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Corinne Olympios

DeMario Jackson Is Negotiating With 'Dancing With the Stars'

DeMario Jackson
Negotiating with 'Dancing With the Stars'

Turns out controversial "Bachelor In Paradise" star DeMario Jackson may not be done with reality TV -- TMZ has learned producers are seriously considering him for a "Dancing With the Stars" slot.… READ MORE >

Corinne Olympios Appearing on 'Bachelor in Paradise' Reunion Special

Corinne Olympios
Could Face DeMario on 'BiP' Reunion ... She's Showing Up!!!

Corinne Olympios could come face-to-face with DeMario Jackson on the "Bachelor in Paradise" reunion show, 'cause she'll be there ... according to Corinne herself. Corinne put out a statement… READ MORE >

- 195 days ago
DeMario Jackson Says He's Going to 'BIP' Reunion Show and is Down with Corinne

DeMario Jackson
I'm Goin' to 'BIP' Reunion Show And I Got Love for Corinne

DeMario Jackson is not only willing ... he's eager to appear on a "Bachelor in Paradise" reunion show so he can hug all his former castmates who privately supported him over Corinne Olympios'… READ MORE >

- 199 days ago
Corinne Olympios Ends Her 'Bachelor in Paradise' Investigation

Corinne Olympios
My 'Bachelor in Paradise' Probe Is Over

Corinne Olympios is satisfied with her legal team's investigation into the "Bachelor in Paradise" pool incident with DeMario Jackson. Corinne says, "I felt victimized by the fact that others were… READ MORE >

- 208 days ago
DeMario Jackson Is Neck Deep With Hot Chicks Post 'BiP' Scandal

DeMario Jackson
Neck Deep With Hot Chicks Post 'BIP' Scandal

DeMario Jackson doesn't need the 'Bachelor' franchise to help him wrangle hot chicks ... dude's leaving the club with car loads of them post his and Corinne's "Bachelor in Paradise" mess. Corinne… READ MORE >

- 210 days ago
'Bachelor in Paradise' Contestants Need Producers' Permission Before Having Sex

'Bachelor in Paradise'
Producers Must Approve Before ... Contestants Get it On

"Bachelor in Paradise" contestants who want to have sex must wait a beat and get permission from producers ... TMZ has learned. Sources at the Mexican resort where the show is being filmed tell… READ MORE >

- 210 days ago
'Bachelor in Paradise' Reboot ... 2 Drink Maximum Per Hour

'Bachelor in Paradise' Reboot
2 Drink Max Per Hour

"Bachelor in Paradise" producers aren't taking any chances of drunken, nonconsensual sex ... because they've imposed new drinking rules on the cast. Production sources tell us there is now a 2… READ MORE >

- 211 days ago
DeMario Jackson Wants to Talk Privately with Corinne Olympios About 'Bachelor in Paradise' Incident

DeMario Jackson
Wants to Hash it Out with Corinne ... But the Ball's in Her Court

DeMario Jackson is looking for answers, and thinks a 1-on-1 with Corinne Olympios could help him finally get some peace of mind ... but she's gotta make the first move. Sources close to the… READ MORE >

- 212 days ago
'Bachelor in Paradise' New Policy Now Includes Checking Luggage for Prescription Drugs

'Bachelor in Paradise'
New Policy ... Checking Luggage for Illegal Drugs

"Bachelor in Paradise" contestants will have to ante up all drugs -- both legal and not -- when they land in Mexico for the relaunched version this weekend. TMZ has obtained an email sent by… READ MORE >

- 214 days ago
DeMario Jackson Says He's Not Going Back to 'Bachelor in Paradise'

DeMario Jackson
I'm Done with 'BiP'

DeMario Jackson -- the guy who had oral sex with Corinne Olympios during filming of "Bachelor in Paradise" -- is done with the show.  Sources close to DeMario tell TMZ he's suffered from… READ MORE >

- 216 days ago
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