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Leonardo DiCaprio

Born – Nov. 11, 1974
Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Actor, handsome gentleman, baseball hat enthusiast.

Career High Point: “Titanic”
Career Low Point: Also “Titanic”

Started his career on "Growing Pains," somehow managed to outshine the bright light that is Kirk Cameron.

Played a mentally handicapped man in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" so convincingly that to this day, some people still wonder if he's actually mentally handicapped.

Achieved superstar status in "Titanic" in which he appeared opposite Kate Winslet's boobs. Also, Kate Winslet.

Went on to make huge hits like "Catch Me if you Can", "Inception" and over 300 Martin Scorcese movies. Okay not really, but it feels that way. What's up Marty, how come you never work with DeNiro anymore???

Dated both Gisele Bundchen and Bar Rafaeli. Not at the same time. Though he could have, cuz he's frickin Leonardo DeCaprio.

Is a huge environmentalist and continues to raise awareness of global warming, wildlife conservation and all that other stuff that those tree huggin' hippies are always talking about.

Fun Fact: He made $100,000 and banged a model in the time it took you to finish this sentence.

Leo DiCaprio -- Don't Worry, I'm Still Bangin' Supermodels

Leo DiCaprio
Don't Worry, I'm Still Bangin' Supermodels

Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of year ... when Leonardo DiCaprio trots out his super-hot bikini-clad supermodel girlfriend and reminds you that it does not suck to be him. This time, Leo… READ MORE >

Tom Cruise Tops Everyone ... in the Money Dept.

Tom Cruise
Tops Everyone ... In the Money Department

Tom Cruise may not be numero uno with Katie Holmes anymore, but he's # 1 in the money department.Forbes just came out with a list of the highest paid actors in Hollywood -- and Tom is tops at $75… READ MORE >

- 653 days ago
'Titanic 3D' -- You Know How This Ends, Right?

Titanic 3D
You Know How This Ends, Right?

People are lining up to see "Titanic 3D" ... which sounds suspiciously like that other movie "Titanic" -- just maybe a little sinkier. Anyhow ... spoiler alert? 100 years too late? Check out TMZ… READ MORE >

- 742 days ago
Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton -- On the Ropes

Leo & New GF
On the Ropes

Leonard DiCaprio's relationship with his 22-year-old Victoria's Secret model girlfriend Erin Heatherton really hung in the balance this week -- as the couple hit up an awesomely awesome zip line… READ MORE >

- 811 days ago
Leo DiCaprio's New Bar-Alike Blonde Friend

Leo DiCaprio Hangin'
with New Bar-Alike Blonde Friend

It's been over two months since his relationship with Blake Lively ended, but Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted hanging out in Sydney on Wednesday with a new blonde lady friend who looks a lot like… READ MORE >

- 855 days ago
Leo DiCaprio -- Gas Guzzler Down Under

Leo DiCaprio
Gas Guzzler Down Under

Leonardo DiCaprio may have reason to hide ... because the environmentalist wasn't very green as he arrived in Sydney Monday ... on a private jet.In the past, Leo's camp has claimed the 37-year-old… READ MORE >

- 885 days ago
Leonardo DiCaprio's Mistaken Identity Story -- A Dramatic Retelling

Leo DiCaprio
Mistaken for Jewel Thief The DRAMATIC Re-Telling

Leonardo DiCaprio is mistaken for a jewel thief in Australia -- but who needs an actual firsthand witness account ... when we have a master storyteller in the room? Hit it, Harv!Check out TMZ on… READ MORE >

- 950 days ago
Leo DiCaprio -- Jewelry Clerk Panics: Please Don't Rob Me!

Leo DiCaprio
Jewelry Clerk Panics Please Don't Rob Me!

An Australian jeweler feared she was about to be robbed by a shady American ... who goes by the name Leo DiCaprio.A clerk named Linda -- who works at The Family Jewels shop in Sydney -- panicked… READ MORE >

- 951 days ago
Leo & Tobey's 'Great' Old School Ride

Leonardo & Tobey
The 'Great' Old School Ride

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire took a joy ride in a vintage 1929 Duesenberg convertible with some pals while on the set of "The Great Gatsby" in Sydney on Thursday.It's no $100K hybrid but… READ MORE >

- 965 days ago
Leo DiCaprio's New Hybird Sports Car -- A Fisker Karma

I Burn More Money Than Gas

Leonardo DiCaprio now has a choke hold on the title of "King of the Greens" -- and all he had to do was drop $100k on a badass hybrid sports car ... made out of 100% naturally strange stuff.Check… READ MORE >

- 972 days ago

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