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T.J. Dillashaw & Henry Cejudo Clash and Talk Trash ... In TMZ Newsroom

8/13/2018 4:24 PM PDT

Two UFC champs came face-to-face in the TMZ newsroom on Monday -- talking all sorts of smack to each other ... and begging Dana White to let them settle their beef in the Octagon. 

Henry Cejudo had called out T.J. Dillashaw at UFC 227 -- saying he'd come up in weight to fight T.J. for his bantamweight title. T.J. says he's 100% down. 

We invited both guys to appear on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs weeknights on FS1) and they accepted ... and the sparks immediately began to fly. 

T.J. said he'd knock Henry the hell out, and Henry shot back, "Be careful what you wish for."

T.J. also said a fight with Henry would be "easy money."

Henry said he'd destroy Dillashaw on the ground or on his feet. 

It got a little crazy when they squared off right inside the newsroom -- despite the stupid faces Evan was making in the background. 

Rob Corddry Sen. Warren's Love for 'Ballers' Ain't All About The Rock

8/13/2018 4:15 PM PDT

Senator Elizabeth Warren is apparently a HUGE fan of The Rock's HBO series, "Ballers" -- but one of Dwayne's costars says it's not because of his star power like she claims.

Our photog ran into Rob Corddry at LAX a day after the Mass. Senator posted a video where she publicly declared she's crushing hard for The Rock.

Rob told us he's got intel, Sen. Warren's "Ballers" love is really about the Benjamins. He joked, we think, that she's told him she digs the show's take on athletes juggling their finances. Y'know, fiscal responsibility and stuff.

She does sit on several committees and subcommittees tied to the economy, so maybe Rob's got a point. Plus, he says it's a great distraction from another national show ... namely, President Trump.

James Harden Named In Police Report After Alleged Nightclub Fight

8/13/2018 12:38 PM PDT

TMZ Sports has learned ... James Harden has been named in a police report filed by a woman who claims she was roughed up by the NBA star at a Scottsdale nightclub -- and she has video.

The woman claims she was partying at Mint nightclub on Saturday morning when she claims a member of Harden's entourage got involved in a fight -- and when James noticed she was recording, he grabbed her wrist and snatched her phone before throwing it on the roof so she couldn't sell the footage to TMZ.

She says at some point Harden noticed she was videotaping the action and demanded that she delete what was recorded. She says Harden said he knew her endgame was to sell the vid to TMZ.

The woman claims Harden threw her phone on the roof of the club, and then a member of Harden's crew came up to her and offered her $200 for the phone. She took the money, and then she says Harden came up to her and handed her another $300.

We're told security personnel eventually broke up the fight. When things settled down she climbed up on the roof and retrieved her phone, which was still recording. The woman later went to the hospital where she was treated for a wrist injury.

A rep for the Scottsdale PD tells TMZ Sports a report was taken and the investigation is ongoing. Law enforcement sources tell us Harden is named in the report but he has NOT been named a suspect at this point.

We reached out to Harden multiple times -- but no one in his camp wanted to comment.

Tyrese to Ex I Can't Afford My Lifestyle I Damn Sure Can't Pay Your Lawyer

8/13/2018 2:12 PM PDT
Breaking News

Tyrese is dipping DEEP into his piggy bank, so deep there's nary a cent left to cover his estranged wife's attorney fees ... according to his financial records.

Tyrese just filed docs responding to Norma Gibson's request for him to pay for her divorce attorney, and they reveal some serious monthly expenses. According to the docs, Tyrese says he's dropping about nearly $114k each month for his mortgage, child care, groceries, utilities and $10k in child support payments to Norma.

Here's where that number becomes a problem -- Tyrese says in the docs he's only bringing in $51k on average each month. Doesn't take a math genius to see he's in the red. In fact, he says his savings have dwindled from $800k in cash last November to just $130k now.

He's also blaming Norma for his lack of income these days -- saying the negative coverage he got last year when she accused him of domestic violence ... has made it hard for him to book movie work.

Steven Tyler Big Prayers for Aretha

8/13/2018 2:06 PM PDT

Aretha Franklin has just about everyone praying for her -- and that includes Steven Tyler, who's got a sweet message for the Queen of Soul. 

We got Aerosmith's frontman and his girlfriend, Aimee, on the streets of NYC Monday and it seems our camera guy broke the news that Aretha was gravely ill from cancer and not expected to last the day. Although shocked ... he was eloquent and heartfelt.

Steven -- who's about to officially announce a Vegas residency with his band that starts next Spring -- offers out a sick rendition of Aretha's most famous song.

Houston Texans Cheerleaders Bikini Barbecue ... Part 2!!

8/13/2018 2:50 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Who's hungry?!! 

It's that time of year again -- the Houston Texans cheer team just threw their annual bikini BBQ (awesome) ... and TMZ Sports has all of the amazing photos and video. 

You're welcome. 

Every year (starting last year), the cheer team gather for some bonding, barbecue and bikinis before the NFL season kicks off. 

It's a better tradition than the Masters. 

This year, the ladies kicked things off with a special group strawberry-eating session (awesome) -- followed by some bubble blowing, model poses and mimosas. 

As for the main course, the ladies threw some turkey burgers on the grill -- and gave us a breakdown about why they axed red meat from the menu. 

So, where were the Texans players during the party? Not invited -- this shindig was "cheerleaders only" and to prevent any unwanted party-crashers ... it all went down at a "secret location."

Thank god for cameras. 

In other news...

Lena Dunham Bares Her Completely Nude Body to Mark 9 Month Anniversary of Her Hysterectomy

Lena Dunham is opening up about the removal of her uterus on the nine month anniversary of her surgery.


A$AP Bari Sues Sexual Assault Accuser ... You Can't Shake Me Down with Lies

8/13/2018 1:06 PM PDT

3:15 PM PT -- Famed attorney Marty Singer is representing Jane Doe and he tells us, "We consider [Bari's] cross complaint to be specious."

It's also worth noting ... prosecutors in the UK are still proceeding with a criminal case against Bari for allegedly raping the woman.A$AP Bari, one of the co-founders of the A$AP Mob, is going after the woman accusing him of sexual assault ... claiming she wove a web of lies to get him to pay up big-time.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ ... Bari says his accuser only started alleging sexual assault AFTER she lawyered up. A$AP claims on the night of the incident in July 2017, two police officers showed up to the London hotel and interviewed her ... asking if she had been sexually assaulted.

In docs, Bari says the woman -- who's suing as Jane Doe -- told cops she hadn't been sexually assaulted but was worried about a naked video of her leaking onto the Internet. Bari claims Doe was relieved when she saw one of the cops delete the 10-second video Bari recorded. He claims Doe told police, "seeing the video being deleted was like having a weight lifted" off her shoulders.

As for the video that eventually went viral exposing Doe ... Bari claims that video was taken without his knowledge by a third person in the room when Doe hooked up with Bari's assistant. Bari's suing for defamation and civil extortion for allegedly pressuring him into settling.

TMZ broke the story ... Doe is already suing Bari for more than $1 mil for the alleged attack.

Bethenny Frankel Sobs At Boyfriend's Burial

8/13/2018 7:29 AM PDT

10:07 AM PT -- Bethenny just posted a photo of Dennis lying beside her dog, Cookie, with a farewell message to both, saying ... "Rest In Peace my sweet babies who gave me endless unconditional love." Cookie died late last year after suffering a major seizure.

Rest In Peace my sweet babies who gave me endless unconditional love. #nowandforever

A post shared by Bethenny Frankel (@bethennyfrankel) on

Bethenny Frankel was extremely emotional Monday during a final goodbye to her boyfriend, who died Friday of an overdose.

Dennis Shields was found dead in his apartment in Trump Tower from an apparent oxycodone OD. Law enforcement sources told us Dennis took an unknown quantity of oxy Thursday night which he had prescribed to him. He woke up Friday feeling ill and asked his housekeeper to go to the pharmacy and buy Narcan -- which counters the effects of opioids. When the housekeeper returned home, Dennis was beyond help.

We're told Bethenny is inconsolable.

Aretha Franklin Gravely Ill from Cancer

8/13/2018 6:19 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

9:58 AM PT -- Our sources say doctors have informed Aretha's family today (Monday) is the day "Aretha will pass."

Aretha Franklin is gravely ill and friends and family are gathering for their final goodbye ... TMZ has confirmed.

A source very close to Aretha and a longtime dear friend tells TMZ he was told a week ago, "Prepare yourself, she's dying." The source adds Aretha was down to 86 pounds and her health was failing. The source says 2 weeks ago everyone in Aretha's circle was told "she could go any time."

Another source -- someone who has been close to Aretha for decades -- tells TMZ she has been battling cancer. 

Franklin, who is 76, has been in poor health over the last few years. She has performed, but only on a limited basis ... most recently last November at an Elton John AIDS Foundation event.

The news that her health is failing first came from Roger Friedman over at Showbiz411, and WDIV TV in Detroit says Aretha's family confirmed she is gravely ill.

Story developing ... 

Blake Griffin and GF Ripped Abs & Butt Cheeks ... Life Is Good.

8/13/2018 11:56 AM PDT
Breaking News

Holy God ... Blake Griffin and his girlfriend are sexy people. 

Here's Blake and Francesca Aiello walking on the beach in Malibu over the weekend -- showing off their insane physiques yet again. 

Apparently, there's a dog there, too ... but no one gives a damn about Fido. 

You can see in the pics, the other beachgoers were checking out the couple ... probably regretting not doing extra sets of abs at the gym before seeing this. 

Blake and Francesca (who owns Frankies Bikinis) have been dating since early June and don't seem to show any signs of slowing down any time soon. 

By the way, the Detroit Pistons don't start playing preseason games until October 3 -- let's hope everyday's a beach day until then ... 

Farrah Abraham Arraignment Day's Also Bring Daughter to Court Day!!!

8/13/2018 10:39 AM PDT

Farrah Abraham's taking Mommy & Me day to a whole new level -- bringing her 9-year-old daughter to court to watch Mommy get arraigned for battery.

The ex-'Teen Mom' pled not guilty Monday in L.A. for her June arrest in Beverly Hills. TMZ broke the story ... Farrah was charged with battery and resisting an officer when she allegedly got physical with a security guard who had asked her to leave the Beverly Hills Hotel. She also got belligerent with and taunted police.

Our camera was rolling when Farrah -- with Sophia in tow -- arrived at court. She described the legal drama as a case of bullying courtesy of ... Beverly Hills.

We also talked to her about "Mob Wives" star Drita D'Avanzo calling her out for being too scared to box her. Farrah does a 'lil bobbing and weaving.

Cris Cyborg Roughs Up Chargers Coach ... At L.A. Training Camp

8/13/2018 11:42 AM PDT
Breaking News

Cris Cyborg straight-up TOSSED a Chargers coach at L.A.'s training camp Monday ... judo-throwing a wide receivers assistant at practice -- and the video is incredible.

The poor guy's name is Phil McGeoghan -- a 6-foot-2, 224-pound ex-NFL player -- who for some reason wanted a pre-practice, hands-on demo from one of the baddest women on the planet.

Cyborg obliges ... picking the guy up and throwing him over her shoulder -- just like Joey Bosa on Sundays.

"Today I had a Job interview with the [Chargers] to be head of security," Cyborg jokingly said of the incident.

"I think it went well...what do you think Coach?"

It all begs the question ... if the two did get in an Octagon -- where Cyborg is clearly more skilled -- WHO WINS THE FIGHT?!

Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart Dead at 63 After Fall at Home

8/13/2018 8:08 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

9:05 AM PT -- The Pasco Sheriff's Office tells TMZ Sports ... "Preliminary information indicates that [Neidhart] fell at home, hit his head, and succumbed to his injury."

"No foul play suspected. No additional information to release at this time."

Wrestling legend Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart has died, according to the WWE. He was 63.

Neidhart passed away early Monday morning after suffering a medical emergency at a home in Florida.  

According to the emergency dispatch audio, emergency personnel were called around 6:30 AM about a man having seizures and convulsions. 

At one point, the dispatch operator says, "They think he might be Signal 7" -- which is code for a dead person. 

Jim was a WWF superstar in the mid-'80s and early '90s as a member of The Hart Foundation tag team with Bret "The Hitman" Hart ... managed by Jimmy Hart

During his legendary career, Jim was a 2-time Tag Team champion -- defeating everyone from the Legion of Doom to the Nasty Boys to The Rockers. 

Neidhart also wrestled with WCW and TNA Wrestling. He last wrestled in WWE back in 2007, but has made appearances on "Total Divas."

Before he became a pro wrestler, Neidhart pursued a career in pro football -- with brief stints with the Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys. 

Neidhart struggled with substance abuse -- he went to rehab twice after drug-related arrests. 

Neidhart is survived by his wife, Ellie, and 3 daughters including Natalie -- aka WWE superstar Natalya


Smash from Demolition tweeted about Neidhart, saying, "It is terrible I just heard Jim Neidhart passed away. I just pray for his family to get through this.Jim was a great friend and I will really miss him."

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