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Brian Mulligan

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Brian has acted in an assortment of media. Most of his acting has been in local independent films - short and feature length. He has also been in two television shows and several stage performances. His roles have ranged from dramatic to comedic. The shows in which he has acted have won a variety of awards. He was born in Southern California but was never interested in a Hollywood career, although his grandmother was a sculptor who created props for such movies as Alien (1979) (the alien), The Deep (1977) (the eel), Heaven Can Wait (1978), Billy Jack Goes to Washington (1977), and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978). Brian got involved in acting later in life, in about 2000, in response to an ad from a talent agency. He found a reputable agent, who had been in the business 35 years at that time, and was off and running. His first "Hollywood" film was William Shatner's Groom Lake (2002). That show was followed by a couple commercials, but not much more for a while. Then, roles in a few student films seemed to get the ball rolling with independent films - features and shorts. One of these films, a short called Take Me Somewhere Nice (2004), by Pearry Reginald Teo, won the Audience Choice award at the Sedona International Film Festival. Brian is the president of the Independent Film Association of Southern Arizona (IFASA), which encourages, builds, and supports a strong local independent film community. His stage performances include a play, several operas (usually as an extra, or super, but once in a named role), and stand-up comedy. He continues to hone his skills by training at professional studios and with various instructors. With his vague half-Thai, half-Irish complexion, he is able to play a range of ethnicities including Hispanic, Southern or Eastern European, Asian, Middle Eastern, or fair-skinned Black. He has a somewhat athletic build and skills which include gymnastics, rock climbing, rappelling, parachuting, unicycling, swimming, and horseback riding. He has twenty years of military experience, mostly in special operations. He is conversant in German and lived overseas for eleven years. He is also a published writer. He has a twenty year-old son, Collin.  See full bio on IMDb »

Bank Honcho Brian Mulligan Demands Investigation Into Leaked 'Bath Salts' Tape

Bank Honcho Brian Mulligan
Demands Investigation Into Leaked 'Bath Salts' Tape

A lawyer for Deutsche Bank honcho Brian Mulligan is demanding the LAPD launch a full-blown investigation into the leaked audio tape -- in which Brian admits to using narcotic "bath salts" --… READ MORE >

Snag in Bank Media Honcho Cop Brutality Lawsuit --  He's A Bath Salts Addict

Bank Media Honcho
Snag in Brutality Lawsuit He's a Bath Salts Addict

The Deutsche Bank honcho who claims LAPD officers beat the holy hell out of him back in May contacted police 2 days before the alleged beating and confessed he was addicted to bath salts. TMZ… READ MORE >

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