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Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is a retired American boxer. Mayweather ended his almost two decade professional career undefeated with a 49-0 record when he hung up his gloves for good in September 2015 after defeating Andre Berto. Rumors swirl about a potential comeback to fight Conor McGregor. He is the highest paid boxer in history and was the highest paid athlete for several years. He broke the pay-per-view record for his 2015 fight against Manny Pacquiao. Fans call him The Best Ever, or T.B.E. Over the course of his career, Mayweather competed in four different weight classes and took home six ESPYs. Before turning pro, his titles included the Golden Gloves (1993, 1994, and 1996) and the 1996 Olympic bronze medal. Mayweather was partnered with pro Karina Smirnoff on Season Five of “Dancing With the Stars,” but was eliminated in the early rounds of the competition. The Money Team is a lifestyle brand inspired by Mayweather. Mayweather was born on February 24, 1977 in Grand Rapids, Michigan as Floyd Joy Sinclair to parents Floyd, Sr. and Deborah. Boxing is in his genes. His dad and uncles also stepped into the ring. Mayweather has never been married, but had a broken engagement to Shantel Jackson. He has four children from two previous relationships – sons Koraun and Zion and daughter Jirah with Josie Harris – and – daughter Iyanna with Melissia Brim. Mayweather served jail time for domestic violence and harassment. He resides in Las Vegas.

Floyd Mayweather on MMA Future, 'I Don't Know'

Floyd Mayweather
On MMA Future: 'I Don't Know'

Moment of honesty from Floyd Mayweather? The leader of The Money Team was leaving the NBA All-Star Game in L.A. surrounded by TMT crew when we asked about Conor McGregor's new statement ... that… READ MORE >

Adrien Broner Arrested for Sexual Battery

Boxer Adrien Broner
Arrested for Sexual Battery

Former boxing champ Adrien Broner was arrested in Atlanta Monday night for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman at a local shopping mall, TMZ Sports has confirmed.  Officials tell us ...… READ MORE >

- 7 days ago
Floyd Mayweather Pays $25K For a Bugatti Oil Change

Floyd Mayweather
Bugatti Oil Changes? $25,000-A-POP!

Owning exotic cars ain't cheap -- just ask Floyd Mayweather who spends more on an OIL CHANGE than some people make in a year!!!! TMZ Sports spoke with Floyd's longtime car guy Obi Okeke --… READ MORE >

- 11 days ago
Lakers Keep Winning, Celeb Fans Love it

L.A. Lakers
If You Win, Celebs Will Come

The Lakers have been CRUSHIN' IT the past few games ... and you can tell by all of the huge celebrity fans who've rushed back to their courtside seats! Pharrell, Floyd Mayweather, Will… READ MORE >

- 11 days ago
Oscar De La Hoya: Floyd Mayweather's an Attention Whore, He'll 'Never' Fight in UFC

Oscar De La Hoya
Floyd Is an Attention Whore ... He'll 'Never' Fight in UFC

Floyd Mayweather CAN'T STAND being outta the spotlight ... so his videos teasing a UFC fight don't mean crap -- so says Oscar De La Hoya. We got Oscar leaving LAX ... and he told us why fans… READ MORE >

- 16 days ago
Conor McGregor Says He's Open to Career in Politics And a Rematch with Floyd!

Conor McGregor
Open to Career in Politics ... And a Rematch w/ Floyd!

"The Notorious" might be "Minister McGregor" in a matter of years ... 'cause Conor McGregor tells TMZ Sports he's open to a career in politics! We got Conor chillin' in NYC with his GF, Dee… READ MORE >

- 18 days ago
Tyron Woodley Breaks Down Crazy Tonya Harding Knockout Video

Tyron Woodley
Breaks Down Crazy ... Tonya Harding Knockout Video

Tonya Harding K.O.'d the living hell out of another woman during a 2005 boxing match that most people haven't seen ... UNTIL NOW ... and Tyron Woodley is breaking down the video.  The UFC… READ MORE >

- 18 days ago
Demetrious Johnson: Floyd Would Get 'Ass Whooped' in UFC, MMA > Boxing!

Demetrious Johnson
Floyd Gets His 'Ass Whooped' in UFC ... MMA > Boxing!

If Floyd Mayweather fights in the UFC, Demetrious Johnson says he knows exactly how it'd go down -- "He'd get his ass whooped." TMZ Sports spoke with the UFC's pound-for-pound king in Minneapolis… READ MORE >

- 18 days ago
Conor McGregor to Floyd: Fight Me In UFC Or You'll Regret It Forever

Conor McGregor to Floyd:
Fight Me In UFC Or You'll Regret It Forever

Conor McGregor says Floyd Mayweather needs to stop flirting with an MMA fight and ACTUALLY BOOK IT -- or he'll regret it until the day he dies.  "If he does do it, I know he's flirting with… READ MORE >

- 19 days ago
Floyd Mayweather Talking with Showtime Exec About MMA Fight

Floyd Mayweather
Talking with Showtime Exec ... About MMA Fight

Floyd Mayweather is heading to Minnesota where he's set to meet with Showtime honcho Stephen Espinoza ... and the two will DEFINITELY be talking about a possible MMA fight.  "It will be a… READ MORE >

- 19 days ago
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