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Halle Berry

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Halle Berry was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Her father, Jerome Jesse Berry, was African-American, and worked as a hospital attendant. Her mother, Judith Ann (Hawkins), who is Caucasian, has English and German ancestry, and is a retired psychiatric nurse. Halle has an older sister named Heidi Berry. Halle first came into the spotlight at seventeen years when she won the Miss Teen All-American Pageant, representing the state of Ohio in 1985 and, a year later in 1986, when she was the first runner-up in the Miss U.S.A. Pageant. After participating in the pageant, Halle became a model. It eventually led to her first weekly TV series, 1989's Living Dolls (1989), where she soon gained a reputation for her on-set tenacity, preferring to "live" her roles and remaining in character even when the cameras stopped rolling. It paid off though when she reportedly refused to bathe for several days before starting work on her role as a crack addict in Spike Lee's Jungle Fever (1991) because the role provided her big screen breakthrough. The following year, she was cast as Eddie Murphy's love interest in Boomerang (1992), one of the few times that Murphy was evenly matched on screen. In 1994, Berry gained a youthful following for her performance as sexy secretary "Sharon Stone" in The Flintstones (1994). She next had a highly publicized costarring role with Jessica Lange in the adoption drama Losing Isaiah (1995). Though the movie received mixed reviews, Berry didn't let that slow her down, and continued down her path to super-stardom. In 1998, she received critical success when she starred as a street smart young woman who takes up with a struggling politician in Warren Beatty's Bulworth (1998). The following year, she won even greater acclaim for her role as actress Dorothy Dandridge in made-for-cable's Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (1999), for which she won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Movie/Mini-Series. In 2000, she received box office success in X-Men (2000) in which she played "Storm", a mutant who has the ability to control the weather.  See full bio on IMDb »

Halle Berry Goes Commando for NAACP Image Awards

Halle Berry
Reporting for Duty At NAACP Image Awards

Halle Berry wasn't getting her panties in a bunch over her wardrobe at the NAACP Image Awards this week ... which is easy when you're not wearing any. Halle glowed on the red carpet Monday in… READ MORE >

Halle Berry Chugs a Lot of Whiskey at Comic-Con

Halle Berry
Chuggin' Whiskey At Comic-Con

Halle Berry just showed up her "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" co-stars ... by taking their shots of whiskey and raising them a whole damn glass. Halle and the cast were on a panel at San Diego's… READ MORE >

- 280 days ago
Halle Berry: Here's Proof I'm Not Pregnant (PHOTO)

Halle Berry
Here's Proof I'm Not Pregnant

Halle Berry couldn't stomach rumors she was pregnant, so she let her stomach do the talking to prove she's not. The 50-year-old actress was leaving Cecconi's restaurant in WeHo Thursday night ...… READ MORE >

- 321 days ago
Halle Berry, I'm Not Pregnant, Dammit!!! (PHOTO + VIDEO)

Halle Berry
I'm Not Pregnant, Dammit!!!

Halle Berry is not pregnant ... repeat, not pregnant ... this according to reliable sources very close to the actress. This pic raised some eyebrows over the weekend, but Halle shot the rumors… READ MORE >

- 325 days ago
Halle Berry Posts Topless Pic, But Only for Snacks (PHOTO)

Halle Berry
Posts Topless Pic ... Got Snacks?

Halle Berry's happy to give you a glimpse of herself topless ... if ya got a bag o' chips. Halle just posted this shot on her Instagram with the caption, "Me when someone says I'm coming over and… READ MORE >

- 392 days ago
Halle Berry Races for Divorce Because of Pending Deals (DOCUMENT)

Halle Berry
Races for Divorce Big Deals on the Line

Halle Berry needed to be a single woman by the end of 2016 ... because she had some big deals on the line. According to the divorce docs, obtained by TMZ, Halle needed the divorce to go through… READ MORE >

- 478 days ago
Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez Divorce Final

Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez
Divorce Final And She Gets Top Billing!

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are officially single ... and he agreed to let her say, "I left you!" Halle and Olivier filed for divorce at almost the exact same moment back in October 2015 ...… READ MORE >

- 483 days ago
Ric Flair -- Halle Berry Damage Control ... 'She's a Nice Person' (VIDEO)

Ric Flair
Halle Berry Damage Control 'She's a Nice Person'

He's not backing off ... but Ric Flair is certainly trying to make nice with Halle Berry after pissing the actress off by claiming he banged her back in the '90s.  READ MORE >

- 567 days ago
Halle Berry -- Ric Flair's Lying About Sex ... Rep Says

Halle Berry
Ric Flair's Lying About Sex ... Rep Says

Halle Berry NEVER had sex with Ric Flair ... despite claims the wrestling legend made on his radio show -- this according to Halle's rep.  READ MORE >

- 569 days ago
Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez -- LAX Employee Demands ... Get Off Your High Horse!!!

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez
LAX Employee Demands Get Off Your High Horse!!!

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are rich celebrities who feel they're above the law ... so claims the lawyer for the LAX employee who, for the umpteenth time, is trying to get them to sit for a… READ MORE >

- 589 days ago
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