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Marlon Wayans

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Marlon Wayans was born on July 23, 1972 in New York City, New York, USA as Marlon L. Wayans. He is an actor and writer, known for White Chicks (2004), Scary Movie 2 (2001) and Scary Movie (2000). He is married to Angelica Zackary. They have two children.  See full bio on IMDb »

Marlon Wayans' Hilarious Take On Richard Pryor and Marlon Brando's Hookup

Marlon Wayans
Pryor, Brando Hookup Went Down Like This ...

Marlon Wayans is taking the news about Richard Pryor and Marlon Brando hooking up in stride -- and he's even got a pretty good idea of how it happened. We got Marlon Wednesday… READ MORE >

Marlon Wayans to Blake Griffin: Step Your Kiss Game Up!

Marlon Wayans
To Blake Griffin: Step Your Kiss Game Up!

Blake Griffin shouldn't be mad at Lolo Jones for outing him as a bad kisser -- he should use it as a teachable moment and IMPROVE his lip game ... so says Marlon Wayans.  First off, Marlon… READ MORE >

- 54 days ago
Marlon Wayans Says H&M is Stupid for Not Hiring Black People

Marlon Wayans
Message to H&M Hire Some Black Folks, Stupid!!!

Marlon Wayans thinks H&M was doomed to run into a buzz saw by releasing ads with no vetting from black people. We got Marlon at LAX Tuesday and asked about the backlash over… READ MORE >

- 74 days ago
Marlon Wayans & Busta Rhymes Bust Out Freestyle Rap Battle!!!

Marlon Wayans & Busta Rhymes
Epic Freestyle Rap Battle 'Thought You Was 8 Months Pregnant!'

Marlon Wayans and Busta Rhymes pulled no punches torching each other in a freestyle rap battle that was probably better suited for a "Comedy Central Roast." Marlon and Busta hit up… READ MORE >

- 167 days ago
Marlon Wayans Echoes LeBron on Trump, Calls Prez 'A**hole Kid in the Sandbox'

Marlon Wayans
LeBron's Right ... Trump's the 'A**hole Kid in the Sandbox'

Marlon Wayans agrees with LeBron James -- going to the White House is no longer an honor now that Donald Trump's in office ... and his dis-invitation to the Golden State Warriors was BS. The… READ MORE >

- 183 days ago
Marlon Wayans Defends Jemele Hill, Trump Shouldn't Be So White Supremacist-ish

Marlon Wayans
Defends Jemele Hill Trump Shouldn't Be So White Supremacist-ish

If Donald Trump doesn't wanna be called a "white supremacist," he shouldn't do so many white supremacy things ... so says Marlon Wayans. The "Marlon" star made it clear he stands with Jemele Hill… READ MORE >

- 192 days ago
Marlon Wayans Says Black People Have the Edge in Bomb Shelters Post-Nuclear War

Marlon Wayans
Black People Have the Edge Post-Nuclear War

Marlon Wayans says black people have a HUGE advantage post-nuclear war.  We got one of the Bros at LAX Thursday and asked about the booming bomb shelter biz ... and he says he's… READ MORE >

- 226 days ago
Marlon Wayans to Mike Vick: You're a Cornrow'd Hypocrite!

Marlon Wayans to Mike Vick:
You're a Cornrow'd Hypocrite!

How does Marlon Wayans feel about Mike Vick telling Colin Kaepernick to cut his afro? "Aw, Mike Vick! You had damn cornrows! What the hell!" Marlon says Vick is dead wrong with his image makeover… READ MORE >

- 250 days ago
Marlon Wayans Suggests Ex-WWE Star Is Afraid of Giant Black Penises

Marlon Wayans
Ex-WWE Star Is Afraid of Black Dong

Marlon Wayans believes he's gotten to the root of why ex-WWE star Cameron doesn't date black men -- and let's just say size matters.  As we previously reported, Cameron -- real… READ MORE >

- 313 days ago
Marlon Wayans Says NBC Wanted Nick Cannon's Smile In New 'AGT' Host, Not His Race (VIDEO)

Marlon Wayans
AGT Replacement Not About Race NBC Wanted 'A Like Smile'

Marlon Wayans says NBC's decision to replace Nick Cannon on "America's Got Talent" with another black guy has nothing to do with race, but the question ... is Marlon talking code? We got the… READ MORE >

- 379 days ago
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