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Diane Warren

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Diane was born in Van Nuys, California, USA on September 7, 1956 to parents David and Flora Warren. She become a prolific writer in her neighborhood, writing songs every day and eventually surpassing 1,000 of them. Her dad (an insurance salesman) took Diane to see publishers who said she had potential, but to come back and see them in the future. After signing with producer Jack White, circa 1983, the partnership produced her songs "Solitaire" and "Hot Night", which was recorded by Laura Branigan for the Ghostbusters (1984) soundtrack. It was also the beginning of a long line of film song projects, which produced many Oscar and Golden Globe nominations. After a legal battle with producer Jack White, Diane started her own publishing company called "Real Songs" in the late 80s. The company has the rights to all her songs and makes deals with hundreds of artists (and record companies) who record them.  See full bio on IMDb »

Diane Warren Rips Taylor Swift Over Petty Hidden Messages on New Album

Diane Warren
No Time for Taylor's Hidden Messages ... She Ain't The Beatles!!!

Taylor Swift's wasting her time -- and more importantly the world's -- with stupid secret jabs at her rivals ... according to songwriting legend Diane Warren. The rumor is Taylor packed her… READ MORE >

Legendary Songwriter Diane Warren -- Snoop Dogg Got Me SOOOO HIGHHHH

Diane Warren
Snoop Dogg Got Me SOOO HIGH

Legendary songwriter Diane Warren -- who wrote pretty much every hit song you've ever heard -- tells TMZ, it took her 56 years to reach the highest point of her career ... when Snoop Dogg got her… READ MORE >

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