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Larry Holmes

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Born the son of a Georgia sharecropper, Larry Holmes would go on to reign as boxing's Heavyweight Champion for a record breaking seven and a half years. He also successfully defended his world championship title a record setting 19 times. "The Easton Assassin," as he was known, was one of Muhammad Ali's sparring partners when The Greatest set up a training camp in Pennsylvania near Larry's adopted hometown, Easton. Eventually, the two would face off in a fight billed as The Last Hurrah near the end of Ali's historic career. The two have remained close friends over the decades. Larry has also remained close friends with Gerry Cooney, with whom he had one of his biggest fights. The fight was so big that Caesars Palace constructed its first outdoor arena in the casino's parking lot. Although the promotion of the fight played the race card to full advantage, neither Cooney nor Holmes had personal issues regarding race. Today they are not only friends but support each other's charitable causes. Though nearly forgotten by history, Holmes passed on a potential payday in excess of 30 million dollars to fight white South African contender Gerry Coetzee. The fight was to be held in South Africa during the time of Apartheid and while Nelson Mandela was still in prison. Supporting the worldwide boycott of South Africa until racial justice was in place and Mandela released, Larry Holmes walked away from what would have been one of the richest purses in the history of the sport. From that point on, unbeknownst to Holmes, Nelson Mandela kept a photo of "his champion" in his prison cell. Holmes has recently appeared in movies for National Lampoon, GRUDGE MATCH, and recorded an episode of Mike Tyson Mysteries.  See full bio on IMDb »

Boxing Legend Larry Holmes -- I'm Not Bringing Down Black People

Boxing Champ Larry Holmes
I'm Not Bringing Down Black People

Boxing legend Larry Holmes is NOT trying to hold back his race ... insisting Metta World Peace was WRONG when he painted him as someone who's dragging down black people. Holmes is responding to a… READ MORE >

Metta World Peace BLASTS Boxing Legend -- You're 'Bringing Down' Black People!

Metta World Peace
BLASTS Boxing Legend You're 'Bringing Down' Black People!

Ex-boxing champ Larry Holmes is "BRINGING DOWN" the black community ... all because he went after Floyd Mayweather in public ... so says NBA star Metta World Peace. Metta's beef stems from Holmes'… READ MORE >

- 1759 days ago
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