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Conrad Hilton

Conrad Hilton inherited his name from his hotel magnate great-grandfather. He is the son of Kathy and Richard Hilton. Hilton was raised with his siblings – sisters Paris and Nicky and brother Barron – in Los Angeles. The troubled young man has faced multiple arrests and has exhibited disturbing behavior. In May 2017, he stole his ex-girlfriend’s dad’s Bentley and allegedly attempted to break into her mom’s house. His ex, Hunter, is the daughter of voice over artist E.G. Daily and Rick Salomon, who was in Hilton’s sister Paris’ infamous sex tape. Hunter has a restraining order against him, which he violated. The Hilton family and his lawyer are concerned about his mental health and would like to see him hospitalized for diagnosis and treatment. Hilton and his ex have a tumultuous past. Hunter grew concerned Hilton was suicidal in May 2015 when he began obsessing over her long after they broke up and threatened to take his own life. Things got worse the following month when Hilton broke into Hunter’s home in June 2015. His dad, Richard, was called to the scene to calm his son down enough for cops to arrest him for trespassing. Hilton’s rap sheet dates all the way back to his teenage years. He found himself in juvie for testing positive for marijuana while on probation for a previous pot bust. In July 2014, Hilton had an outburst on a plane and got violent with flight attendants. His attorney, Robert Shapiro, blamed his behavior on a sleeping pill. Hilton checked in to a rehab program after this incident. Hilton has narrowly escaped death behind the wheel. He’s been involved in numerous serious wrecks due to speeding.

Conrad Hilton Pleads Not Guilty, But Doing Better After Getting Professional Help

Conrad Hilton
I'm Not Guilty Doing Well After Getting Professional Help

Conrad Hilton pled not guilty Thursday to violating a restraining order by showing up at his ex-girlfriend's doorstep ... but the bigger news is that he seems to be doing a lot better after… READ MORE >

Kyle Richards Says Don't Judge Conrad Hilton (VIDEO)

Kyle Richards
Don't Judge Conrad Hilton ... He's Struggling

Conrad Hilton hurled a slew of racial and homophobic slurs when he was arrested earlier this month for violating a restraining order, and his aunt, Kyle Richards, says don't be quick to… READ MORE >

- 239 days ago
Conrad Hilton Goes Off in Court, 'I Got Assaulted, Objection!' (VIDEO)

Conrad Hilton
'I Got Assaulted, Objection!'

Conrad Hilton's not getting out of jail anytime soon, but he was back in court Thursday morning and once again ... unleashed an angry rant. Paris Hilton's younger bro was facing the judge in… READ MORE >

- 252 days ago
Conrad Hilton Goes On Homophobic Rant in Court, Agrees to Hospitalization (VIDEO)

Conrad Hilton
Homophobic Rant in Court ... Released to Hospital

Conrad Hilton exploded in anger during his arraignment Wednesday, saying in the courtroom, "So f***ing gay." Hilton did not enter a plea to violating a restraining order by trying to break… READ MORE >

- 253 days ago
Conrad Hilton Forced E.G. Daily to Lock Down Her Home Months Before His Arrest

E.G. Daily
Conrad Forced Us into Lockdown Months Before His Arrest

Conrad Hilton's behavior has been erratic for so long ... E.G. Daily's house was on a security lockdown long before he arrived on her doorstep last weekend. Sources close to E.G. tell TMZ both she… READ MORE >

- 253 days ago
Conrad Hilton No-Shows at Arraignment After Refusing to Ride the Bus (UPDATE)

Conrad Hilton
Refuses Jail Bus Ride No-Show at Arraignment

3:45 PM PT -- Despite his no-show, Conrad's been officially charged with a felony count of driving or taking a vehicle without consent.  He was also charged with 2 misdemeanors for violating… READ MORE >

- 254 days ago
Conrad Hilton To Be Released on Bail if He Agrees to Enter Hospital for Diagnosis

Conrad Hilton
To Be Released on Bail If He Agrees to Enter Hospital for Diagnosis

Conrad Hilton's family will use his arrest after going off the rails at his ex-girlfriend's house to get him help ... TMZ has learned. We broke the story ... Conrad was arrested Saturday at 4 AM… READ MORE >

- 255 days ago
Conrad Hilton Unleashes Homophobic Tirade on Cops During Arrest at E.G. Daily's House (VIDEO)

Conrad Hilton
Unloads Racist, Homophobic Rant During Arrest at Ex's Home

Conrad Hilton raged at police during his arrest at E.G. Daily's house -- unleashing homophobic and racist slurs on police. TMZ obtained video of Conrad's arrest early Saturday morning… READ MORE >

- 255 days ago
Conrad Hilton's Ex-GF Hunter Daily Fears Him, I Don't Know What He's Capable Of (VIDEO)

Conrad Hilton's Ex-GF
I'm Afraid of Him ... He's Not All There, Mentally

Conrad Hilton's ex, Hunter Daily Salomon, is living in fear ... because she believes he has serious mental health issues. The 21-year-old actress was in L.A. Sunday -- the day after Hilton was… READ MORE >

- 255 days ago
E.G. Daily Says Conrad Hilton Needs Help, Arrest Long Overdue (VIDEO)

E.G. Daily
Conrad Hilton Needs Help ... This Has to Stop!!

E.G. Daily feels terrible about Conrad Hilton getting arrested for trying to break into her house, but she's also concerned for her family ... and says something needed to be done this time. E.G.… READ MORE >

- 257 days ago
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