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Gene Simmons

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Best known as the fire breathing, blood splitting and larger than life co-founder of hard rock supergroup, KISS. Simmons was actually born Chaim Witz in Haifa, Israel in August, 1949 of Hungarian background and moved to New York as a young child. Like many American teenagers of the 1960s, he was influenced by a fascination with comic book super heroes, monster movies and rock and roll music, thus the teenage Simmons set about creating what he perceived as the ultimate music supergroup.Simmons eventually crossed paths with like-minded musician / songwriter Paul Stanley (born Stanley Eisen) in the early 1970s, and after several failed attempts to create their dream band, they recruited fellow New Yorkers spaced out guitarist Ace Frehley (born Paul Daniel Frehley) and "do anything to make it" drummer Peter Criss (born Peter Crisscuola).The four struggling young musicians practiced relentlessly in a rundown loft in New York City refining their music & stage show before eventually launching themselves on the New York live music scene in the early 1970s with their blitzkrieg style of hard rock, kabuki stage make up and unforgettable high energy performances. After bombarding media, TV & public relations identities with invites to their shows, Simmons and Stanley soon brokered a deal with Madison Ave executive Bill Aucoin for him to manage the band, and Aucoin soon scored KISS a record deal with the fledgling Casablanca Records & Filmworks.....and the rest as they say is KISStory!Since their first album debuted in 1974, KISS have sold over 80 million albums and played over 2,000 shows to millions of loyal fans (known as the KISS Army) right around the globe. Never one to keep still for too long, the charismatic Simmons made his first feature film appearance as his alter ego (The Demon from KISS) in the 1978 telemovie KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park, which received scathing reviews in the USA from TV critics. However KISS fans internationally loved the film and it played theatrically to strong box office business in dozens of countries, and has since become something of a cult film....despite it's corny, cartoonish plot! Since KISS didn't drop wearing their distinctive make up until 1983, it was several years before Simmons appeared in front of the cameras again (this time without the Demon make up), as an evil techno-junkie killer battling Tom Selleck in the thriller Runaway. Simmons has since continued to turn up in low-key roles in B-grade thrillers such as Wanted: Dead or Alive and Red Surf that utilize his ability to glower and look menacingly into the camera. In addition, Simmons has appeared in minor guest roles in several TV crime shows including Miami Vice, Millennium and, most recently, in Third Watch.  See full bio on IMDb »

La Toya Jackson -- Forgiving the MJ Haters

La Toya Jackson
Forgiving the MJ Haters

La Toya Jackson thinks a lot of Michael Jackson haters have had a change of heart since her brother died -- but it's unclear whether she's including Gene Simmons in that group.You'll recall KISS… READ MORE >

Michael Jackson Tribute Concert - We're Killing KISS From the Roster

Michael Jackson Tribute Concert
We're Killing KISS From the Roster

The promoters of the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert have heard fans loud and clear -- Gene Simmons, who has accused Michael of being a pedophile, and his band KISS, have been dropped from the… READ MORE >

- 1749 days ago
Michael Jackson Estate Threatens MJ Tribute Promoters

Michael Jackson Estate
Something Stinks Over MJ Tribute Concert

The honchos in charge of the Michael Jackson Estate are threatening the people behind the Michael Jackson Tribute concert, claiming the promoters have sullied Michael's name and are possibly even… READ MORE >

- 1749 days ago
Gene Simmons Honors MJ - The Man He Called a Pedophile

MJ Tribute Concert
Gene Simmons to Perform Despite Calling MJ a Pedophile

Pretty ironic -- Gene Simmons, who called Michael Jackson a hard-core pedophile, will perform at the MJ Tribute Concert.Katherine Jackson was on CNN this AM, talking about the concert, when… READ MORE >

- 1750 days ago
Gene 'I'll Never Get Married' Simmons ... PROPOSES!!!!

Gene 'I'll Never Get Married' Simmons
... PROPOSES!!!!

He's famously sworn that he would never get married ... but KISS frontman Gene Simmons is one step closer to breaking that vow ... proposing to his longtime GF Shannon Tweed in Belize recently. We… READ MORE >

- 1770 days ago
Gene Simmons' Daughter -- WRECKED in L.A.

Gene Simmons' Daughter

Gene Simmons' 18-year-old daughter was in a NASTY four-car pile-up Thursday afternoon -- and TMZ has learned she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance to get checked out.Sources close to the… READ MORE >

- 1842 days ago
Gene Simmons -- Hard Proof He Banged 5,000 Chicks

Gene Simmons
Hard Proof He Banged 5,000 Chicks

Gene Simmons not only claims to have knocked boots with around 5,000 women in his lifetime -- dude claims he can prove it ... saying he took Polaroid pics of practically EVERY SINGLE ONE. During a… READ MORE >

- 1987 days ago
Gene Simmons Hospitalized Briefly for Dehydration

Gene Simmons Hospitalized Briefly for Dehydration

Gene Simmons was spotted leaving Centinela Hospital in Inglewood, Calif. today after he fainted at LAX yesterday. Sources close to Simmons tell TMZ he hit his head after fainting and was rushed to… READ MORE >

- 2043 days ago
Dr. Ryan's Famous Friends -- Shock, Emotion

Dr. Ryan's Famous Friends -- Shock, Emotion

Dr. Frank Ryan's celebrity friends have already begun issuing statements on the tragedy -- from the people who went under his knife ... and the people who loved him.  READ MORE >

- 2112 days ago
Gene Simmons -- KISS the Criminal Charges G'bye

Gene Simmons -- KISS the Criminal Charges G'bye

Gene Simmons is no terrorist -- at least according to the L.A. County District Attorney, who just decided not to prosecute the rocker over an alleged violent altercation with two people. The D.A.… READ MORE >

- 2195 days ago

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