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Kate Moss

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One of the more controversial supermodels, primarily because of her unusually low weight during the early part of her career. (she typified the "waif" models). Her unusual appearance (and possibly her willingness to appear nude, "It's just work") have, in a very short time, made her almost as widely recognized as Cindy Crawford.  See full bio on IMDb »

Kate Moss & Pal -- High on Plaid

Kate Moss & Pal
High on Plaid

What the hell is Kate Moss smoking that she would go out in public wearing a similar red plaid article of clothing as her unknown male friend?!Yet another one of Kate's faux pas caught on film. READ MORE >

Kate Moss: All Cracked Out

Kate Moss
All Cracked Out

Supermodel Kate Moss accidentally showed off some of her assets while on a yacht in Ibiza over the weekend.Hopefully, she won't lose any endorsement deals from this incident. READ MORE >

- 3608 days ago
Kate Moss' Weavetastrophe

Kate Moss'

While partying at a club in Germany, good time girl Kate Moss lost more than her inhibitions -- she lost her weave!Kate's a pro -- her hair falls out without the need of a Les Deux girl fight. READ MORE >

- 3660 days ago
Kate Gets Wet and Wild

Gets Wet and Wild

Johnny Depp's ex hits another stop on her amusement park world tour.Kate Moss and daughter Lila Grace stopped by Universal Studios Hollywood and rode the "Jurassic Park" ride. But not before… READ MORE >

- 3727 days ago
Moss and Daughter Fall Down the Rabbit Hole

Moss and Daughter
Fall Down the Rabbit Hole

Talking caterpillars, mad tea parties and dancing to the Lobster Quadrille -- sounds like a night out with Kate's ex-fiance/super junkie Pete Doherty! With Pete far behind her, Kate Moss and her… READ MORE >

- 3729 days ago
Paps Shoot Up Kate Moss

Shoot Up Kate Moss

You'd think it was Britney in the middle of all those paps -- nah, it's just the waif wonder herself, Kate Moss. There was one cop there ... but he didn't really do much good. READ MORE >

- 3730 days ago
Kate Moss' Abominable Outfit

Kate Moss'
Abominable Outfit

Looking like Madonna's "Hung Up" body double, supermodel Kate Moss was snapped leaving a friend's North London home on Monday -- garbed in the furry carcass of a yeti, the spandex remnants from a… READ MORE >

- 3845 days ago
Man to Kate Moss: You Hooker!

Man to Kate Moss:
You Hooker!

Can't a supermodel get any respect these days? TMZ saw Kate Moss and her new beau Jamie Hince out in New York over the weekend and a crazy fan, who initially seemed happy to see Kate, turned mean… READ MORE >

- 3845 days ago
Kate Moss Gathers Stranger for Protection

Kate Moss
Gathers Stranger for Protection

Jessica Simpson got the National Guard to help her through the airport, Keira Knightley got this bruiser, but Kate Moss had to settle for a totally random stranger for security assistance.… READ MORE >

- 3849 days ago
Kate Does a Bad Bump in New York

Does a Bad Bump in New York

Kate Moss has never held back her paparazzi-directed fire, calling them "mentally retarded," and "sick in the head." Last Friday, one idiot snapper proved her right. As Kate left Marc Jacobs' SoHo… READ MORE >

- 3867 days ago
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