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Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is a NFL quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers who made headlines when he began sitting or taking a knee as the National Anthem played in the stadium during the 2016 football preseason. The mixed race athlete was using his notoriety to give voice to the voiceless. He was making a political statement about racism, oppression, and police brutality in America by opting out of the “Star-Spangled Banner” prior to games. Other athletes followed suit in solidarity, but Kaepernick faced threats and backlash from critics. Kaepernick was born on November 3, 1987 to white biological mother Heidi Russo in Milwaukee, WI. He was adopted and raised by Teresa and Rick Kaepernick, a white couple, in Turlock, CA. He attended the University of Nevada and is the founder of the Colin Kaepernick Foundation to fight oppression. Colin also hosts the Know Your Rights Camp for youth to get educated on how to interact with law enforcement. Kaepernick was featured on the cover of the October 3, 2016 issue of “Time” magazine.

'Black Power' Olympian Says Colin Kaepernick's Done in the NFL, But He's Beyond That Now

Olympian John Carlos
Kaep Won't Play in the NFL Again But He's Beyond That Now

One of the Olympians who iconically raised his fist at the 1968 games says Colin Kaepernick will not play in the NFL again, but adds ... it won't impact his legacy. John Carlos -- who,… READ MORE >

D.L. Hughley Says Colin Kaepernick Is More Hated Than O.J.

D.L. Hughley
Colin Kaepernick Is More Hated Than O.J.

D.L. Hughley says there's someone America hates MORE than O.J. Simpson, and that man is Colin Kaepernick ... who Hughley thinks is getting the major shaft from NFL owners, and the… READ MORE >

- 6 hours ago
Colin Kaepernick Files Collusion Grievance Against NFL (UPDATE)

Colin Kaepernick
Files Grievance Against NFL ... For Alleged Collusion

4:56 PM PT -- Colin's lawyer, Mark Geragos, released a statement saying ... "We can confirm that this morning we filed a grievance under the CBA on behalf of Colin Kaepernick. This was done only… READ MORE >

- 1 day ago
Jay Glazer: Colin Kaepernick Will Play in NFL This Season, Here's Why

Jay Glazer
Kaepernick Will Play in NFL This Year ... Here's Why

Colin Kaepernick will make it back to the NFL, and it's gonna happen THIS SEASON -- so says NFL Insider Jay Glazer.  Jay tells TMZ Sports signing Kaep comes down to a simple formula --… READ MORE >

- 3 days ago
G-Eazy: Hey Eminem, I'm With Kaepernick Too!!

Hey Eminem, I'm With Kap Too!!!

Colin Kaepernick is having a great week with white rappers, 'cause days after Eminem pledged allegiance to the embattled QB, hip-hop star G-Eazy has followed suit. The "Me, Myself & I" rapper… READ MORE >

- 4 days ago
Donald Trump: NFL Shoulda Suspended Kaepernick for Kneeling

Donald Trump:
NFL Shoulda Suspended Kaepernick for Kneeling

If the NFL would have hit Colin Kaepernick with a meaningful suspension every time he took a knee last season, it would have killed the protest dead in its tracks ... so says Donald Trump. … READ MORE >

- 6 days ago
'Rap City' Host Big Tigger Explains Why He Kneeled at BET Hip Hop Awards

'Rap City' Host Big Tigger
Here's Why I Took a Knee ... At BET Hip Hop Awards

'Rap City' host Big Tigger says he decided to drop to one knee at the BET Hip Hop Awards to seize the moment, and show support for Colin Kaepernick. We spoke to Tigger about taking a knee Tuesday… READ MORE >

- 6 days ago
Colin Kaepernick Reportedly Saying He'd Stand for National Anthem NOT True (UPDATE)

Colin Kaepernick
Willing to Stand for Nat'l Anthem? ... Uh, Not So Fast

1:00 PM PT -- Colin just tweeted about the misinformation over him being willing to stand for the national anthem with a quote from Winston Churchill. His girlfriend, Nessa, also tweeted an… READ MORE >

- 9 days ago
Colin Kaepernick In Top Secret Harlem Photo Shoot

Colin Kaepernick
Top Secret Harlem Photo Shoot

Colin Kaepernick surfaced in the streets of Harlem on Friday -- rockin' a dashiki and posing with a diverse group of young people ... and TMZ Sports has the video.  It was all for a photo… READ MORE >

- 10 days ago
Jay Z Refocuses Kneeling Protest by Wearing Kapernick Jersey on 'SNL'

Jay Z
Refocuses Kneeling Protest Wears Kapernick Jersey on 'SNL'

Jay Z made a not-so-subtle statement on the season opener of "SNL" ... with his Colin Kaepernick jersey. Jay and Damian Marley were the musical guests and performed "Bam" from his "4:44" album.… READ MORE >

- 16 days ago
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