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Bette Midler

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Multi Grammy Award-winning singer/comedienne/author Bette Midler has also proven herself to be a very capable actress in a string of both dramatic and comedic roles. Midler was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on December 1, 1945. She is the daughter of Ruth (Schindel), a seamstress, and Fred Midler, a painter. Her parents, originally from New Jersey, were both from Jewish immigrant families (from Russia, Poland, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire). Midler studied drama at the University of Hawaii and got her musical career started by performing in gay bathhouses with piano accompaniment from Barry Manilow. Her first album was "The Divine Miss M" released in November 1972, followed by the self-titled "Bette Midler" released in November 1973, both of which took off up the music charts, and Bette's popularity swiftly escalated from there. After minor roles in several film/TV productions, she surprised all with her knockout performance of a hard-living rock-and-roll singer (loosely based on the life of Janis Joplin) in The Rose (1979), for which she received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. In 1986, director Paul Mazursky cast Midler opposite Nick Nolte and Richard Dreyfuss in the hilarious Down and Out in Beverly Hills (1986), and so began a string of very funny comedic film roles. She played an obnoxious wife who was the victim of a kidnap plot by her scoundrel husband, played by Danny DeVito, in Ruthless People (1986), was pursued by CIA and KGB spies in Outrageous Fortune (1987), played mismatched twins with Lily Tomlin in Big Business (1988) and shone in the tear-jerker Beaches (1988). Bette matched feisty James Caan in the WWII drama For the Boys (1991), made a dynamic trio with Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton in The First Wives Club (1996), was back on screen with DeVito for the tepid comedy Drowning Mona (2000) and turned up in the glossy remake of The Stepford Wives (2004). Apart from her four Grammy awards, Bette Midler has also won four Golden Globes, one Tony Award, and three Emmy Awards, plus she has sold in excess of 15 million albums worldwide. Most recently, she toured with her sassy "Kiss My Brass" show, and is promoting her album "Bette Midler Sings the Rosemary Clooney Songbook".  See full bio on IMDb »

Vegas Mayor Rips 'Fat and Short Bette Midler'

Vegas Mayor
Rips 'Fat and Short Bette Midler'

One sign Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman might be a bad auctioneer: He turned down the highest bidder ... and then called her a "fat and short Bette Midler."The Mayor let the unbelievable diss loose… READ MORE >

Bunch of Celebs on Burglar Bunch Computer

Bunch of Celebs
on Burglar Bunch Computer

TMZ has put together a gallery of photos we found on the computer seized from alleged Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch member Nick Prugo ... photos which may show other big stars the Bunch had their… READ MORE >

- 3161 days ago
Guy in 'Bon Jovi' -- Divine!

Guy in 'Bon Jovi'

Here's the fourth guy in Bon Jovi at a Broadway opening on Monday (left) -- and the Divine Miss M, Bette Midler, back in 1979 around the time "The Rose" was in theaters (right).Only one of them… READ MORE >

- 3169 days ago
50 Cent Shoots Down Bette Midler Talk

50 Cent
Shoots Down Bette Midler Talk

The only thing that hurts more than being shot nine times -- taking one shot with Bette Midler.50 Cent and his cronies got a little testy when we brought up Fiddy's photo-op with the Divine Miss… READ MORE >

- 3316 days ago
50 Cent Is Divine

50 Cent
Is Divine

In what is sure to be the seventh sign of the apocalypse, former gangsta rapper 50 Cent hung out with a new shawty ... the Divine Miss M, Bette Midler.She is the wind beneath his bullet-ridden… READ MORE >

- 3323 days ago
Fiddy Calls Truce with Bette Midler

Calls Truce with Bette Midler

Either Bette Midler just gained all sorts of street cred ... or 50 Cent just kissed his goodbye.We kid -- actually, the two hooked up for a good cause. Fiddy just forked over a ton of cash to… READ MORE >

- 3520 days ago
Bette Midler and Daughter Do a Double Take

Bette Midler and Daughter
Do a Double Take

Looks like the wind beneath Midler's wings blows pretty strong. The Divine Miss M showed off her strong genes in NYC on Saturday. The fierce 60-something gay icon hails a cab for her and Steffi… READ MORE >

- 3744 days ago
Bette Gets the Clap in Vegas

Gets the Clap in Vegas

Bette Midler got crazy applause at PURE nightclub, after her first Vegas performance at Caesars Palace. Lance Bass and boyfriend Leo, Siegfried & Roy mingled with the ridiculously-straight Dog… READ MORE >

- 3776 days ago
Siegfried & Roy Do Bette Midler

Siegfried & Roy
Do Bette Midler

Siegfried Fischbacher (left) and Roy Horn (right) navigated their way around the Las Vegas scene last night at the premiere of Bette Midler's new show.In 2003, Siegfried and Roy ended their… READ MORE >

- 3776 days ago
The Mister Steps Aside for Bette

The Mister
Steps Aside for Bette

Looks like Bette Midler gave huffy hubby Martin von Haselberg a little lesson in "Who's the star in this marriage?" Just a couple days after Marty snapped at a handler who didn't recognize him as… READ MORE >

- 3938 days ago
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