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Adnan Ghalib

Adnan Ghalib is an Afghan he is originaly from panjshir province of afghanistan, British-raised celebrity photographer. Ghalib came to prominence in December 2007 as a result of his relationship with American pop singer Britney Spears. Ghalib moved with his family to London in 1977 as a five-year-old immigrant and then to Birmingham. The family first settled in London before moving near Birmingham living in a predominantly Muslim neighborhood. In his late teens, Ghalib moved to South London, before later settling in southern California. Before becoming a celebrity photographer, Ghalib worked as a manager at a strip club. Ghalib married former stripper AzLynn Elizabeth Berry on December 18, 2003. He paid her for the marriage in order to gain citzenship. She has since worked as a massage therapist and aspires to model although is not very successful On January 18, 2008, Ghalib's wife filed for legal separation, citing irreconcilable differences. Ghalib had been working as a paparazzi, taking photographs of Spears outside her house, when one night, in December 2007, she invited him into her car and began a relationship with him. Of his relationship with Spears, Ghalib stated, "I think

Britney Spears' Ex-BF Adnan Ghalib -- Brit's Mom Told Me to Lie About Lutfi to Media

Britney Spears' Ex-BF
Brit's Mom Told Me to LIE About Lutfi to Media

Britney Spears' ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib swears ... Brit's mom directed him to LIE to the media in 2008 in order to make Sam Lutfi seem like an evil man who caused Britney's mental… READ MORE >

Adnan Ghalib -- The Mug Shot

Adnan Ghalib -- The Mug Shot

Adnan Ghalib, Britney Spears' ex-boyfriend/paparazzo, was booked into jail on Friday -- and here's the mug shot. Soul patches are all the rage in prison.He'll be doing 45 days in the pokey and was… READ MORE >

- 2745 days ago
Brit's Ex Attacks -- Blow-By-Blow

Brit's Ex Attacks -- Blow-By-Blow

The process server who was allegedly hit by a Mercedes driven by Adnan Ghalib made it clear in a court declaration -- Adnan could have killed him.Ram Moskowitz (first name, first clue) claims when… READ MORE >

- 3013 days ago
Adnan Still Gettin' a Piece of Brit

Still Gettin' a Piece of Brit

Adnan Ghalib is still making late-night house calls to Britney Spears -- despite rumors she dropped his ass for sending other ladies racy text messages. Cameras caught him doing Brit's bidding at… READ MORE >

- 3372 days ago
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