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Joe Francis

Born – April 1, 1973
Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.

Entrepreneur/destroyer of innocence.

Creator of the "Girls Gone Wild" videos, in which young drunk women make terrible decisions that probably come back to haunt them later in life.

Has released over 140 "Girls Gone Wild" videos, including "Girls Gone Wild: College Co-Eds," "Girls Gone Wild: Endless Spring Break" and "Girls Gone Wild at the DMV." (Note: We made one of those titles up).

Special skills include the ability to get drunk girls to lift up their shirts while at the same time getting them to sign release forms.

Got punched in the face by Brody Jenner, who later wrote him a formal apology (that he was required by law to write).

Sues everybody, including Vegas honchos, eBay and possibly you, for reading this.

Is a big believer in free speech, which is slang for "I should be allowed to keep filming your boobies."

Joe Francis Sex Tape Being Shopped -- 'Girls Gone Wild' Honcho Threatens Legal Action

Joe Francis
Sex Tape Surfaces 'Girls Gone Wild' Honcho Threatens Legal Action

"Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis is the star of a brand new hardcore sex tape ... problem is, he claims it was STOLEN from his longtime GF ... and now he's threatening legal action,… READ MORE >

'Girls Gone Wild' Honcho Joe Francis -- Convicted in Female Assault Case

Joe Francis
Convicted In Female Assault Case

"Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis has just been found guilty of assault -- and a slew of other charges -- after attacking a woman in his Hollywood mansion back in 2011.The L.A. City Attorney… READ MORE >

- 345 days ago
Joe Francis -- 'Girls Gone Wild!' Trustee: STAY THE HELL AWAY

Joe Francis
'Girls Gone Wild!' Trustee STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM US!

Exiled "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis is STILL acting like the boss ... threatening and menacing GGW employees ... and now a judge has been asked to keep Joe 100 feet away from the company… READ MORE >

- 358 days ago
'Girls Gone Wild' Goes Bankrupt -- Files for Chapter 11 Protection

'Girls Gone Wild'
Goes Bankrupt Seeks Chapter 11 Protection

"Girls Gone Wild" has gone bankrupt ... filing for Chapter 11 reorganization -- but fear not late night TV viewers ... 'GGW' honchos insist "it will be business as usual" for the porn… READ MORE >

- 413 days ago
Joe Francis -- Catches $21 MILLION Break in War with Steve Wynn

Joe Francis
Catches $21 MILLION Break in War with Steve Wynn

"Girls Gone Wild" honcho Joe Francis just saved a TON of money ... without even switching to Geico ... 'cause a judge slashed the amount of damages he has to pay Steve Wynn by $21 MILLION, TMZ has… READ MORE >

- 521 days ago
Joe Francis: My Ex-Accountant Screwed Me Over

Joe Francis
My Ex-Accountant SCREWED ME OVER

Joe Francis claims his former accountant almost ruined him financially by fraudulently getting him involved in some bogus tax shelters and promising the IRS would be A-OK with it .... and it cost… READ MORE >

- 549 days ago
Steve Wynn to Judge -- Shut Joe Francis Up ... FOR GOOD!

Steve Wynn to Judge
Shut Joe Francis Up ... FOR GOOD!

Casino mogul Steve Wynn wants to make damn sure Joe Francis never calls him a wannabe murderer ever again -- and is now asking a judge to put a big fat sock in Francis' mouth.Wynn just filed a… READ MORE >

- 568 days ago
Joe Francis -- Steve Wynn Jury Beats Him for ANOTHER $20 MILLION

Joe Francis

Joe Francis just got hit with ANOTHER $20 million verdict in his defamation battle with casino mogul Steve Wynn -- on top of the $20 million Wynn was awarded yesterday.The additional $20… READ MORE >

- 583 days ago
Joe Francis -- $20 MILLION LOSER in Steve Wynn Lawsuit

Joe Francis
$20 MILLION LOSER In Steve Wynn Lawsuit

Joe Francis just got hammered by a jury in Steve Wynn's defamation lawsuit -- the jury socked him with a $20 million verdict. If you recall ... Wynn was suing Francis for defamation, claiming the… READ MORE >

- 584 days ago
Steve Wynn: Joe Francis Is 'a Miserable Vicious Assassin'

Steve Wynn
Joe Francis Is 'a Miserable Vicious Assassin'

This is awesome ... 70-year-old billionaire casino mogul Steve Wynn just unloaded on "Girls Gone Wild" honcho Joe Francis outside an L.A. courthouse -- calling Joe "a miserable vicious assassin"… READ MORE >

- 587 days ago

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