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Elin Nordegren

Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈeːlɪn ˈnɔɖəɡreːn]; born January 1, 1980) is a former Swedish model and the ex-wife of professional golfer Tiger Woods. Nordegren was born in Stockholm, Sweden. Her mother, Barbro Holmberg, is a politician and the former Swedish migration and asylum policy minister, and the current Governor of Gävleborg County. Her father, Thomas Nordegren, is a radio journalist who served as a bureau chief in Washington, D.C. She has an older brother, Axel, and a twin sister, Josefin. Nordegren and her sister worked odd summer jobs and as cashiers in supermarkets to finance their studies. She started modeling in 2000, and appeared on the cover of Cafe Sport magazine in the summer of 2000. Nordegren took a job in a Stockholm clothing store called Champagne, where she met Mia Parnevik, wife of Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik, who hired Nordegren as the nanny to their children, a job that required her to move to the U.S. He introduced her to Woods during the 2001 Open Championship. Parnevik also is being quoted as having said, "I'm kind of filled with sorrow for Elin since me and my wife are at fault for hooking her up with him, and we probably

Tiger Woods' Ex-Wife Elin Nordegren -- Hottest Soccer Coach Ever!

Tiger Woods' Ex-Wife
Hottest Soccer Coach Ever

After getting $100 million for kickin' ex-husband Tiger Woods to the curb, Elin Nordegren is putting all of her fancy footwork to good use ... by coaching her daughter's soccer team.With her… READ MORE >

Tiger Woods' Ex-Wife -- My New Boyfriend Has a WAY Bigger One

Tiger Woods' Ex-Wife
My New BF Has A WAY Bigger One

When you put them side-by-side, Tiger Woods just can't hold a candle to Elin Nordegren's alleged new boyfriend. In fact, Tiger's is WAY smaller.Billionaire coal magnate Chris Cline has moored his… READ MORE >

- 1467 days ago
Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren -- Reunited and It Feels So Awkward

Tiger & Elin
Reunited and It Feels So Awkward

Elin Nordegren curbed her hatred for Tiger Woods long enough to co-parent at a youth sports event -- which, luckily for Tiger, did not involve golf ... or golf clubs. Check out TMZ on TV -- click… READ MORE >

- 1488 days ago
Tiger Woods Reunited with Elin Nordegren [PHOTOS]

Tiger & Elin
Time Heals All

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren haven't been photographed together in an eternity ... UNTIL TODAY ... and TMZ has the photos.Woods and Nordegren both showed up at an event in Jupiter, FL for a… READ MORE >

- 1491 days ago
Elin Nordegren's New Mansion -- How Swede It Is

Elin Nordegren's New Mansion
How Swede It Is

Elin Nordegren -- the very rich ex-wife of Tiger Woods -- apparently has an acute case of Stockholm Syndrome -- because she can't shake her Swedish roots.Take a gander at the 21,000 square foot… READ MORE >

- 1565 days ago
Tiger Woods -- Cheating Scandal House Gets MASSIVE Facelift

Tiger Woods
Cheating Scandal House Gets Massive Facelift

It's been 3 years since Tiger Woods' ex-wife Elin Nordegren smashed his SUV with a golf club -- over a massive cheating scandal that derailed his life -- and now, Tiger's finally starting to… READ MORE >

- 1603 days ago
Elin Nordegren's Bikini Weekend -- Who's Ready to Rebound?

Elin Nordegren's
Bikini Weekend -- Who's Ready to Rebound?

Breakups do a body good ... especially for Elin Nordegren ... who was flaunting her bikini hardbody just days after ending things with her Tiger Woods rebound guy Jamie Dingman. The Swedish… READ MORE >

- 1769 days ago
Elin Nordegren -- My Home Is NOT the Playboy Mansion!!!

Elin Nordegren
My Home is NOT The Playboy Mansion!

Everyone knows ... nothing attracts hot, young naked women like a badass grotto (just ask Hugh Hefner) which might be why Elin Nordegren is officially SCRAPPING plans to build one at her… READ MORE >

- 1895 days ago
Elin Nordegren:  I'm So Rich, I'm Building the Same House I Knocked Down

Elin Nordegren
I'm So Rich, I'm Building The Same House I Knocked Down

Elin Nordegren is SO rich -- she's basically building a replica of the multimillion dollar estate she knocked down.  TMZ has obtained renderings Elin submitted to the Palm Beach County Dept.… READ MORE >

- 1902 days ago

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