope Attack at Canadian Wrestling Match

10/12/2018 12:30 AM PDT

David Arquette is 47 YEARS OLD -- and flying off the top rope!!!

Check out this footage of Arquette wreckin' shop at Border City Wrestling’s 25th Anniversary Show in Ontario, Canada over the weekend ... it's realley, really impressive. 

Arquette was teamed up with his former nemesis RJ City (their tag name is Arquette City), and they took on Halal Beefcake ... two guys who came out in "Scream" masks to taunt Arquette. 

The video is great -- Arquette gets double-crossed, takes a middle finger to his face ... and then jumps off the top rope, all captured in footage airing Nov. 9 on Global Wrestling Network

Remember, Arquette was the WCW Heavyweight champ back in the day -- but that moment is widely regarded as one of the low points in pro wrestling history. 

Recently, Arquette went to Mexico to train with luchadores and perfected some pretty advanced wrestling moves. 

Not bad, Mr. Arquette ... 

'Truman Show' House Spared Hurricane Michael's Wrath

10/12/2018 12:20 AM PDT

This is NOT a figment of Truman Burbank's imagination ... the house where Jim Carrey filmed "The Truman Show" was smack in the path of Hurricane Michael's 155 mph winds, but somehow dodged disaster.

Exteriors for the 1998 flick were shot at this home in Seaside, FL and, despite the approaching category 4 storm, the owners tell us they did very little to protect the house. They trusted the fact it's sitting on a solid foundation, and hoped for the best. However, the town was under mandatory evacuation, so they got out of harm's way ... not knowing if the home would make it.

Truth is, the odds weren't in their favor when Michael made landfall. As a barometer, Panama city -- just 35 miles west of Seaside -- was decimated.

As it turns out, the hurricane ended up skirting Seaside ... and the only real damage suffered at the house was limited to some branches coming down.

The owners know they got super lucky this time around.

BTW, the house is usually empty, except for visiting family members from time to time. The owners don't rent it out, and they've left it unchanged since 'Truman' was shot there. 

The Cardigans Singer Nina Persson 'Memba Her?!

10/12/2018 12:01 AM PDT

Swedish Singer Nina Persson shot to stardom in the '90s when her band The Cardigans released hits like "Lovefool" and "My Favourite Game." Guess what she looks like now!

TMZ Live: Selena Gomez Emotional Breakdown In Hospital

10/11/2018 10:45 PM PDT

  • Kanye West: Meets With Donald Trump At The White House
  • Beyonce: Big Surprise from Dad  
  • Brett Kavanaugh: Damage Control 101 
  • Khabib Threatens To Quit Over Conor McGregor Brawl 

Cardi B to Offset Let's End my 26th BDay with a Bang ... Literally, Okurrrr!!!

10/11/2018 6:46 PM PDT
Breaking News

Cardi B is a woman who knows EXACTLY what she wants ... and if she gets it, her new Lamborghini ain't the only thing she's gonna be riding for her birthday.

The "I Like It" rapper posted this hilarious video Thursday on Instagram to celebrate her 26th birthday. Cardi thanked fans for the good wishes, which she was in need after saying she ate some bad fish that, in her words, left her swollen and looking like Mrs. Puff from Spongebob SquarePants. #LMFAO

As we reported ... Offset gifted her a brand new Lamborghini, but there's one wish that's still unfulfilled.

Enter Offset.

In other news...

Prince Harry Introduces Meghan Markle To Aussie Girl That Looks Like a Young Version Of The Duchess

This is the adorable moment Prince Harry called his wife over to get a photo with her mini me


Kim & Kanye Old Bel-Air Crib Sells at Huge Loss

10/11/2018 3:53 PM PDT

Even Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Midas touch has a limit -- their old Bel-Air crib, which they sold for a whopping profit, has been sold again ... but this time at a staggering multi-million dollar loss.

You'll recall the Wests first bought the property in 2013 for $9 million. Enter Ukrainian billionaire Marina Acton in 2017, who plunked down $17.8 mil. Sweet deal for Kanye and Kim and, at the time, the most expensive sale ever in the Bel-Air Crest community.

You'll recall, they'd taken the house down to the studs and rebuilt it as a modern, minimalist home.

Acton wasn't there long ... about 7 months later she put the 10,000 square foot crib up for sale because she's pregnant and needs more space. Well, we confirmed she finally unloaded it for $14 million -- aka a loss of at least $3.8 million. Ouch.

Don't cry for Acton though ... she's worth more than $3.6 billion. Drop in the bucket.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. Sued For Assault ... By Woman He Allegedly Punched

10/11/2018 4:32 PM PDT

Floyd Mayweather Sr. beat the criminal charge ... but now he's being sued by the woman who accused him of punching her after the 1st Canelo-GGG fight last year.

In the lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports, Marsha Byrd claims she got into a verbal altercation with Mayweather Sr. on September 17, 2017 outside T-Mobile Arena in Vegas ... which she says turned physical.

Byrd says Floyd Sr. dragged her out of his car and repeatedly punched her with a closed fist ... 'causing her serious injuries.

Mayweather Sr. was actually charged with assault back in January ... but he fought the case and was found NOT GUILTY in June.

But, just 'cause he was found not guilty criminally ... doesn't mean he'll automatically win this civil case (see O.J. Simpson).

Byrd doesn't specify exactly how much money she's after ... but we're guessing it's a lot.

Kanye West I Gave Trump a MAG Hat, Minus 'Again' And Some Yeezys Too!!!

10/11/2018 2:40 PM PDT

Kanye West may have heard the outcry over his MAGA hat, because we found out he changed it up after the media left the Oval and gave Trump a cap, sans the word, "again."

Check out the embroidery on the hat the Prez is wearing  ... "Make America Great." Kanye tells us it's an acknowledgment America needs work. It also seems to do away with the concept Obama screwed up the country -- although it's unclear if Trump agrees with that sentiment. Ye says he lobbied Trump during lunch on prison reform, manufacturing and other issues toward that end.

He says he told Trump he was going to create a factory in Chicago called Larry's -- as in Larry Hoover, the Chicago gang leader who's serving 6 life sentences for murder -- and says he'll hire former inmates to manufacture the Make America Great hats, among other items.

Ye was wearing a MAGA hat, because he says he only brought one hat without the word "again" but says he'll also start wearing the new version.

He also brought hats for Ivanka and Jared Kushner -- hers reads "Make Earth Great Again" and his says "Travel Space Again." Kanye showed Trump his concept idea for a new Air Force 1 too, calling it iPlane 1. 

He also gave Trump a pair of Yeezys, size 12. He says his staff asked Trump's people for his shoe size in advance. BTW ... Yeezys usually run half a size small.

5:55 PM PT -- Not so fast. An industrial designer says Kanye's so-called iPlane 1 is hardly Ye's original idea. He told The Verge it's from his 2012 master's thesis imagining the future of air travel in 2030. The designer says he has no idea how Kanye found his designs, or what compelled him to claim the design as his idea.

T.I. Kanye is a 'Sambo' for Trump Antics

10/11/2018 1:27 PM PDT

T.I. is destroying Kanye West for his White House visit, declaring he's taken ass-kissing President Trump to a disgusting new low. 

Tip unloaded on Ye, saying ... "This s**t is next level,futuristic Sambo,Hopping Bob, Stephen off Django ass shit Ye!!!! From what I can gather... This is the most repulsive,disgraceful, Embarrassing act of desperation & auctioning off of one’s soul to gain power I’ve ever seen."

He's taking this very personally too ... revealing Kanye actually asked him to join him at the White House on Thursday, but T.I. says he rejected the offer, and he's damn glad he did. In a heated IG post he said, "You ass kissing and boot licking on a whole new level &I refuse to associate myself with something so vile,weak,& inconsiderate to the effect this has on the greater good of ALL OUR PEOPLE!!!!"


Remember, T.I. collabed with Kanye for the track "Ye vs. the People" -- but he's making it clear that won't happen again. "At one time it was a pleasure to work alongside you... now, I’m ashamed to have ever been associated with you."

Bottom line for Tip is he feels like Kanye is only looking out for himself -- putting himself in a position of power next to Trump. He included this plea -- "Don’t follow this puppet. Because as long as I’ve lived I’ve learned that it benefits a man nothing at all to gain the world,if to do so he must lose his soul. We just saw Mr.West’s Soul on auction."

2:02 PM PT -- 50 Cent's putting in his 2 cents, and while the image he posted might seem like a comical take on Kanye's White House visit ... his caption is clearly critical.

Fiddy included this faux quote from Ye -- "You make me feel like Superman, Obama said l was a idiot f**k these n***as lm wit you Master."

View this post on Instagram

You make me feel like Superman, Obama said l was a idiot fuck these niggas lm wit you Master. LOL🤨get the strap

A post shared by 50 Cent (@50cent) on

Michael Steele Kanye Meeting Trump ... It was Weird & Rude

10/11/2018 3:26 PM PDT

Ex-RNC Chairman Michael Steele has fully digested Kanye West's White House lunch meeting with President Trump ... and he's ready to puke.

We got Michael leaving the London Hotel in NYC Thursday and, naturally, had to ask him about what went down in the Oval. ICYMI (seriously, how?) ... Kanye dropped an MF-bomb, went off about abolishing the 13th Amendment and told 45 wearing the MAGA hat makes him feel like Superman. 

Michael's take was well ... written all over his face. You gotta see his reaction when we asked if meeting Ye will boost Trump's poll numbers with black voters ... as the Prez claims it will.

Aside from what Kanye said, Michael also had strong words about what Ye did while seated across from the President. He's balanced, though, because he threw a jab Trump's way too.

It's one of his favorite pastimes, after all.

Fleetwood Mac Lindsey Buckingham Sues Bandmates After 86ing Him from Tour

10/11/2018 1:07 PM PDT

Lindsey Buckingham is done waiting for Fleetwood Mac to cough up money he says he's owed ... so the former lead guitarist for the group is suing his old bandmates for dropping him and, more importantly, not paying him.

In the suit, Lindsey says he and the rest of the legendary band signed a deal with Live Nation for a 60-show tour over 2 years and they were each going to make about $12-14 million. 

As we reported, though, Lindsey was kicked out before the band started its North American tour. Remember, Mac classics like "Go Your Own Way" and "Don't Stop" are largely Lindsey jams ... with him singing the lead and playing lead guitar.

Lindsey's main issue with the band is financial. He tells TMZ ... "Over the last eight months, our many efforts to come to an agreement have unfortunately proved elusive. I’m looking forward to closure, and will always remain proud of all that we created, and what that legacy represents."

In the suit, he says "After 43 years of camaraderie and friendship, not a single member of the Band called [me] to break the news" of his firing. He also basically claims the Mac is nothing without him. 

He says before he joined in 1975 they "had not achieved meaningful commercial success" -- and after he left, voluntarily, in 1987 they faltered, "falling from a stadium headliner to an opening act." 

Lindsey is suing the band and each individual member for breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty. Translation: You guys owe me money, and it's time to pay.

Mick Fleetwood made it clear to us back in May, Lindsey is not welcome back. He's been replaced on the tour by Mike Campbell from Tom Petty's Heartbreakers and Neil Finn from Crowded House. 

Jim Brown Defends White House Visit With Kanye ... 'Trump Treated Us Beautifully'

10/11/2018 12:25 PM PDT
Breaking News

Jim Brown has ZERO regrets about the Oval Office meeting today with Donald Trump and Kanye West ... saying it was an incredible opportunity and he's thankful to 45.

West has made headlines today about his behavior during the sit-down ... which included a couple classic Kanye rants, a heap of Trump praising and even a hug between the two men.

Brown was there too -- mostly silent -- making some wonder if he regretted making the trip. But, when the NFL great left the White House he told throngs of media that couldn't be further from the truth.

"We had the opportunity to meet with the President of the United States which everybody doesn't have that privilege. With me, at 82 years old, the only thing I could talk about was how to help other people. So, it was very positive."

Brown went on behalf of his Amer-I-Can foundation which helps inner-city youth develop life skills -- and he told everyone Trump was very good to the whole delegation.

"This is the President of the United States. He allowed me to be invited to his territory, he treated us beautifully, and he shared some thoughts, and he will be open to talking when I get back to him. That's the best he could do for me."

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