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Bai Ling

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Born in the southern city Cheng Du of China, Bai Ling began her career at the age of 14. She enlisted In the Chinese People's Liberation Army where she spent three years in a performance troop entertaining soldiers stationed in Tibet. Bai Ling first gained the attention of audiences and critics alike when she won the coveted lead role opposite Richard Gere in Jon Avnet's Red Corner. She received numerous accolades including the prestigious Breakthrough Performance Award from the National Board of Review. She also garnered the Discovery Star awarded by the Hollywood Women's Press Club for their Golden Apple Awards. While developing her remarkable facility with the English language, Bai Ling has worked with prestigious filmmakers such as Oliver Stone in Nixon, George Lucas in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith, Will Smith in Wild Wild West, Spike Lee in She Hate Me, Jodie Foster in _Anna and the King (1999)_, Ang Lee in The Wedding Banquet, Alex Proyas in The Crow, Angelina Jolie in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and Luc Besson's French movie Taxi 3, in which she spoke French. Also Bai starred in Terrence Malick's Broadway show Sansho the Bailiff. Bai Ling dazzled audiences with her portrayal of the sexy, mysterious Achara in the hit TV series Lost, and intrigued audiences with her seductive exhilarating role in HBO's Entourage.Bai Ling was awarded the Asian Oscar for her daring, brilliant performance in her first Hong Kong film Three... Extremes. Her performance also earned her an additional 3 major awards in the Far East. She received the Spirit Diversity Award by The Hollywood Motion Picture Association. Her film Southland Tales, directed by Richard Kelly was in competition at the Cannes Film Festival.Bai just starred in and executive produced the movie Shanghai Baby. She has also recently completed 8 movies and most proudly worked with Taylor Hackford in Love Ranch, co-starring with Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci, which just premiered in US. Bai also starred in a crazy role in worldwide release Lionsgate comedy action Crank: High Voltage with costar with Jason Statham. And just finished her first 3D film Back 2 Hell.  See full bio on IMDb »

Bai Ling -- Yeah I Did That!

Bai Ling
Yeah I Did That!

Wacktress Bai Ling has pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace (how apropos) after she was arrested last month for lifting two mags and a pack of batteries from an LAX gift shop.She's been ordered… READ MORE >

There's No Way in Hell Bai Wrote This

There's No Way in Hell
Bai Wrote This

In her most recent blog, Bai Ling called her alleged pilfering of $16.22 worth of goods from an airport "an innocent mistake." So now she's making sense?? Doubtful.The chicken-dancer… READ MORE >

- 3245 days ago
Petty Actress Charged With Petty Theft

Petty Actress
Charged With Petty Theft

The L.A. City Attorney thinks Bai Ling's acting isn't the only thing that's criminal. City Attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan tells TMZ Bai has been charged with petty theft for allegedly stealing… READ MORE >

- 3246 days ago
Bai Ling's Sultry Mugshot

Bai Ling's Sultry Mugshot

Take a look at Bai Ling's booking photo -- pretty lady!The wacktress was busted by LAX Airport police yesterday after allegedly stealing two magazines and a pack of batteries from a gift shop. See… READ MORE >

- 3264 days ago
Ling Leaves Out a Few Details

Leaves Out a Few Details

Bai Ling found time to blog -- and post pictures! -- about her trip to LAX yesterday ... conveniently leaving out the part where she was arrested for allegedly pilfering $16 worth of merchandise… READ MORE >

- 3264 days ago
Nobody as Shameless as the Ling-a-Ding Kid

Nobody as Shameless
As the Ling-a-Ding Kid

When it comes to relentless self-promotion, Paris Hilton ain't got nothin' on Bai Ling.The unabashed paparazzi lover topped herself yesterday -- pulling her car over to the side of the road so she… READ MORE >

- 3272 days ago
Clothes Call for Bai Ling

Clothes Call
For Bai Ling

Bai Ling's got the perfect solution for surviving the holiday season: "Eat a lot, dance a lot, get drunk and enjoy life." That's some ancient Chinese wisdom from the "Crazy Chicken" dancer, who… READ MORE >

- 3326 days ago
Not Even Bai Ling's Fans Know What She Does

Not Even Bai Ling's Fans
Know What She Does

Singing/dancing/nipslip sensation Bai Ling ate at Mr. Chow, where some waiting "fans" were ecstatic to see someone famous -- they just didn't know why she is famous. For this, maybe? Check out how… READ MORE >

- 3347 days ago
Bai Ling Raps -- Yes, Raps

Bai Ling Raps
Yes, Raps

A thankful Bai Ling is back from the jungle and she has stories to tell -- bring your own interpreter. TMZ's favorite nipple-baring wacktress was at Mr. Chow last night, talking about rivers, meat… READ MORE >

- 3350 days ago
Bai Ling Rings Promo Bell

Bai Ling
Rings Promo Bell

Bai Ling has only one thing on her mind these days -- pimping herself out to anyone who'll listen! The wacktress/chicken dancer extraordinare was outside of Mr. Chow and Opera last night,… READ MORE >

- 3368 days ago

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