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The remarkable, hyper-ambitious Material Girl who never stops reinventing herself, Madonna is a seven-time Grammy Award-winner who has sold over three hundred million records and CDs to adoring fans worldwide. Her film career, however, is another story. Her performances have consistently drawn scathing or laughable reviews from film critics, and the films have usually had tepid, if any, success at the box office. Born Madonna Louise Ciccone in August 1958 in Bay City, Michigan, she is the daughter of Madonna Louise Fortin and Silvio Ciccone, an engineer designer for car companies. Her father was of Italian descent (from a family from Pacentro) and her mother was of French-Canadian ancestry. She moved to New York in 1978 and studied with renowned choreographer Alvin Ailey, joined up with the Patrick Hernandez Revue, formed a pop/dance band called "Breakfast Club" and began working with then-boyfriend Stephen Bray on recording several disco-oriented songs. New York producer/D.J. Mark Kamins passed her demo tapes to Sire Records in early 1982 and the rest is history. The 1980s was Madonna's boom decade, and she dominated the music charts with a succession of multimillion-selling albums, and her musical and fashion influence on young women was felt around the globe. Madonna first appeared on screen in two low-budget films marketed to an adolescent audience: A Certain Sacrifice (1985) and Vision Quest (1985). However, she scored a minor cult hit with Desperately Seeking Susan (1985) starring alongside spunky Rosanna Arquette. Madonna's next effort with then husband Sean Penn, Shanghai Surprise (1986), was savaged by critics, although the resilient star managed to somewhat improve her standing with her next two films, the off-beat Who's That Girl (1987) (although she did receive decidedly mixed reviews, they weren't as negative as those of her previous effort) and the quirky Damon Runyon-inspired Bloodhounds of Broadway (1989). The big-budget and star-filled Dick Tracy (1990) had her playing bad girl "Breathless Mahoney" flirting with Warren Beatty, but the epic failed to catch fire at the box office. Taking an earthier role, Madonna was much more entertaining alongside Tom Hanks and Geena Davis in A League of Their Own (1992), a story about female baseball players during W.W.II. However, she again drew the wrath of critics with the whodunit Body of Evidence (1993), an obvious (and lame) attempt to cash in on the success of the sexy Sharon Stone thriller Basic Instinct (1992). Several other minor screen roles followed, then Madonna starred as Eva Perón in Evita (1996), a fairly well received screen adaptation of the hugely successful Broadway musical, for which she received a Golden Globe for Best Actress. The Material Girl stayed away from the movie cameras for several years, returning to co-star in the lukewarm romantic comedy The Next Best Thing (2000), followed by the painful Swept Away (2002) for husband Guy Ritchie. If those films weren't bad enough, she was woefully miscast as a vampish fencing instructor in the James Bond adventure Die Another Day (2002). After finally admitting that her acting days were over, Madonna began a directing career in 2008 with the barely remembered Filth and Wisdom (2008) and a year later she reunited with Madonna: Truth or Dare (1991) director Alek Keshishian to develop a script about the relationship between the Duke of Windsor and the Duchess of Windsor that led to his abdication in 1936: the result, a movie named W.E. (2011), starring James D'Arcy and Andrea Riseborough as the infernal but still royal couple, was released in 2011 to lukewarm critics but it gathered one Oscar nomination for costumes and won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song for "Masterpiece".  See full bio on IMDb »

Madonna -- Dominates at Met Gala (PHOTOS)

Dominates at Met Gala

Madonna kicked some ass at Monday night's Met Gala. She wore her best dominatrix threads, showcasing both sides of her personality. This oughta bring Rocco closer.  READ MORE >

Madonna -- Up In Arms With Rocco (PHOTO)

Up In Arms With Rocco

Madonna's more than just on reasonably good terms with son Rocco ... she's mothering again. Madge posted this photo Friday with the caption "We Need!" Words to live by. READ MORE >

- 420 days ago
Madonna -- Surrenders in Driveway War ... Dodges Fine (PHOTOS)

Surrenders In Driveway War ... Dodges Fine

Madonna's Upper East Side driveway just got the facelift it needed to clear her name with NYC ... and it was done just in the nick of time. TMZ broke the story ... Madonna was warned by the city… READ MORE >

- 431 days ago
Guy Ritchie and Madonna -- From Whining to Wining (PHOTOS)

Guy Ritchie and Madonna
From Whining to Wining

Guy Ritchie and Madonna have both done a 180 since Rocco bailed on her ... they're now co-parents who can share a bottle of wine. Guy arrived at Madonna's house in London Monday night, armed with… READ MORE >

- 433 days ago
Madonna and Rocco -- Chillin' at the Firehouse (PHOTO)

Madonna and Rocco
Chillin' at the Firehouse

Madonna is clearly making headway in reconnecting with her son Rocco, with a little help from the hottest restaurant in London. Madonna and her 15-year-old escapee broke bread Sunday at the… READ MORE >

- 434 days ago
Madonna -- A Little Face Time with Rocco Does a Mother Good

A Little Face Time with Rocco Does a Mother Good

Madonna seems to have struck some sort of custody deal with Guy Ritchie, because he dropped their son Rocco off to visit her at her home in London. Madonna flew to England a few days ago, looking… READ MORE >

- 442 days ago
Madonna -- Plays Let's Make a [Custody] Deal ... In London (PHOTO)

Plays Let's Make a [Custody] Deal ... In London

Madonna flew into London Wednesday, presumably to follow judge's orders and hash out a custody deal with ex-hubby Guy Ritchie. A judge ordered Madge and Guy -- who have been at war for years… READ MORE >

- 445 days ago
Madonna Sues -- My Kids Can Be Home Alone If I Want

Madonna Sues
My Kids Can Be Home Alone If I Want

Madonna's fighting a new battle over her children -- she wants them to have the right to live in her ritzy NYC condo while she's on the road. Madge is suing the owners of her apartment building… READ MORE >

- 450 days ago
Madonna -- I'm Allowed to Police My Own Driveway!

I'm Allowed to Police My Own Driveway!

Madonna says she has exclusive rights to the curb outside her NYC residence ... claiming the concrete in question is actually her personal driveway that leads into her private parking… READ MORE >

- 458 days ago
Madonna -- Busted For Posting Fake Signs to Hoard NYC Parking Spaces

Busted For Posting Fake Signs To Hoard NYC Parking Spaces

Madonna's people concocted a scheme to snag precious parking spots in front of her super expensive NYC apartment, and the authorities came down on them like a brick.  Madonna -- who… READ MORE >

- 459 days ago
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