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jordan clarkson

Jordan Clarkson Says LaMelo Ball's Shoes Are Worth NCAA Ineligibility

Jordan Clarkson
LaMelo Ball Doesn't Need NCAA ... He's Gonna Be Rich!!

Jordan Clarkson says it's no biggie if LaMelo Ball's ineligible to play college hoops ... 'cause he thinks the $395 signature shoe is gonna make the H.S. prodigy a ton of cash!! TMZ Sports spoke… READ MORE >

Jordan Clarkson and Andre Roberson Play Volleyball with Hot Girls in Thong Bikinis

Jordan Clarkson & Andre Roberson
Volleyball With Thong Bikini Chicks ... 'Nuff Said

Jordan Clarkson is having a hell of an off-season -- as demonstrated in this video of the L.A. Lakers player in a heated game of beach volleyball ... with a bunch of hot chicks in thong bikinis.… READ MORE >

- 153 days ago
Nick Young Gets Hilariously Emotional at Julius Randle's Wedding

Nick Young
Narrates Julius Randle's Wedding ... 'He Gone!'

Nick Young is the Al Michaels of the wedding industry ... 'cause Swaggy P gave out an amazing play-by-play of Julius Randle's marriage ceremony Thursday ... and it's hilarious!! The Lakers… READ MORE >

- 171 days ago
Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky Bump into Her Ex-BF, Jordan Clarkson Has Best Response (VIDEO)

Kendall & A$AP Rocky
Hit Same Party as Her Ex ... Jordan Clarkson Claims Victory

Kendall Jenner nearly had a seriously awkward moment when she and A$AP Rocky ended up at the same party as her ex, Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson -- except Jordan had the smoothest reaction. The… READ MORE >

- 253 days ago
Chandler Parsons Gives Bella Thorne and Jordan Clarkson His Blessing (VIDEO)

Chandler Parsons
Bella Thorne & Jordan Clarkson?! 'They're a Good Couple'

If Jordan Clarkson and Bella Thorne are bangin', Chandler Parsons is happy for 'em ... telling TMZ Sports the (possible) new hot couple has his blessing. Why does Chandler care? Well,… READ MORE >

- 261 days ago
Bella Thorne's Hot Sexy Photos with NBA Star Jordan Clarkson (PHOTO GALLERY)

Bella Thorne
Scorchin' Hot Pics ... With New NBA Star

Bella Thorne is hanging out with a brand new pro athlete ... and believe it or not, we ain't just talking about her boobs and butt cheeks.  The ex-Disney star was rocking a barely there… READ MORE >

- 262 days ago
Lakers' Jordan Clarkson On Lamborghini Date with Hailey Baldwin (VIDEO)

Lakers Star Jordan Clarkson
Lamborghini Date ... With Hailey Baldwin

Startin' to look like things are serious between Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson and model Hailey Baldwin -- the two hit up one of the hottest restaurants in L.A. together Thursday night .. in a… READ MORE >

- 367 days ago
NBA's Jordan Clarkson -- Fiscally Responsible Stuntin' ... 'My Lambo Is Rented' (VIDEO)

NBA's Jordan Clarkson
Fiscally Responsible Stuntin' ... 'My Lambo Is Rented'

Lakers sharpshooter Jordan Clarkson is about to teach you how to stunt ... the non-MC Hammer Antoine Walker way ... tearing up the streets of L.A. in a ridiculous Lambo ... someone rented for… READ MORE >

- 433 days ago
Kendall Jenner, Jordan Clarkson -- Seems Like Fireworks to Us (VIDEO)

Kendall Jenner, Jordan Clarkson
Seems Like Fireworks to Us

Kendall Jenner and Jordan Clarkson were tied at the hip Sunday ... first hanging at Kendall's new Hollywood Hills pad and then making a run for the Bev Hills Hotel. They've been spotted together… READ MORE >

- 567 days ago
Gigi Hadid -- Screw Zayn ... I'm Hangin' with Kendall (VIDEO)

Gigi Hadid
Screw Zayn ... I'm Hangin' with Kendall

Gigi Hadid got back on the horse Thursday night after her breakup with Zayn Malik ... hoofing it with Kendall Jenner. The girls hit up The Nice Guy in WeHo and displayed their trademark… READ MORE >

- 598 days ago
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