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Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is a NFL quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers who made headlines when he began sitting or taking a knee as the National Anthem played in the stadium during the 2016 football preseason. The mixed race athlete was using his notoriety to give voice to the voiceless. He was making a political statement about racism, oppression, and police brutality in America by opting out of the “Star-Spangled Banner” prior to games. Other athletes followed suit in solidarity, but Kaepernick faced threats and backlash from critics. Kaepernick was born on November 3, 1987 to white biological mother Heidi Russo in Milwaukee, WI. He was adopted and raised by Teresa and Rick Kaepernick, a white couple, in Turlock, CA. He attended the University of Nevada and is the founder of the Colin Kaepernick Foundation to fight oppression. Colin also hosts the Know Your Rights Camp for youth to get educated on how to interact with law enforcement. Kaepernick was featured on the cover of the October 3, 2016 issue of “Time” magazine.

Dean Cain Still Pissed Over Kaepernick Protest, 'Disrespected the Flag'

Dean Cain
Kaepernick Dissed the Flag ... I'm Still Mad About It

Dean Cain is still upset about Colin Kaepernick's national anthem protest -- telling TMZ Sports, "I know a lot of people who fought and died for that flag. I would never disrespect it like… READ MORE >

Colin Kaepernick Supporters Gather At NFL Headquarters (VIDEO)

Colin Kaepernick
Supporters Gather At NFL HQ 'We Stand For Him'

Colin Kaepernick's most passionate supporters gathered at the NFL Headquarters in NYC Wednesday ... expressing their solidarity with the free agent QB. Kevin Livingston of "100 Suits For 100 Men"… READ MORE >

- 33 days ago
Vernon Davis Says Colin Kaepernick Can Still Play, 'Great Teammate' (VIDEO)

Vernon Davis
Kaepernick Can Still Play 'Great Teammate'

Colin Kaepernick's old 49ers teammate, Vernon Davis, is going to bat for the QB -- saying the guy isn't just a great player, but he's "one of those guys that you want on your team." Vernon told… READ MORE >

- 40 days ago
FS1's Joy Taylor: Seems 49ers Sandbagging Colin Kaepernick

FS1's Joy Taylor
Seems 49ers Sandbagging Colin Kaepernick

Are the 49ers trying to sabotage Colin Kaepernick?  It's possible ... according to FS1 star Joy Taylor who says it seems like much of the bad info hitting the media about CK is coming from… READ MORE >

- 46 days ago
Colin Kaepernick Praised As Hero For Donating 50 Custom Suits To Ex-Cons

Colin Kaepernick
Praised As 'Hero' After Donating 50 Custom Suits To Ex-Cons

Colin Kaepernick is a hero to ex-convicts and men still behind bars ... so says a community organizer who Colin blessed with a huge donation.  TMZ Sports spoke with Kevin… READ MORE >

- 57 days ago
Charlamagne tha God Says Colin Kaepernick Is Getting Screwed (VIDEO)

Charlamagne Tha God
Colin Kaepernick Is Getting Screwed

If Colin Kaepernick was on fire ... next to a burning American flag ... which one would you put out? That's what Charlamagne tha God wants to know -- and if you even hesitate before answering,… READ MORE >

- 61 days ago
Colin Kaepernick Hits Chris Brown Concert In NYC with Boxing Star (PHOTO)

Colin Kaepernick
Hits Chris Brown Concert In NYC ... with Boxing Star

So many questions ... Colin Kaepernick turned up in Brooklyn, NY on Monday -- hanging at the Chris Brown concert at the Barclays Center where he posed for a photo with boxing star Adrien Broner.  READ MORE >

- 63 days ago
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Won't Say Kaepernick Is Being Blackballed By NFL

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Kapernick Blackballed? 'Hard to Say'

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar tells TMZ Sports it's "hard to say" if Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed by the NFL ... and says we'll just have to "wait and see" if he gets hired before the 2017… READ MORE >

- 67 days ago
Jim Harbaugh Says America 'Must Celebrate' Kaepernick for Protest

Jim Harbaugh
America 'Must Celebrate' Kaepernick ... for Anthem Protest

Colin Kaepernick's former 49ers head coach, Jim Harbaugh, is coming out STRONG in defense of his old QB -- saying Americans "must celebrate" him for his National Anthem protest. Harbaugh --… READ MORE >

- 68 days ago
Brandon Marshall Says Kaepernick 'Better Than Every QB In Free Agency'

Denver's Brandon Marshall
SIGN KAEP ALREADY 'Better Than Every QB that Got Signed In Free Agency'

Colin Kaepernick is BETTER than every single quarterback who got signed in free agency ... Mike Glennon, Geno Smith, Nick Foles ... this according to Denver Broncos star Brandon Marshall. … READ MORE >

- 74 days ago
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